Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9497 Friday, April 03, 2009


1 Social class of actors in the East (5) CAST E

4 Unit to design a bridge (7) BRIGADE*

10 Puts up a proposal for half of the dues (6) A BID ES

11 Meeting of a political party (8) CONGRESS

13 Drawings for the king on seven official documents (8) CHART ER S

14 Holy man has a novel family tree (6) ST EMMA

16 Meat cut from the portion below the waist (4) LOIN

17 Having come together, party king is at the Eastern gate (10) CONG R E GATE

20 Er, I’ll dance in a dizzy with the fairy tale girl (10) CINDERELLA*

21 Father on the incomplete track (4) PA TH

24 Peacekeepers on the line of control have thousand to set free (6) UN LOC K

26 Every year, girl at University has an associate (8) ANN U ALLY

28 Processed the main issue for an editor (8) SEA SON ED

29 Colour to note for the girl (6) SIENNA

30 Window cover can not open thrice (7) SHUTTER

31 Overheard of an insect on a plant (5) BETEL (~beetle)


2 Protest for a silver titan to dance around a ring (9) AG I TATI(O)N

3 An arrangement to make an effort to take in a meal (6) TR(EAT)Y

5 Game piece for a bird (4) ROOK

6 Ready on time in to greet a kind of an enterprising person (2-6) GO-GET(T)ER

7 I am following the red change of phenomenon in sleep (5) DRE AM

8 Standard cell without the end in a wrapped container (6) PAR CEL

9 Distraction from the French art on land (6) ESCAPE

12 Sound of an entertainer for one in the cavalry (7) TROOPER (~trouper)

15 A substance on the head of a girl lasting through all time (7) AGELONG

18 Almost immediately, take a quick look after the soldiers come up on the road (2,1, 6) AT A GLANCE

19 Try to communicate with every single person in a disorderly crowd of people (5,3) REACH OUT

20 Mode of conduct on the track (6) COURSE

22 Popular period for our man is at the end of July from sunrise to sunset (6) HE Y DAY

23 Loud film for the elite almost taken up in an unsuccessful attempt (6) F U TILE

25 Strap to control a set of three animals (5) LEASH

27 Reported of a durable material having a certain trait (4) GENE (~jean)


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