Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9504 Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easy one by Gridman's standards ..............................


1 Note clothesmaker said to be no wholesale merchant (8) RE {TAILER}(~tailor)

6 Steady company? (4) FIRM

9 Posts additions to population register, we hear (6) BERTHS (~births)

10 Disappointment that has descended on you? (3-4) LET-DOWN

13 You listed cooks in a tiresome manner (9) TEDIOUSLY*

14 ”Behind the ___I’ll convey myself”: Polonius (5) ARRAS

15 Woman coming from behind us (4) INDU (I'm guessing that is Gridman's wife or daughter or granddaughter given that he inserted himself in 2dn)

16 I adapt Salk’s interpretation of a Marx work (3,7) DAS KAPITAL*

19 Kind of package for a concertina? (7,3) SQUEEZE BOX

21 Father allies himself with a goon in India (4) DAD A

24 Bibi and ghulam go with him in an Indian film (5) SAHIB

25 Write something to say what’s being left? (4,1,4) MAKE A WILL

26 Low gags featuring a city (7) GLASGOW

27 Officer Commanding on eastern grounds finds a prowler from Central America (6) O C E LOT

28 Tribal doesn’t complete now (4) TODA(-Y)

29 Cart nearabouts ___ a traveller’s need, perhaps (4-1-3) RENT-A-CAB


2 Gridman, having finished case, is changed (7) E(ME)NDED

3 What you see when the first part of play is staged (6) ACT I ON

4 Is deprived of prestige ___ a dancer in a masked ball does sometimes (5,4) LOSES FACE

5 Team race in which last runners have to make it (5) RELAY

7 Piscator, needing no introduction, turns an advocate of equal power (7) (-P)ISOCRAT*

8 A brief word __yes or no? (12) MONOSYLLABLE

11 Vagrants are soft in public vehicles (6) TRAM(P)S

12 Without going into details ____how love might happen sometimes (2,5,5) AT FIRST SIGHT

17 Sort of furniture that a DYI enthusiast would buy (5-4) KNOCK-DOWN

18 As soaked in water for a cuppa (3,3) TEA BAG

20 How something remains if a person turns a deaf ear to it (7) UNHEARD

22 State ship sunk at Pearl Harbour (7) ARIZONA

23 Scot is up to taking time in judge’s room (6) CAM<-ERA

25 More thrown all over with this garden tool (5) MO(W)ER


Chaturvasi said...

15a: Or it could be Gridman's mistress! Or one of his "dream-children"! Who knows?

anokha said...

Sure, why not? But that would be one cerebral mistress if Gridman has to please her by dedicating her with an appearance in one of is crosswords!!!