Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9521 Friday, May 01, 2009


 1 A frisson caused by quiet milk producer (7) SH UDDER

 5 Old iron man holding small stationery item (6) PA(S)TEL

11 Made from gold is the heart of Maurice (5) AURIC

12 Parade ground command for observers? Correct (4, 5) EYES RIGHT

13 Pressure gauge that meant more trouble (9) MANOMETER*

14 A subject for religious institutions in India (5) MATHS

15 Notorious fiddler from 22? (4) NERO

17 East of Madagascar, a place for a gathering of alumni perhaps (7) REUNION

21 Signal given out by a fiancĂ©e? (7) ENGAGED

22 City for a quick break up, of 15 perhaps (4) RENO

26 Sweet stuff in a filmsy ruptured glass (5) SYRUP

27 Music composer who fixes a fantasy reportedly (9) TUNESMITH

29 Plan of action for the depressednew trip abroad (9) BLUE{PRI(N)T*}

30 He cannot be expected to make a profit (5) LOSER

31 “Youth’s a stuff will not —” (Twelfth Night) (6) ENDURE

32 A fancy for each moan (7) WHIM PER


 2 The girl’s on a flier (5) HER ON

 3 Leaders of delegation, affected, run away (6) DE CAMP

 4 An opening between points for things that happen (6) E(VENT)S

 6 Icy Norma develops bitterness (8) ACRIMONY*

 7 Acrobat’s walkway (9) TIGHTROPE

 8 Nothing could be fresher than this (6) LATEST

 9 The colour of transport, explosive stuff (7) CAR MINE

10 Rajaji, one steeped in action, was disparaged (7) DE(CR I)ED

16 Girl runs in a circle, gets evasive treatment (9) RUNA ROUND

18 A player who would catch another (8) BAG PIPER

19 Muscle, old, tied in knots (7) DELTOID*

20 Parents who begin minding the rest (7) M OTHERS

23 It may also be useable (6) USABLE (cute!)

24 Poles crave to steal (6) SN ITCH

25 Refugee’s resort (6) ASYLUM

28 Children put in circulation (5) ISSUE

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9520 Thursday, April 30, 2009


 1 Is Longman scared off by one who loves to gossip? (13) SCANDALMONGER*

10 Prosperity of a dealer in stolen goods carrying infection (9) A F(FLU)ENCE

11 Bit of a rare curiosity that may happen again (5) RECUR

12 Invitees give up time to make an inference (5) GUES(-T)S

13 Specialist in one sense, would love to record Indian time (9) O TO LOG IST

14 Girl in outskirts of Trinidad is browned (6) T(ANNE)D

16 Very pale cover for four or six (5) L(IV)ID ~ LI(VI)D

19 Archer’s weapon that is a kind of knife (5) BOW IE

20 Snake encircles general in slumber (6) AS(LEE)P

25 Remarkable things bring, for men, a new hope perhaps (9) {PHE(N)O*}MEN A

26 Look, American English from a mean chap! (5) LO US E

27 An hour after midnight in Michigan? No, in Florida (5) M(I AM)I

28 What smoking may turn out to be (9) ADDICTIVE

29 Going easy with some mild cycling (4-9) SOFT-PEDALLING


 2 What is it in it in tea that may make it 28? (8) CAFFEINE

 3 In grammar, they may be proper (5) NOUNS

 4 Embryonic cover seen back in Locarno in mammals (6) AM NI ON<-

 5 An aid to memory that married men coin (8) M(NEM ONIC*)

 6 Illegal drugs found in North Arcot by old civilians (9) N ARCOT ICS

 7 He made geometry somehow lucid, after end of muddle (6) E(UCLID*)

 8 Tom’s contribution to the strings in the orchestra? (6) CAT GUT

 9 Beginning today, compassion is a proven fact (5) T RUTH

15 An expert maybe but he need not necessarily advocate thrift (9) ECONOMIST

17 Able to read and write but tardy about strange rite (8) L(ITER)ATE

18 Mistaken belief, one of those associated with grandeur (8) DELUSION

21 Kitchen device for old English leader with queen’s support (6) PEEL ER

22 Resort to litigation involving post master, fume and froth (5) S(P)U(M)E

23 Smooth and flowing bit of music gets support at start of orchestration (6) LEG AT O

24 A girl among students and radicals (6) SANDRA

26 Neighbourhood watering hole (5) LOCAL

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9519 Wednesday, April 29, 2009


 1 Poetry not to be expected from a professional writer? (4,5) FREE VERSE

 5 Open the bottle! (5) UNCAP

 8 A construction by new guild in capital of Belgium (8) B(UILDING*)

 9 Afraid of attention in South Dakota (6) S(CARE)D

11 Caterpillar’s future (5) IMAGO

12 Master in casino suffering from lack of sleep (9) INSO(M)NIAC*

13 A reformed criminal perhaps (2-4) EX-HOOD

14 After the note of an awfully loud mate (8) MODULATE*

16 Act according to rules in theatrical work? Good! (4,4) PLAY FAIR

18 Financial part of Qaddafi’s calculations (6) FISCAL

22 Poor writer with half your promissory notes (9) PEN(UR)(IOUS)

23 Cavities in body of an artist imbibing a drop of tea (5) AN(T)RA

24 Shutting down, dropping hundred and becoming the poorer for it (6) (-C)LOSING

25 Preparation for an exam about a faculty (8) RE VISION

26 What may be missing in 1 Ac. (5) RHYME

27 Prison inmate, reportedly occupying chair, is arrogant (9) CON CEITED (~seated)


 1 Feverish? Relief possible with a bit of bother (7) FE(B)RILE*

 2 The last word (7) EPITAPH

 3 Live discussion using modern means over confidence-building around the east (15) (VIDEOCONFERENC*)E

 4 ”Managed” detectives are sour (6) RAN CID

 5 What a Trappist monk may be (15) UNCOMMUNICATIVE

 6 Island made famous by Bonaparte (7) CORSICA

 7 A part of a plant gets tailless lice deep in trouble (7) PED(ICL)E*

10 A place to bet, for one from Edinburgh, say (5) A SCOT

15 Fielder on a highway party, beginning now (3-2) MI(D-O)N

16 Kind of front for a left-wing group (7) POPULAR

17 Many set free in general pardon (7) AMNESTY*

19 Head of conservation at money-making unit, a plant (7) C AT MINT

20 Old English king, young hooligan but erudite (7) LEAR NED

21 A small bird at the tail of an airplane (6) A S TERN

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9518 Tuesday, April 28, 2009


 1 Canine racer for a reported elegist to pursue (9) GREY(~Gray) HOUND

 5 Fundamental computer programme (5) BASIC

 8 Hammer’s partner in communist symbolism (6) SICKLE

 9 Kiss an outsize copper tardily (8) OS CU LATE

11 Slippery swimmers caught in a creel somehow (4) EELS

12 Indian greeting a new red-back amphibian (10) SALAM (A) (N) (DER<-)

14 Kind of optical lens, a bit of a historical development (5) TORIC

15 A heavy smoker maybe, needing a sweep from time to time (7) CHIMNEY

16 What the temple visitor gets — an audience (7) DARSHAN

17 Sailors heard in a Cheshire town (5) CREW E

19 Give up devious inquiries involving left hand (10) RE(L)INQUIS(H) [extra 'i'?]

20 The same but different flat-topped hill (4) MESA*

22 They travel for pleasure, agents escorting teacher in retreat (8) TOU(RIS<-)TS

23 Weaver’s aid, in extremes of gravity, is depressing (6) G(LOOM)Y

24 Thing that strains is back with girl (5) SI<-EVE

25 One who shells out local taxes, a rare type however (9) RATEPAYER*


 1 Good theatre attendant but an overeffusive person (6) G USHER

 2 In a contract it takes care of variations in cost (9,6) ESCALATOR CLAUSE

 3 A golfer’s objective, one of many on course (4) HOLE

 4 Box for papers to which, oddly, pet had access (8,4) DESPATCH CASE*

 5 Treated savagely, reserve force student is wounded externally (10) BRU(TA)(L)ISED

 6 Do not sit over ritual, insist on formality (5,2,8) STAND ON CEREMONY

 7 Leaders of class before time, without doubt (7) CL EARLY

10 One that is not conducive to current flow? (3,9) BAD CONDUCTOR

13 Awful oriental peril surrounding egg producers is catching (10) {PRE(HENS)IL}E

16 Downgrades engagements involving emergency room (7) D(ER)ATES

18 What one may hear in Budapest (6) MAGYAR (typo! may+rag OR my+raga?)

21 Black sauce causes a spot on the radar screen (4) B LIP

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Reader's Comment on Neyartha's Crosswords

Vasi Sir, Shuchi, Ganesh and others - I am posting this comment from Nachiketa so that the discussion can continue (end of the day here!). Please chime in!

Couple of comments about the setter and his style.I am from his college.I think he borrows his idea of a 'themed crossword' from the very popular treasure hunts we used to conduct(I set a few of them) where in each clue cracked(usually based on word play) would finally be related by a final theme,which would be the final clue.

On the same theme,I find his crosswords to be much more 'crackable' as there are more prepositions indicating the relation between different parts of the clue.Again,coming from a treasure hunt background and being relatively new to crossword,I find it really hard to accept clues which don't give a complete meaning.I guess it has to do with the space constraint as in Treasure hunts,we are allowed to be more elaborate.It may also be because I am a newbie,but still it irritates me to no end.To be more specific,many times, in order to improve the surface reading the prepositions are altered giving a completely different meaning,I feel.For example,

22 Peter out to exchange the note for a discount

'for' would indicate to me that the answer will be a synonym for discount,which will be obtained from the rest of the clue.Also, 'to' indicates joining in crossword,I believe leading me to believe some form of 'Peter' has to join with some form of 'exchange'.

27 Pulls back to interrupt the erratic siren with the guides (9)

Again,the preposition 'with' seems to indicate erratic siren has to join with some synonym for guides. I understand how the clue is to be cracked,but all the while I was confused where the definition is 'pulls back'.I would use 'for' or 'giving' instead of 'with'.

13 Takes care of harbours (6)
8 Harbour hammock (5)

I believe these are double definition clues.What is the indicator to think it is that way?

4 Greek hunter loses the right to a new kitchen bulb (5) O(-R)(N)ION

I liked this clue very much.But to me,it doesn't seem clear why 'to a new' indicates that 'n' should be added.Wouldn't it have been better with something like 'adds/gains new..'?I would definitely not have the articles 'the' and 'a' in the clue.

25 Say salaam to the star officer

Why should officer be the meaning? Where is the indicator for that? Compare with 19d or 1d and the difference is obvious.

I am not trying to discredit the setter here,because I feel his crosswords are the best.But I am trying to address a more generic road block for me in trying to crack crosswords as almost always the clues are rife with misordered prepositions which completely change the meaning of the clue.The other problem,I feel crosswords have,is 'missing information'.

The Hindu Crossword No. 9517 Monday, April 27, 2009


 1 The prevailing circumstances need a fresh, safe staff ratio (5,2,7) STATE OF AFFAIRS*

 8 Half a moment that is totally empty (6) MO IE TY

 9 One like Ferdinand whose death sparked a great war (8) ARCHDUKE

11 Passe, churlish, Chief Engineer may get what he needs from someone else (9) OUT SOUR CE

12 Extinct birds are so odd, somehow (5) DODOS*

13 Thralldom, say, in deceptive garb (7) SL(AVER)Y

15 Buy food to eat at home (4,3) TAKE OUT

17 City Improvement Trust involved in a genuine performance (7) RE(C I T)AL

19 Protection from slipping after a shower (4,3) BATH MAT

21 A meeting to discuss the Foreign Office spirit (5) F O RUM

23 Factional race isn’t a novelty (9) SECTARIAN*

25 A game involving amphibian progress (8) LEAP FROG

26 He works for a club and with clubs (6) CADDIE

27 Designed to reduce sweat, it traps painter in disarray (14) ANTIPERSPIRANT*


 1 A call to court (7) SUMMONS

 2 A soldier’s beginning to turn into one who treats older people unfairly (5) A GI ST

3 Mover is hemmed in by one-time abstainer, one who likes company (9) EX {T(ROVER)T}

 4 Prefer men to contain confusion? (7) FERMENT

 5 Greenfly, say, that a state concealed (5) AP HID

 6 A rum word on destroying parasitic nematode (9) ROUNDWORM*

 7 Wealthy high-flyers! (3,3) JET SET

10 System of weights? Right in a plaything! (4) T(R)OY

14 Make sure of a sectarian distribution (9) ASCERTAIN*

16 Ali, joining a North Indian dance, makes it South Indian (9) KATHAK ALI (this makes "dance, boxer, dance" a classic!)

17 Another glassful for laid-back convict, a drop of lemonade (6) REFIL<-L

18 The girl is so meticulous and graceful to an extent (7) LISSOME

19 German composer returning in a hot taxi (4) BAC<-H

20 Brown man representing a ratio in a triangle (7) TAN GENT

22 Civilian clothes, not uniform (5) MUFTI

24 Indian god or part Indian-Egyptian god (5) IND RA

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9516 Saturday, April 25, 2009

........ as you predicted, Ganesh! But he has gone one up on these starred clues as follows:

Note: The five starred clues carry no direct definition, but their solutions share a rare commonality. At the end of each solution, you will also find an isolated area in an Hawaiian island retreat, which is unclued.

Hawaiian Island: MAUI

Isolated area: MAUI - A -> MUI

Retreat: IUM

The starred clues are all "rare-earth metals." And the explanation of the starred clues is a clue in itself!!!!!!!!

Didn't I mention before that he IS crazy ..................


1 Sir, her shoes were trampled by draught animals! (5,6) SHIRE HORSES*

9 Prior leaves Father’s office with the address (5) ORATE

10 *Yankee rail conductor (Rob) loses heart (9) {Y(TT)E} (RB) (IUM)

11 Fold the contents of the purple attache (5) PLEAT

12 Baffled courier holds a coin of western focus (11) EURO(CENT)RIC (nice!)

13 Takes care of harbours (6) NURSES

14 Rig the net gains to include a large vase (7) F(URN)ISH (nice!)

18 *Dry year-round (7) {Y(TT)R} (IUM)

20 Navy chief leaves orphans upset in the lighthouse (6) PHAROS(-N)*

24 Need (unwritten) inside rickety canoe when you fall over (11) O(VERBAL)ANCE (nice!)

26 Enthusiastic people may be full of this (5) BEANS

27 Pulls back to interrupt the erratic siren with the guides (9) IN(SPIR<-)ERS

28 Present? It is not our auditor’s (5) THERE?

29 Troops from the east captured by scheming Maori rep in Nero’s kingdom (5,6) {ROMAN (E) (M) PIRE}


1 Oil source revealed in an odd story about 26 Ac (8) S O Y BEANS

2 Explain the note found inside the malfunctioning printer (9) IN(TE)RPRET

3 Area destroyed by revolutionary because of a canal issue (7) (EARA)CHE

4 Greek hunter loses the right to a new kitchen bulb (5) O(-R)(N)ION (nice!)

5 *A degree held by the senior (8) {S(A MA)R} (IUM)

6 Fake coupons identified by touch (7) SOUPCON* (nice!)

7 Mined aluminium is partially returned and taxed (5) LADEN

8 Harbour hammock (5) BERTH

15 An almost tranquil gite built in the African grassland (9) SEREN(-E) (GETI)

16 *A musical instrument for the Taiwanese leader (8) (LUTE) {T} (IUM)

17 The ship in the sea goes west to follow the auditor’s victim (8) A(SS)ES<-SEE

19 Nature’s alarm destroys 70 per cent of the storerooms (7) ROOSTER(-OMS) = 70%

21 *Dr. Watson’s friend takes down the Spanish website (7) {HOLM(-ES)} (IUM)

22 Peter out to exchange the note for a discount (5) (-RE) (A)BATE

23 People die to meet him (5) MAKER

25 Say salaam to the star officer (5) BO SUN

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9515 Friday, April 24, 2009

If only he had put his usual starred (*) clues disclaimer ............. but then it wouldn't have been so much fun! I know he didn't need to as he has provided the def. Great clues all around ........


1 Railway employees sees distance to winding stream and takes time out (10) YARD(MASTER*)

6 Are these open in Munich during Oktoberfest (4) BARS

10 Dance, boxer, dance! (9) KATHAK ALI

11 Show tension (5) DRAMA

12 Old African leader puts his allies at ease somehow by relieving volunteers (5,8) HAILE SELASSIE*

14 Smirks when model takes out the North American breakfast dish (5) GRI(-T)(N)S

15 Peter out to embrace the bitter revolutionary on the ground (9) PRE(DICA<-)TE

17 The debate participant is not eating properly (9) NEGOTIANT*

21 Spice made from clipped trefoil (5) CLOVE(-R)

22 The dance at Amarnath Bay is outlandish (13) BHARATANATYAM*

24 Article lamented reported covert comment (5) ASIDE

25 Change direction (5,4) ABOUT TURN

26 Some pursue training to get fat (4) SUET

27 Frenchman surrounded at dangerous altitudes gets provoked (10) STI(M)ULATED


1 Dance with the oxen and the witch is in the anecdotes collection (10) YAKSHAGANA

2 Stirring up the pot that contains brewed tea for selling (9) R(ETA)ILING

3 The oarsmen turn into cybabies (7) MOANERS*

4 Disturbance results when you eat and digest fish (5-2) S(HAKE)-UP

5 Radium found in Oriental clock sent back to Dubai (7) {EMI(RA)T<-}E

7 Swiftly announce raise for the champion (5) AP<-ACE

8 Flat block gets letters from Khosla Builders (4) SLAB

9 Cricket team skirting the ship’s party turns up at the dance (6) ODI SS I

13 With a limited time in private, cook indeed has to be purposeful (10) DE(TERM)INED

16 Newspaper columnist to torture relative (5,4) AGONY AUNT

18 Investigator climbs up farm vehicle with hesitation (6) (TRAC<-)ER

19 Old gem set (7) ADAMANT

20 Discuss reversal notice inside small restaurant (7) {T(EAR)OOM<-}

21 No iodine in the athletic doctor’s personal possession (7) CHATTEL(-I)*

22 Outside tech graduate begins education in Greek with light coffee (5) B(E I G)E

23 Goes off course as power is usurped by unknown hands (4) Y{A(W)S}

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9514 Thursday, April 23, 2009


1 By betraying the government, Lawrence resorts to arson (7) (T)R(E)ASON

5 Very small music centre’s records (7) MINUTE S

9 A coarse rug (7) DRUGGET

10 Worries about second horse in the river first (7) NI(GG)LE S

11 Go back around, to secure the due to be paid (5) O(WIN)G<-

12 In military resistance sappers gain respect (9) DEFE(RE)NCE

13 Teams awarded points during tea break (9) ELEVENS ES

15 Subjects of investigation (5) CASES

16 Draw off by degrees, right to nadir (5) DRAIN* (nice!)

18 A game soldier given a direction to express regret (9) A POLO GI SE

21 Soldier has little hesitation in becoming a sea dog (9) PRIVATE ER

24 In some ways Tom, a hard man to find in Nebraska (5) OMAHA

25 Unusually smart do for film eminence (7) STARDOM*

26 Adds salt and pepper to one’s cooking (7) SEASONS

27 A Canadian steel town on East river (7) TRENTON

28 Surrendered what was produced (7) YIELDED


1 Earliest stage of a potential wooer, heigh-ho? (7) TADPOLE

2 Evil Sue in disguise, is deceptive (7) ELUSIVE*

3 Dull colour for the prudent environmentalist (4,5) SAGE GREEN

4 Marked out to Ned (5) NOTED*

5 Open circular letter publicising party policy (9) MANIFEST O

6 An African river (5) NIGER

7 Disposition of last ten ancient coins (7) TALENTS

8 Nuns having same parents! (7) SISTERS (cute!)

14 Reform tests mean politicians (9) STATESMEN*

15 Hot cola mixed in church — then sold in bars (9) C(HOCOLAT)E

16 Very large and very small figure in small department store (7) DEP(O S I)T

17 Keep moving to stir up public feeling (7) AGITATE

19 I do moan in confusion when upset (2,1,4) IN A MOOD*

20 Teddy took a fall but still passed (7) E(LAPSE)D

22 Evaluation of a specified quantity (5) AUDIT

23 Liable to accident (5) RISKY

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9513 Wednesday, April 22, 2009


1 A fruitful field of production (7) ORCHARD

5 The era of tranquillisers and vandalism (7) PILL AGE (again tranquillisers should lead to pills?)

9 Vehicle to depart with goods (5) CAR GO

10 Concert — goers’ walk (9) PROMENADE

11 Cockney chap strode off — with his sweetheart? (6) E LOPED

12 Proceeds of fine bits composed at performance went to a player (8) BENEFITS (fine bets rather?)

14 People of fashion take silver back in light two wheeled vehicle (5) TON(GA<-)

15 Danger — set at odds — set at odds? (9) ESTRANGED* (nice!)

18 Legal non-payment of tax? (9) AVOIDANCE

20 Refer to another court to appear at right time (5) R(EMIT)

22 That woman has to betray one of cabinet fame (8) SHE RAT ON

24 Character of the alphabet (6) LETTER

26 Future outlook for dollars for pet crop not bright (9) PRO$PECT$

27 The character of the rent collector (5) ERNIE?

28 Considers an affront not to be seen with right partner (7) R(ESEN)T S

29 Relinquish a position in home for alcoholics (7) RETREAT


1 Short race organised by an association of players (9) ORCHESTRA*

2 Funny drawing of haywain, unladen? (7) CARTOON (what's the connection here?)

3 A warning of course uttered beforehand (9) AFOREHAND (or AFORESAID?)

4 A fool taking opium (4) DOPE

5 Appropriate restrictions in real estate (10) PROPER TIES

6 Rest for example back in Belgium (5) LIE(GE<-)

7 Fully aware (7) AWAKING

8 Equals opponent’s score (5) EVENS

13 Strengthens strap and strains it (10) REIN FORCES

16 People engaged in a welcome correspondence (9) A GREE(MEN)T

17 Check on fellow cleaner (9) DETER GENT

19 Difficult person turning sour (7) ONE(ROUS)

21 Play in afternoon with new England opener in team (7) MATINE(E)

22 Drink, though with hesitation, what is exceptionally good (5) SUP ER

23 No sane person initially gets tremulous (5) AS(P)EN

25 A person appointed as adjudicator on some subject (4) TSAR

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9512 Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr. Manna's clues are getting weirder ........................

Also, according to Mr. Manna the answer to 27ac in yesterday's puzzle is COUNTER. How? What's the connection between the clue and this answer???????????


1 A small gate in the middle of the field (6) WICKET

4 Obscure about agreement not properly laid out (8) MIS(DEAL)T

10 Moved in a great hurry to fire rifle (7) RAN SACK

11 Fit grip around the prisoner necessary (7) C(APT)IVE

12 Leave out Tim back with nothing (4) O MIT<-

13 Raises weapons in holders to cover chair perhaps (10) UP HOLSTERS

16 Many arrange to store solid higher alcohol (6) (STERO) L

17 Thing about duty is to again examine properly (7) RE S (TUDY)

20 Fought about the time table being wrong (7) {BAT(T)LE} D

21 To reverse in speed turn around (6) R(OT<-)ATE

24 The school for learning chemistry? (10) ELEMENT ARY (nice clue!)

25 Maid may be in the midst (4) AMID*

27 You may find her coming late in an assembly (7) NATALIE

29 One receives waves from girl, about ten (7) AN(TEN)NA

30 A writer offering serving men a drink (8) RE PORT ER

31 Pigs so assemble for idle talk (6) GOSSIP*


1 Old veteran worse if injected with hemolytic factor (3,5) WA(R H)ORSE

2 Look carefully to study side charge (11) CON SIDE RATE

3 Antelope losing tail in a dash (4) ELAN(-D)

5 One North Carolina ladies’ man living luxuriously (2,6) I(N C)LOVER

6 Evidence of a monarch’s overthrow (10) DEPOSITION

7 Al takes one for him (3) AL I

8 The saint is one who believes in God (6) THE (I) ST

9 Omits large containers for transporting building material (5) SKIPS

14 Tender names are in order! (11) ENDEARMENTS*

15 Ordered writer to hold the German dog (10) ROTTWEILER

18 The seat ’e removed from one affecting an extravagant love of art (8) AESTHETE*

19 Help a mad eccentric with the front light (8) HEADLAMP*

22 The wife and I commonly appear more common (6) MEAN ER

23 Large regions are found in S. Africa backyard (5) ARE AS<-

26 Crazy to request tot of damask rose oil (4) O TTO

28 Cover pot on return (3) TOP<-

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9511 Monday, April 20, 2009

27ac is nice, if correct! Typo in 30ac - should be 'tried' instead of 'tries.'


1 In support of motorised farming apparently, albeit muscular too (10) PRO TRACTOR

6 Boy goes out for a contest (4) B OUT

9 Craftsman who developed a strain (7) ARTISAN*

10 Daughter is still to arrange the flow gently, in drops (7) D IS TILL

12 Splendour of ancient city (8) GRANDE UR

13 British den made out for former PM (5) B LAIR

15 Many hope about time fixed is for a great event (5) EPO(C)H

17 Blast! Mother has people coming (9) DAMNATION

19 Rulers needing a spell of bowling at a famous cricket ground (9) OVER LORDS

21 They make up a large base of alcohol (5) ETHY L

23 Draw about a hundred in cash (5) LU(C)RE

24 In surroundings of stress I had a crash (8) ACC(ID)ENT

27 Profile of Conservative leader visiting constituencies? (7) COUNTOR? (Anagram of C ON TOUR ~ Profile. COUNTOR is a P LEADER. CONTOUR as it is, doesn't fit because of 16dn & 20dn)

28 Stalemate produced by admission of obsolescence (7) I M PASSE

29 Separate structure for storing (4) SHED

30 Repeatedly went over a tree — tries to shape it (10) REITERATED* (tries should be tried)


1 Scheme to accomplish a purpose (4) PLAN

2 Lake province (7) ONTARIO

3 Pine extract engineer found over the wilderness (5) RESIN

4 Study an offer made by a competitor (9) CON TENDER

5 Make regular request (5) ORDER

7 Folding sheets, Japanese fashion (7) ORIGAMI

8 Patiently allot entry form (10) TOLERANTLY*

11 Deny a new table for us (7) SUBLATE*

14 Calls to mind soldiers’ prayers (10) RECOLLECT S

16 Most perfect in a moral sense (7) HOLIEST

18 Willing sufferer the scholar — to his cost maybe (9) MA (SOCHIST*)

20 Shut out crazy old English duel (7) EX C LUDE

22 Mobile device not attached to fixed holder (7) HAND SET

24 Eager to get on together (5) AGREE*

25 Disguised as quite pure — to trick others (5) D UPER

26 The French nowadays show the way by going first (4) LE AD

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9510 Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vasi sir - today's clues (11ac, 13ac, 4dn ...) are rife with the problem you brought up yesterday!


 1 Though in a car, one can take a jar (5,8) SHOCK ABSORBER

 8 Some continentals find this a softening influence (7) CEDILLA

 9 Theory about the mains I’m diverting (7) ANIMISM*

11 Acid found in a can! (6) NIACIN (where is the extra I - the exclamation mark?)

13 French best in North East, became unconquered (8) UNBEATEN [best in North East gives N(B)E - what about the rest? Is it U {N(B)E} ATE N? Or is it U N(BEST)E D? Then everything is accounted for, even French ->DU but couldn't confirm the word in any dictionary. If yes then 10dn could be MODEL SPIDER but then there is something called MONEY SPIDER!!!!]

15 One resort that is perfect (5) (I)D(E)AL

16 Left in the lurch (7) DITCHED

18 Concealed gaol-break from a Spanish bigwig (7) HID (ALGO*)

19 To form an intelligible pattern (3,2) ADD UP

21 Litmus paper might be used in the final analysis (4,4) ACID TEST

23 Salesman given help is reimbursed (6) REP AID

25 Previous head admits I need to make amends (7) EX P(I)ATE

26 Mean to use our charm to inspire (7) (ENAM*) OUR

28 Go into marquee containing main partition for public performance (13) ENTER T(AINM*)ENT


 2 Arty, he’d removed a chemical compound (7) HYDRATE*

 3 Pass given to senior army officer (3) COL (~ for you Col Gopinath)

 4 Indeed surprise to find South African nurse maid (4) AY AH {could be AY AS (indeed -> YA -> surpised AY & SA for South Africa) but couldn't find AYAS in the dictionary for nurse maid - so if it is AYAH then what is South African doing in here? It is Indian!)

 5 Not against development of non-progressive state (10) STAGNATION*

 6 45th element in German river (5) RH INE

 7 Time Ted was sent out (7) EMITTED*

 8 Kind of desecration, perhaps (11) CONSIDERATE*

10 Promising spinner? (5,6) MONEY SPIDER (see comment in 13ac)

12 Daughter lied about being unoccupied (5) (IDLE*) D

14 Teenager creating a scene told off (10) ADOLESCENT*

17 Have to give direction to lift up with great effort (5) H(E)AVE

18 Sharp bend on a mountain road (7) HAIRPIN

20 Hector, the old serving man (7) DRAGOON

22 Not proper to cater to small quantity that can just be detected (5) TRACE*

24 Endless danger for a fairy (4) PERI(-L)

27 Direct a remark with personal application (3) AIM

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9509 Friday, April 17, 2009

Easy one today ...................


 1 Notedly more eccentric member of the band (7) D RUMMER

 5 Initial electric lantern may be everlasting (7) ETERNAL

10 Be of service (6) ASSIST

11 Rebuke salesman for taking fish (8) REP ROACH

12 Certain to get up to chase (6) PU<-(RSUE)

13 Goods put into containers (8) PACKAGES

14 Use proper road to traverse on courses (6) R (O)U(T)ES

15 Lee is left out — that’s not right for him (6) LE{S(L)I}E

18 Go back and give in again (6) RE CEDE

20 Newspaperman got some credit originally (6) EDITOR

23 Foreign aristocracy exploding grenades (8) GRANDEES*

25 Plan to have a purpose (6) INTEND

26 Cheat a servile dependant to get control (8) DO MINION

27 Impart changes with hollow result (6) ARMPIT*

28 Shatters violently and creates a quiet mess (7) SM(A SH)ES

29 A repairman going round a winding course (7)ME(A)NDER


 2 Free to secure the injured (6) RESCUE*

 3 Change dominates this part of Kent (9) MAIDSTONE*

 4 Plead for net rate to be reviewed (7) ENTREAT*

 6 Optical illusion that is currently popular (7) TOPICAL*

 7 Woman soldiers taking a carrier in (5) R(HOD)A

 8 A couple of hundred possibly tried to get commission (8) A C C (REDIT)*

 9 Attractive way of prematurely acquiring proprietorial rights (13) PRE POSSESSING

16 By temperament he is given to playing game (9) SPORTSMAN

17 To her, appear to be hiding one object of value (8) HE(I)R LOOM

19 Write a song of mourning (7) ELEGISE

21 Impersonate (7) IMITATE

22 Conforming to being properly dressed (2,4) IN LINE

24 Hard-bitten things? (5) NAILS

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9508 Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some tricky ones today ................


 1 Seaboard churning up ocean silt (9) COASTLINE*

 6 Beam like Her Majesty after 50 (5) L AS ER

 9 All including a young child and Al (5) TOT AL

10 Being furious about subordinate, egg-head made complaint (9) MA(UNDER)ED?

11 Turn the corner and create pure chaos (10) RECUPERATE*

12 Separate with violence to cause pain (4) SE(-V)ER? (there is a dictionary definition of SEER meaning pain)

14 New flat with Ron has a pediment over a door (7) FRONTAL*

15 Engraving can be done on very soft tiles (7) STI(PP)LE

17 Mournful in hotel eg I acknowledged (7) ELEGIAC

19 Goes out of the French constituents (7) DE PARTS

20 Access of little force? (4) GATE?

22 Taking off the stamp (10) IMPRESSION

25 Watch what musicians do with a metronome (9) TIMEPIECE

26 Keen to somehow agree (5) EAGER*

27 Serves as a cavalryman (5) RIDES

28 Confident the new variety of aster will bring in prizes (9) (TREAS*) (URES)


 1 To provide food for (5) CATER

 2 Flower pictures I suppress (9) ART I CHOKE

 3 Giving some thought to others (10) TELEPATHIC

 4 Dissolute, but I’m getting the message (7) IM MORAL

 5 Reduces to a common standard of comparison (7) EQUATES

 6 Load we hear, out of an open ditch (4) LODE

 7 Russian clothing material (5) SERGE?

 8 Without a clause added to an already complete contract (9) RIDERLESS

13 Won’t let you have anymore (10) DISPOSSESS

14 About to enter an aircraft carrier (9) F(RE)IGHTER

16 Dish served by midshipman or his double (9) PORRINGER

18 Tom with large number of men made an observation (7) C {OM(MEN)T}

19 She may be a born leader (7) DARL{E(N)E}

21 I’d make out Tim to be a coward (5) TIMID

23 Annoying persons who curry favour? (5) NERDS?

24 A piano is a god to some (4) AP IS

On "Mistresses" & "Peccadillos" ...........

Re: my comment in the previous day's "comments" section .....

Good for Gridman & good for the boy & the girl in the cave PERIOD!

I am just worried about the "passersby," none of their business - leave the boy & the girl alone :)

Here is to Vasi sir for bringing some carnal pleasures into our daily cerebral exercise --

1 Boy & girl acting a cut ravish for the crossword enthusiast (10)

2 Mistress encounters crossword enthusiast in a chat with a virus (10)

3 Thus crossword enthusiast has caviar (10)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9507 Wednesday, April 15, 2009


 1 Seizure suffered by animal has Tamil put out (5,3) {PET(IT} MAL*)

 5 Got worried about some nonsense in cave (6) GROTTO

10 Passed on the song in a rush (7) RELAYED

11 Worth taking quarters in (7) LIVABLE

12 Arranges signal differently (6) ALIGNS*

13 A cry for help arrests gutless creature for fire prevention (8) A S{BE(-A)ST}OS

15 Nervous journalist on the borders of Gooty (4) ED GY

16 One can live large by making use of every __ __ of space (6,4) SQUARE INCH

18 Within which one has to hit (6,4) TARGET AREA

20 Lime-squash for the girl (4) EMIL*

23 One that an ornithologist spots infrequently (4,4) RARE BIRD

24 Hundred also ran more tightly packed (6) C LOSER

26 Avoid the sailor with the stigma (7) AB STAIN

27 Call to account everyone going after the rogue (7) IMP EACH

28 Follows many directions to catch ultras’ leader (6) E N S (U) E S

29 Increased with more supplies to the overhead tank? (6,2) HEAPED UP (PUMPED UP seems to fit better with the "overhead tank" but then no idea what 25dn is?)


 1 The sort of garment that needs no ironing (9,6) PERMANENT CREASE

 2 What a gossip or informant may be doing (7) TELLING

 3 Irksome attempt in Gujarat’s capital (6) TRY IN G

 4 Helper has a different idea (4) AIDE*

 6 Saw again and wrote a critique (8) RE VIEWED

 7 Bet ain’t about a neighbouring national (7) TIBETAN*

 8 Educational grant by no reservation (4,11) OPEN SCHOLARSHIP

 9 Lodger sat uncomfortably with veteran (3,6) OLD STAGER*

14 What members of a peer group shares with each other (5,4) EQUAL RANK

17 Staff has unending prejudice for an overabundance of words (8) VER{BIA(-S)}GE

19 Father gets up again in reserve — gets up again (7) RE RIS<-ES

21 Indicator discs I’m turning over were temporarily lost (7) MI SLAID<-

22 Mistake raised by schoolchildren (4-2) SLIP-UP<- (nice clue!)

25 Hercule Poirot’s Lord? (4) SIRE? (see comments in 29ac)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9506 Tuesday, April 14, 2009


 1 Line turning with vessel in temple activity (7) WOR<-SHIP

 5 Defeat a challenge at an airport ceremony? (3,3) SEE OFF

 9 Minimum disposal of slate (5) LEAST*

10 Do run nimbly to find clever architectural feature (5,4) ROUND* ARCH

11 “Here lies….” statement (7) EPITAPH

12 Eccentric fellow features a politician in satire (7) L(A MP)OON

13 Wood spirit (5) DRYAD

14 What you pay for rummaging (6,3) SEARCH FEE

16 Not a “morning person”? (4,5) LATE RISER

19 Revolutionary has one following the principal (5) {CH(I)E} F

21 Two scholars have one learner writing at last for a newspaper column (7) MA (I L) BA G

23 With Leonard, I got rash — “freckles”, actually (7) LEN (TIGO*)

24 One month after artist’s short handbook on mathematician (9) RA MANU(-AL) JAN

25 More frosty — To 500, more chancey (5) (-D)ICIER

26 Scour freshly one-sixth of the forest for explorer (6) (CRUSO*) E

27 Marine colour (3,4) SEA BLUE


 1 English poet dismantles Delaware armlet (6,2,2,4) WALTER DE LA MARE*

 2 Later I went round to the Yard for truth (7) REAL(I)T Y

 3 Worker carrying twisted tab for ribbon in topper (7) HA(TBA)ND

 4 Buys up, crashes brutally (9) PURCHASES*

 5 Head-covering (5) SKULL

 6 Local to finish mice off (7) END (EMIC*)

 7 Say rapidly: “Shoot” (4,3) FIRE OFF

 8 What students may seek, what rowers may adopt (6,2,6) CHANGE OF COURSE

15 Dismantle Air Nepal’s flying machines (9) AIRPLANES*

17 An excellent thing: what may be found in a hairdresser’s (7) TRIMMER

18 Strips Brand 1’s components (7) R(I)BANDS*

19 Open with a Shavian play (7) CANDID A

20 Character starting to make a name (7) INITIAL

22 Toy soldier (2,3) GI JOE

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9505 Monday, April 13, 2009


 1 Bulletin gives points to the accountant, by the way (8) N E W S CA ST

 5 Without any change, a small relative grabs the object (2,2,2) A{S (IT) IS}

 9 Indian spies return last letter to operative in the East where fighting is on (3,4) WAR<-Z ON E

10 They are written regularly by journalists but not necessarily in support (7) COLUMNS

11 Inspiring ideal culled from E-mail (9) ORIFLAMME*

12 A novice has no mantra to retrieve money (5) MO O L A<-

13 Therefore one who plays a big part in children’s tales is back (4) ERGO<-

14 Fellow who has oodles of 12 (6,3) MONIED MAN

17 With which a chair is wobbly (5,4) SHAKY LEG

19 Keep on complaining it’s unending case (4) GRIP(-E)

23 Insurgent spills beer on learner (5) (REBE*) L

24 Listens again to the young boy’s practice (9) RE HEARS AL

25 Roused as former edict’s revised (7) EX (CITED*)

26 Knocking down Spanish article in escapade (7) F(EL)LING

27 Take one’s breath away (6) SOIGNE?

28 Eleven come out of a gate to create disturbance and so on (2,6) E(-XI)T (CETERA*)


 1 Late arrival makes men cower nervously (8) NEWCOMER*

 2 Lookout for Indian spies going round in no good surroundings (7) WAR<-N(IN)G

 3 Murmur about learners putting an end to revelry in a composed manner (6) COO LL Y

 4 Overwhelmed by stream, lo, elder is washed away (13) STEAMROLLERED*

 6 Such a person has risen in life without anybody’s help (4-4) SELF-MADE

 7 Boy last to grab nothing in U.S. city lottery (7) TOM B O LA

 8 Walk ostentatiously, say, having possessed a second home (6) S(A S H)AY

10 Gossiping about the revolutionary section one day altering fate (7,3,3) CHE WING TH (E FAT)

15 Not fleshed out! (8) SKELETON

16 Public defences for a game getting endless gain crookedly (8) A POLO GIA

18 Couple of greetings swamp cab returning with small grill (7) HI(BAC<-)HI

20 Priest unwound, taking a drop of elixir, in a lull (7) (RESPIT*) E

21 Cases for lawyers’ documents? (6) BRIEFS

22 Old French leader’s rancour is pronounced (6) GAULLE (~gall)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9504 Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easy one by Gridman's standards ..............................


1 Note clothesmaker said to be no wholesale merchant (8) RE {TAILER}(~tailor)

6 Steady company? (4) FIRM

9 Posts additions to population register, we hear (6) BERTHS (~births)

10 Disappointment that has descended on you? (3-4) LET-DOWN

13 You listed cooks in a tiresome manner (9) TEDIOUSLY*

14 ”Behind the ___I’ll convey myself”: Polonius (5) ARRAS

15 Woman coming from behind us (4) INDU (I'm guessing that is Gridman's wife or daughter or granddaughter given that he inserted himself in 2dn)

16 I adapt Salk’s interpretation of a Marx work (3,7) DAS KAPITAL*

19 Kind of package for a concertina? (7,3) SQUEEZE BOX

21 Father allies himself with a goon in India (4) DAD A

24 Bibi and ghulam go with him in an Indian film (5) SAHIB

25 Write something to say what’s being left? (4,1,4) MAKE A WILL

26 Low gags featuring a city (7) GLASGOW

27 Officer Commanding on eastern grounds finds a prowler from Central America (6) O C E LOT

28 Tribal doesn’t complete now (4) TODA(-Y)

29 Cart nearabouts ___ a traveller’s need, perhaps (4-1-3) RENT-A-CAB


2 Gridman, having finished case, is changed (7) E(ME)NDED

3 What you see when the first part of play is staged (6) ACT I ON

4 Is deprived of prestige ___ a dancer in a masked ball does sometimes (5,4) LOSES FACE

5 Team race in which last runners have to make it (5) RELAY

7 Piscator, needing no introduction, turns an advocate of equal power (7) (-P)ISOCRAT*

8 A brief word __yes or no? (12) MONOSYLLABLE

11 Vagrants are soft in public vehicles (6) TRAM(P)S

12 Without going into details ____how love might happen sometimes (2,5,5) AT FIRST SIGHT

17 Sort of furniture that a DYI enthusiast would buy (5-4) KNOCK-DOWN

18 As soaked in water for a cuppa (3,3) TEA BAG

20 How something remains if a person turns a deaf ear to it (7) UNHEARD

22 State ship sunk at Pearl Harbour (7) ARIZONA

23 Scot is up to taking time in judge’s room (6) CAM<-ERA

25 More thrown all over with this garden tool (5) MO(W)ER

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9503 Friday, April 10, 2009


1 A target of the bowler that the cricketer has to defend (6, 5) MIDDLE STUMP

9 Right to end our dissipating circle (7) R (ONDURE*)

10 Close to the ace behind is Oriental (7) E(-C)A<- STERN

11 A once-rolling sea (5) OCEAN*

12 11 coming round to achieve yet another time (4, 5) {ONCE A}GAIN

13 Antelope heads for old region in Bargur interior (5) O R I B I

15 Aeroplane Pop or Burt flies (9) TURBOPROP*

18 What new rulers of a country will want people to forget (3, 6) OLD REGIME

21 Embarrassed to follow heads of Emergency Room, having got it wrong (5) ER RED

22 Hunt for fourth shelf in Erode, maybe (5, 4) T(RACK D)OWN

24 Force politician to wear garland the wrong way round (5) I(MP)EL<-

26 Tossed, moreover, in one bed that’s crumpled (7) B(AND I)ED

27 Eccentric fellow without a sound of disapproval for a kind of syllogism (7) BO(CARD)O

28 Watchful until slaver is set free (11) SURVEILLANT*


1 Spoil firm game of explorer (5, 4) (MAR CO) POLO

2 Ball can be rolling within the limits of Davangere (5) D(ANC)E

3 As heard when the firecracker is burst (4, 5) LOUD NOISE

4 Search for outspoken Punjabi gone abroad (4, 3) SEEK OUT

5 It may still be on the road even as one tries to sell it off (4, 3) USED CAR

6 Cake line is out! Get a different dish! (5) PAST(-RY)A

7 One who mends things by uniting couples again? (8) RE PAIRER

8 Churchmen should give up their extreme positions soon (4) (-C)ANON

14 Writing fluid for Bharatvasi, one in thousand (5, 3) {INDIA (I)N}(K)

16 Like a printing character, starting off with an honour and raking up lots of money finally (9) OBE L (-F)ISCAL

17 One may foot it in a ride on a lake, perhaps (5, 4) PEDAL BOAT

19 Ready — being part of what the waiter took? (2, 5) IN ORDER

20 Confer a subject with a title, perhaps (7) ENNOBLE

22 Meet up with brass band player (4) TUBA<-

23 King, with fools, works with some yarns (5) K NITS

25 Windcheater for father going around a boat (5) P(ARK)A