Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9496 Thursday, April 02, 2009


1 Confused opera piper led in a neat manner (5-3,5) APPLE-PIE ORDER*

8 Father turns back for a respite to order the first course of a meal (9) AP<- PETISER

9 Actions taken on legal documents (5) DEEDS

10 Plain artist has one caught in anger (7) P RA IR(I)E

12 South Island has the main kind of monkey (6) SI MIAN

14 Fruit drink for a crowd of people (5) CRUSH

16 Mammals measure up to twenty incomplete squares (4) ELKS

19 Head nurse to copy the back side of the neck (4) N APE

20 Born in Alabama on Tuesday, an explorer gets a large bird (9) AL BA T ROSS

21 Leader in charge of the ceiling decoration (4) BOSS

22 Cast perform some parts of the play (4) ACTS*

25 Subjects of study in software assignments (5) AREAS

27 Jade in to last for long in the space station (6) SAL(YU)T

29 Scholarly king on the little horse (7) LEAR NED

32 Emperor protects a wild ass (5) KI(A)NG

33 People not present have seen a best form (9) ABSENTEES*

34 Real speedy tax developed in a worse manner (13) EXASPERATEDLY*


2 Leader’s short speech to boost confidence (3,4) PEP-TALK

3 Subsequently — an unpunctual monarch (5) LATE R

4 Mounted up the lady on the side of a pram (6) PU<-SHE R

5 Royal Navy after each to work hard for money (4) EA RN

6 Rhode Island covers a notice on single line segments (5) R(AD I)I

7 Welcome celebrities on a coloured rug (3,6) RED CARPET

8 Have enough of an unopened specimen for analysis (5) AMP(-U)LE

11 In charge of the oriental snake in the vessel (7) IC E BOA T

12 Talk in a friendly way to a quiet animal (7) SH MOOSE

13 People in South Africa have an organization for the very intelligent (5) MEN SA

15 Loosen the odd gunny twines (5) UNTIE

17 A double for an actor (4,5) LOOK ALIKE

18 Disrespectful German soldier is in to request (5) SA(SS)Y

23 Hide the fact from the commander in a clean manner (7) CO NCEAL

24 Borders of a liner around a fish (5) S(IDE)S

26 Gangster to request before a state (6) AL ASK A

28 Strong desires from four gestures (5) URGES

30 Girl terribly inane (5) ANNIE*

31 Losing heart to sculpt the hollow enclosure (4) CA(-R)VE

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