Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9512 Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr. Manna's clues are getting weirder ........................

Also, according to Mr. Manna the answer to 27ac in yesterday's puzzle is COUNTER. How? What's the connection between the clue and this answer???????????


1 A small gate in the middle of the field (6) WICKET

4 Obscure about agreement not properly laid out (8) MIS(DEAL)T

10 Moved in a great hurry to fire rifle (7) RAN SACK

11 Fit grip around the prisoner necessary (7) C(APT)IVE

12 Leave out Tim back with nothing (4) O MIT<-

13 Raises weapons in holders to cover chair perhaps (10) UP HOLSTERS

16 Many arrange to store solid higher alcohol (6) (STERO) L

17 Thing about duty is to again examine properly (7) RE S (TUDY)

20 Fought about the time table being wrong (7) {BAT(T)LE} D

21 To reverse in speed turn around (6) R(OT<-)ATE

24 The school for learning chemistry? (10) ELEMENT ARY (nice clue!)

25 Maid may be in the midst (4) AMID*

27 You may find her coming late in an assembly (7) NATALIE

29 One receives waves from girl, about ten (7) AN(TEN)NA

30 A writer offering serving men a drink (8) RE PORT ER

31 Pigs so assemble for idle talk (6) GOSSIP*


1 Old veteran worse if injected with hemolytic factor (3,5) WA(R H)ORSE

2 Look carefully to study side charge (11) CON SIDE RATE

3 Antelope losing tail in a dash (4) ELAN(-D)

5 One North Carolina ladies’ man living luxuriously (2,6) I(N C)LOVER

6 Evidence of a monarch’s overthrow (10) DEPOSITION

7 Al takes one for him (3) AL I

8 The saint is one who believes in God (6) THE (I) ST

9 Omits large containers for transporting building material (5) SKIPS

14 Tender names are in order! (11) ENDEARMENTS*

15 Ordered writer to hold the German dog (10) ROTTWEILER

18 The seat ’e removed from one affecting an extravagant love of art (8) AESTHETE*

19 Help a mad eccentric with the front light (8) HEADLAMP*

22 The wife and I commonly appear more common (6) MEAN ER

23 Large regions are found in S. Africa backyard (5) ARE AS<-

26 Crazy to request tot of damask rose oil (4) O TTO

28 Cover pot on return (3) TOP<-


Shuchi said...

Hi Anokha,

I am scratching my head over COUNTER too. Really, some of these clues are all wrong - 13A for example. UP can come from raise (verb) or raised (adjective), how is raises = UP? "weapons in holders" is a definition for the weapons not their cases, it can't lead to holsters. And the answer comes from "cover chair perhaps" - so UPHOLSTER. Where did the extra S come from?

I like 24A too, and also 22D. "me an' 'er" i.e. "me and her" spoken in a common accent.

anokha said...

Hi Shuchi,

This must be so infuriating for you given how much effort you put in publishing the crossword knowledge (almost encyclopedic, I must say) on your blog. And here we have a compiler who is being just plain sloppy. Now I totally second Vasi sir's assertions as to what this compiler may be up to.

There is no way 13A, 24A and 22D are the handiwork of the "same" compiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rach said...

M.Manna needs to get his act together or quit... very frustrating