Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9392 Monday, December 01, 2008

Was out of country, traveling on business .....................


 1 A bad second, abused, disappeared (9) ABSCONDED

 5 Supply food to some delicate ruminants (5) CATER

 8 Missile with which to hit a bovine alien? (6) BULLET

 9 Study Indian parties making exposes (8) SCANDALS

11 Impertinent talk in a Salvation Army ship (4) SASS

12 What some traders do — contaminate tea with dal? True, sadly (10) ADULTERATE

14 There is little latitude between two engineers to make one intensely happy (5) ELATE

15 Job aspirants’ self-assessments? (7) RESUMES

16 Wine that is cold, a hit in cocktail (7) CHIANTI

17 A number performing with a kind of saw (5) TENON

19 Protein used in medicine to refine torn parts afresh (10) INTERFERON

20 An article in the role of water (4) AQUA

22 Fertilizer — black parts of grain contain one (4,4) BONE MEAL

23 Preserve the body of a business graduate in wood (6) EMBALM

24 Resided almost comfortably in empty dugout (5) DWELT

25 A law to counter TNT menace (9) ENACTMENT


 1 Surprise attack on public transport in morning hour (6) AMBUSH

 2 What it takes to withstand a vendor’s pitch (5,10) SALES RESISTANCE

 3 Kitchen appliance for a witches’ gathering lacking leader (4) OVEN

 4 Can a leader notice unusual slowdown in progress? (12) DECELERATION

 5 Talk endlessly with worker having full knowledge (10) CONVERSANT

 6 In China it is where brown people, hiding Ian, level the score (9,6) TIANANMEN SQUARE

 7 Slices of meat for a more reckless soprano (7) RASHERS

10 Used as a fastening, it has a sticky record (8,4) ADHESIVE TAPE

13 Universal old mantra conjures up a cleaning facility for clothes (10) LAUNDROMAT

16 Member, English, in the outskirts of Cumberland, made his way up (7) CLIMBED

18 Rodent that upsets cat and sheep (6) MARMOT

21 Labour body manuscript returned as being indecent writing (4) SMUT

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9380 Monday, November 17, 2008


 1 Worries the head of administration advances about sin boomeranging (8) AGONISES

 6 Clan prepared to accept prince (4) SECT

 9 Developed old city around which friend goes (6) MATURE

10 A number is late in starting and beyond bounds to become equal (4,3) EVEN OUT

13 Stalin led characters to be put in position (9) INSTALLED

14 Foreign college window (5) ORIEL

15 Army entertainer (4) HOST

16 What two persons might do in a loving gesture or one in a prayer (5,5) CLASP HANDS

19 Not to name the person… (3-4-3) YOU-KNOW-WHO

21 Head of soccer outfit in short theatrical episode (4) SKIT

24 Material for a Scottish banker (5) TWEED

25 A famous explorer or a cool PM, perhaps (5,4) MARCO POLO

26 Pawnbroker accepts article that is dirty (7) UNCLEAN

27 One who appears with others in a film (2-4) CO-STAR

28 Try-line covered in blood (4) GORE

29 Where there is crude deposit (8) OILFIELD


 2 Spectacles for good girls (7) GLASSES

 3 Turn to a gun for something to chew on! (6) NOUGAT

 4 The woman will strike a signal, perhaps (5-4) SHE'LL-BLOW

 5 Lay out money at emptied shop at last (5) SPEND

 7 Feeling expressed in English proposal (7) EMOTION

 8 To Laotians it amounts to summing up (12) TOTALISATION

11 Times he and cops are involved in a tangle (6) EPOCHS

12 Nervous as it might be on the violin (6,6) HIGHLY STRUNG

17 Reship lac in fresh round (9) SPHERICAL

18 Nervous — where one may be teetering (2,4) ON EDGE

20 Its owner can still find a buyer if it’s roadworthy (4,3) USED CAR

22 One who won’t accept information from anyone else (4-3) KNOW-ALL

23 Good in France as I cultivate a dwarfed tree (6) BONSAI

25 Fruit piece to try (5) MANGO

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9379 Saturday, November 15, 2008


 1 One in the aviary has sound mind about Great Britain and Ireland (11) HUMMINGBIRD

 9 One with this condition feels no pain (7) ANALGIA

10 Excited, has a party. Good, as they say in India (7) SHABASH

11 Call to fellows in a country? (5) YEMEN

12 No lengthy legal action for container (9) BRIEFCASE

13 Demand peace? (5) ORDER

15 No small animal in emblem of sovereignty (5,4) GREAT SEAL

18 Even great men may be mean enough to have this (5,4) SMALL MIND

21 Some topper I take to leading child in Gujarat’s capital (5) ICING

22 “The music in my heart I bore/ __ __ it was heard no more” (Wordsworth) (4,5) LONG AFTER

24 Become excited and leave nothing cold (2,3) GO HOT

26 Undergo change in caste group (7) GOUNDER

27 Set somehow on first-class return to the country (7) ESTONIA

28 Machine to fall on doctor: that is right (6-5) TUMBLE-DRIER


 1 What we suffer when an elephant dies, perhaps (5,4) HEAVY LOSS

 2 Mami’s dispelling foul atmosphere (5) MIASM

 3 Broadly speaking about fashionable army officer (2,7) IN GENERAL

 4 You may draw something from it at present time (4-3) GRAB-BAG

 5 Spark off anger by dangerous spin (7) INSPIRE

 6 Ward off female for being very small (5) DWARF

 7 Aver maid palmed off old Spanish gold coin (8) MARAVEDI

 8 Good and hot bits of cheese added to clarified butter (4) GHEE

14 Hospital section is up with a refusal to the Union Territory that is prolonged (5,3) DRAWN OUT

16 Drove dangerously close to another vehicle to get at lad I suspected (9) TAILGATED

17 Locks which do not make one heavy-headed? Not exactly! (5,4) LIGHT HAIR

19 Termini shifted for the time being (7) INTERIM

20 Novelist undergoing ruder interpretation by a couple of learners (7) DURRELL

22 See the try at corporate symbol (4) LOGO

23 Check that may be for the books (5) AUDIT

25 Financial instrument in temple fixture in India (5) HUNDI

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9376 Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...... will be out till Friday!


 1 Large region in Paraguay has a dovecote (8) PIGEONRY

 5 Silver sun in medieval city (4) AGRA

 9 Tie articles like neck coolers (8) BANDANAS

10 Cry around the first person being an ambler (6) ROAMER

12 Reported to disclose an edible plant (4) LEEK

13 Performers curious to visit lions (10) VIOLINISTS

15 General bustle of activity on the arrival before the date of departure (6,3,5) COMING AND GOING

17 Carrying out a feat (14) ACCOMPLISHMENT

21 Lasting echoes touching child with a bit cut off sound (10) RESONATING

22 Brief stay in the way of work (4) STOP

25 A cry to damn the French for money (6) BOODLE

26 A bar left with the worker in charge of the ocean (8) ATLANTIC

27 Lateral identification within bridge opponents (4) SIDE

28 Morning paper has one end almost for church surroundings (8) AMBIENCE


 1 Player surrounding the very black gallet (6) PEBBLE

 2 Type of general reference (5) GENRE

 3 Shape of a cricket ground! (4) OVAL

 4 Study each day in an area (7) READING

 6 Fix event for a hand-to-hand combat (6,4) GROUND GAME

 7 Clumsy maid on a ship is the one about to gain entry (9) ADMISSION

 8 Are there chances to win these games? (5) CARDS

11 Heartlessly good for brotherhood (4) CLAN

14 Mildest and crooked to be broken up (10) DISMANTLED

16 Circumstances to empty small measure when one is performing at day’s end (9) OCCASIONS

18 Dozens of a car parks (4) LOTS

19 Wrong man cuts a hideaway (7) SANCTUM

20 Spoken of a small spot at one direction of coined money (6) SPECIE

21 Probing inside for a bird (5) ROBIN

23 Starts to take in ten articles needed for Hercules (5) TITAN

24 Airline left one on an island (4) BALI

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9375 Tuesday, November 11, 2008


 8 Unfit titan cracks rod as a disciplinary measure (6,3,5) CARROT AND STICK

 9 To harass a rodent in the street (6) MOLEST

10 A performance enhancer for an object in space (8) ASTEROID

11 King’s associate bowled by film in pretentious talk about religious matter (8) KABBALAH

13 Commander of a school of supernatural forces (6) OCCULT

14 To pass by the Spanish vault (6) ELAPSE

16 To allot a small logo (6) ASSIGN

19 Pedlar has a falcon for the monarch (6) HAWKER

21 Arousing a strong emotion noting pa out of place (8) POIGNANT

23 Think of a reformer to be a freedom fighter? (8) ACTIVIST

24 The French hold a commitment with disgust (6) LOATHE

26 Acknowledgement receipt of a machine-issued ticket (5,2,7) PROOF OF PAYMENT


 1 Compliment a cold drink from the French (8) ACCOLADE

 2 Reported a mysterious lake (4) ERIE

 3 Support all within a large gate (6) PORTAL

 4 Distinctive plume (7) PANACHE

 5 To cut one on a small series of repeated events (8) EDITIONS

 6 Train cat to develop an appealing quality (10) ATTRACTION

 7 A sudden fear on an island (6) ACHILL

12 Spider has the colour of a former wife (5,5) BLACK WIDOW

15 One existing in a small ancient city in a lively manner at the rear end (8) SURVIVOR

17 Hit on new types of the mixed ethnic origin (3-5) NON-WHITE

18 Record it for a local inscription (7) EPITAPH

20 General agreement on a car model (6) ACCORD

22 Decorative patterns as fillings (6) INLAYS

25 Declaration by a force of workers (4) AMEN

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9374 Monday, November 10, 2008

Better clues, the compiler is improving but ways to go still for her .....................


 7 Foundation of the spinal column (8) BACKBONE

 9 Remove the French canal (6) DEDUCT

11 Twist a cork rope for a restless musical drama (4,5) ROCK OPERA

12 Underbone has a cleaning implement for the editor (5) MOPED

13 Puts off to delete article at the other half of the days (6) DELAYS

14 Block the clean sort of creature (8) BARNACLE

17 Soup kitchen for the ones waiting in a queue (9) BREADLINE

22 Coffee brand contained in a suitable manner quickly without any warning (8) ABRUPTLY

23 Right hand for fifty one in a Football Club game (6) FROLIC

25 Groups are second at Times Square (5) SECTS

27 Fashion not in with times (3,2,4) OUT OF DATE

28 Characteristic pattern to see on a newspaper page (6) LOOPED

29 Turn back a suitable moment to sound the sending of light (8) EMITTING


 1 Push forward our debt in another way (7) OBTRUDE

 2 Freezing dessert company left a mark (7) ICECOLD

 3 Oddly, main edge is the mountain range (5) ANGER

 4 Shrine emblem holds a herb (4) NEEM

 5 Support a favourable omen (7) AUSPICE

 6 Fastener for a journalist adorned with gems (7) STUDDED

 8 Stupid person has a wrong part that is dangerous (5,4) BOOBY TRAP

10 Language of the East has a short paragraph for the head boy with the French (7) PARABLE

15 When charities work without any gain (3,6) NON PROFIT

16 Blow up a brandy glass (7) BALLOON

18 Craft a pill (7) CAPSULE

19 A motorised plough on an area alternatively (7) TRACTOR

20 Soluble bases for the French turned to be constant for the first character on an island (7) ALKALIS

21 Current note of a period of land measure (7) ACREAGE

24 End of a trunk (5) STUMP

26 Met someone at a location, overheard (4) SHEA

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9373 Saturday, November 08, 2008


 1 Grandpa standing devours an edible toroid (5) PASTA

 4 Dust clouds of speckles on the cornea (7) NEBULAS

10 Great admiration for these central figures in a film (6) HEROES

11 Dream-breaker is the panic monger (8) ALARMIST

13 Preventing movement is important for the editor in the capital of Guinea (8) IMPEDING

14 The French and Italian turned back to number the language (6) LATINO

16 Stylish for the Spanish article (4) ELAN

17 A disorganised argument without any limits (4,3,3) FREE FOR ALL

20 Quiet bird has a sign on a strange occurrence (10) PHENOMENON

21 Taken advantage of the mixed-up dues (4) USED

24 Left father to turn the cover of a large notebook (6) LAPTOP

26 Whistle of shout following a young woman (8) BIRDCALL

28 Traditional idea to twist a hot rod for a bovine animal (8) ORTHODOX

29 Set back the legal system for an eccentric person of dark brown colour (6) WALNUT

30 Small one left on an ancient city (7) BABYLON

31 Demon has one’s primitive article (5) ASURA


 2 Real ape on to charge a pilot’s vehicle (9) AEROPLANE

 3 Up-to-date to run in to manage at the end of the day (6) TRENDY

 5 Slippery characters after the first holders (4) EELS

 6 Training a nurse to take over would be madness (8) UNREASON

 7 Head of attorney liberal for one making an excuse (5) ALIBI

 8 The carriage is, in each case, moving (6) CHAISE

 9 By the way turn over to a walk (6) STROLL

12 Proper arrangement for one new to request for food (2,5) IN ORDER

15 Left for safekeeping, material added to a land form (7) REPOSIT

18 Non-voter’s rating to mark the queen (9) ABSTAINER

19 Medical officer not performing at the end of the day due to boredom (8) MONOTONY

20 Intimate talk in bed on a head rest (6) PILLOW

22 Edit a notice point to give permission to Edward (6) DELETE

23 Left in thoughts of high principles (6) IDEALS

25 Father upset by social worker in capital city (5) PETRA

27 Individual card game for a single performer (4) SOLO

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9371 Thursday, November 06, 2008


 1 Doing of laundry for a large amount in American capital (10) WASHINGTON

 9 Leader of youth chats about sailing boats (6) YACHTS

10 Piece of jewellery for almost all decorative plants (10) ORNAMENTAL

11 Boys territory hides an underwater creature (6) OYSTER

12 Quick signs to put a stop on quarter rupees (7) BANNERS

16 Canoe destroyed in a large body of water (5) OCEAN

17 Imitation of sound in a London district house (4) ECHO

18 Complete circle around an eye socket (5) ORBIT

19 Antelope around two hundred and one head of unions (5) CHIRU

20 Defensive position in polo at the front, we hear (4) FOUR

21 Trickster in chess (5) CHEAT

22 Digs in to push log out (7) PLOUGHS

27 Killer captured in a police manhunt (6) ICEMAN

29 Opinion in dispute for a doctrine on facing the altar (6,4) GOSPEL SIDE

30 Pictures for one to design games (6) IMAGES

31 Turn the thing on side to show appreciation to a right Fordmaker (10) TIRTHANKAR


 2 Displays affection (4) AIRS

 3 Throw a Norwegian leader in paradise (6) HEAVEN

 4 One who wants something points at an editor and the queen (6) NEEDER

 5 Watch manufacturer is a powerful person (5) TITAN

 6 Found in any long synthetic fabric (5) NYLON

 7 Sounds of birds get people talking (10) CHATTERING

 8 A onus start to change for spacecraft travellers (10) ASTRONAUTS

12 Lung infection to bridge on life energy for it to turn at point (10) BRONCHITIS

13 Precious element for aristocrat head of monarchy and others (5,5) NOBLE METAL

14 Soldier has a wrong pose at the end of the day (5) SEPOY

15 Quiet arrival of the head of priests, exactly on time (5) SHARP

23 Thin plate of metal notice first to hang a Hebrew alphabet (6) LAMEDH

24 The concert is at one, child (6) UNISON

25 Strong anxiety in a gang stampede (5) ANGST

26 Hoarder of money is the one in a literary work for the queen (5) MISER

28 Thought of an identity for each (4) IDEA

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9370 Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This compiler is hopeless - totally dumb clues taking the fun out of doing these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 4 Adjust to get a rule into conformity (8) REGULATE

 8 President to deliver a sermon for everyone (6) PREACH

 9 Simple fundamental principles (10) ELEMENTARY

10 Inhabitant of the Middle East found in a car abandoned (4) ARAB

11 Starting price of article over a period of time (4) SPAN

13 A permissible difference to turn back fish route (6) LEEWAY

15 Small fragment of road surfacing material on view to all workers (7) BITUMEN

17 Total amount of oxygen in Japanese wrestling (4) SUMO

18 Animal’s hair, we hear, is of chief importance (4) MAIN

19 Second grade editor turns to the old style about a skin ulcer (7) BEDSORE

21 A different diet, combined into one for the United Nations (6) UNITED

22 To move a short drama (4) PLAY

25 Be in at to help somebody (4) ABET

26 Confidential student in University end is almost around each place of an assemblage (10) CONFLUENCE

27 Half diameter of the shorter forearm bone (6) RADIUS

28 Initially, use the item left in store end sometime to put into effective ways (8) UTILISES


 1 Grasp early displaying a young shoot (5) SPEAR

 2 To keep in place, rain envelops an alien (6) RETAIN

 3 Poor quality of chief vitamin for father sent back (5) CHEAP

 4 Horse head in strap on a European river (5) RHEIN

 5 Graduate test mark left in for a mischievous sprite (7) GREMLIN

 6 Gracefully slender home tiles designed (9) LITHESOME

 7 Turn back rodent at Paul in a protective cover (9) TARPAULIN

12 Extreme angle! (5) ACUTE

14 In all ways, undo a tout by mistake (3,3,3) OUT AND OUT

15 American man in the United Nations is liberal in giving, to fit back tube side (9) BOUNTIFUL

16 Lack of difficulty left with the supporter of the arts (5) EASEL

19 Second grade editor has insects as devices (7) BEDBUGS

20 Lump left in for mischievous creature (6) GOBLIN

22 Sections of stamp sheets on window glasses (5) PANES

23 Warning signal true after for Albert and the queen (5) ALERT

24 Hidden store of street remains (5) STASH

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9369 Tuesday, November 04, 2008


 2 Give a sermon prior to giving an account beginning with hardship (6) PREACH

 7 Long for a coniferous tree (4) PINE

 9 Dry region, part of a ridge (4) ARID

10 Feed a stubborn kind of animal used for carrying loads (5,2,6) BEAST OF BURDEN

12 A group of three, let after a short journey (7) TRIPLET

13 Piece of iron is at back of a coffee shop server (7) BARISTA

15 Painter initially donates a large idol (4) DALI

17 Headless bough on a large farm (5) RANCH

18 Edible plant has a hole, overheard (4) LEEK

19 A statement of objection in favour of a trial (7) PROTEST

21 Doctor’s pill in a small container (7) CAPSULE

23 Adjust a few sort, initially lacking an overwhelming fear of a programming mistake (8,5) SOFTWARE ERROR

27 Footwear in the luggage compartment of a car (4) BOOT

28 Every other star seeks a long journey (4) TREK

29 Steal cover concealing recess in room-wall (6) ALCOVE


 1 Thousand Romans of a tribe chop the wood of growing trees (6) TIMBER

 2 Boat lever’s sharp end has a sustained bass note (5-5) PEDAL-POINT

 3 Beheaded beast in the direction of the rising sun (4) EAST

 4 Bovine animal’s fleshy part of the leg (4) CALF

 5 Closed off a lyric poet, overheard (4) BARD

 6 Short essay on an architectural ornamentation (8) VIGNETTE

 8 Small article bend not applicable for a steam bath (5) SAUNA

11 Rejected person to say openly about the actors in a play (7) OUTCAST

13 Having two repeated sequence of events on a wheeled vehicle (7) BICYCLE

14 One left with a strong desire to be worthy of to explain (10) ILLUSTRATE

16 Wearing away on a bar is damaging (8) ABRASION

20 Initially, save enough water entering rooms from a drainage pipe (5) SEWER

22 Room for storing food has cooking fat for the Queen (6) LARDER

24 Sound outcome of an elaborate party (4) FETE

25 Wading bird on a horizontal bar of wood (4) RAIL

26 Repeated sound found in speech only (4) ECHO

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9368 Monday, November 03, 2008


 1 Card game in which bets are made for air-conditioned motor in club (8) BACCARAT

 5 Forcibly take away sailor by tube (6) ABDUCT

10 Nine players lacking a safety feature? (5) NONET

11 Such a tool, modified, produces large-scale destruction (9) HOLOCAUST

12 It might bring an aroma to the atmosphere (9) FRESHENER

13 Something to make motorists see better in fall (5) WIPER

14 An engagement made by Indians long back, with destiny (5) TRYST

16 Extremely weary and got dried out (3-5) DOG-TIRED

18 Are his glasses rose-tinted? (8) OPTIMIST

20 Vestments that bring order in extremes of roughness (5) ROBES

24 Preliminary sketch for a floater, following start of deluge (5) DRAFT

25 Such property is not for the self-made man (9) ANCESTRAL

27 Protection for a premature arrival (9) INCUBATOR

28 Often nuisance includes some boredom (5) ENNUI

29 He brings in the bread (6) EARNER

30 A law-breaker, maybe, with a tool Ravi built (8) VIOLATOR


 1 Live in good health around the north-east: that’s an advantage (7) BENEFIT

 2 Shout about old queen in a food-processing unit (7) CANNERY

 3 Character that makes for a restless desire (5) AITCH

 4 Capital article included in half of a response (6) ATHENS

 6 Isolated place seen in black and white: a racket busted (9) BACKWATER

 7 He has no right to be there (7) USURPER

 8 Instructed about a new route in backward, small district (7) TUTORED

 9 Old trumpet noted for its call (7) CLARION

15 Arrivals and departures feature in it (9) TIMETABLE

17 Grass found in seaport reconstruction (7) ESPARTO

18 Idle Tom, dithering, is typical of the past (3-4) OLD-TIME

19 Transport vehicle, a model motor containing computer memory (7) TRAMCAR

21 British honour would exclude one beginning to tope (7) BARONET

22 A fighting ant (7) SOLDIER

23 Duty for a month shortened by French king (6) OCTROI

26 Dispose of about a penny in a period of time (5) SPELL

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 2508 Sunday, November 02, 2008


 1 This area of England isn’t eyed badly (8) TYNESIDE

 5 Cold, with frost on a peninsula (6) CRIMEA

 9 Trouble hiding blemish? Just the opposite, with make-up (3,5) WAR PAINT

10 Make offensive remarks in toboggan (6) SLEDGE

12 Missing starter, start to speak about fish (5) ROACH

13 One up with the lark, worm catcher? (5,4) EARLY BIRD

14,18 Promise preacher sainthood and modesty is blown (5,2,5,3,4,2,3) CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE

21 Small restaurant could make money by lake (9) BRASSERIE

23 Wild cat, on one occasion seen round Uzbekistan’s capital (5) OUNCE

24 Honest in 1A,20 (6) DECENT

25 Small window girl reportedly used in getaway (8) FANLIGHT

26 City, extremely sunny, film producer is missing (6) SYDNEY

27 Small fish stuffed with one Italian mushroom (8) SHIITAKE


 1 Tastelessly showy, marble, dull (6) TAWDRY

 2 Ordinary girl, first to leave (6) NORMAL

 3 Second article she found in disorderly room is a thing of superlative quality (9) SMASHEROO

 4 A long time on Skye – ready for a change, heading for Scotland (7,5) DONKEYS YEARS

 6 Runs over supporter in motoring event (5) RALLY

 7 Glad, Irma burst into song (8) MADRIGAL

 8 Story date once concocted (8) ANECDOTE

11 Girl, Pat, getting on horse the easy way (8,4) PRIMROSE PATH

15 The masses in Orkney island, say, vote-casting round island (3,6) HOI POLLOI

16 Local, uncomfortable on very large island (8) BARBADOS

17 Went ahead and provided loan (8) ADVANCED

19 Riddle in game worked out (6) ENIGMA

20 Heart and clubs put down, we hear (6) CENTRE

22 Char individual left out (5) SINGE