Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9513 Wednesday, April 22, 2009


1 A fruitful field of production (7) ORCHARD

5 The era of tranquillisers and vandalism (7) PILL AGE (again tranquillisers should lead to pills?)

9 Vehicle to depart with goods (5) CAR GO

10 Concert — goers’ walk (9) PROMENADE

11 Cockney chap strode off — with his sweetheart? (6) E LOPED

12 Proceeds of fine bits composed at performance went to a player (8) BENEFITS (fine bets rather?)

14 People of fashion take silver back in light two wheeled vehicle (5) TON(GA<-)

15 Danger — set at odds — set at odds? (9) ESTRANGED* (nice!)

18 Legal non-payment of tax? (9) AVOIDANCE

20 Refer to another court to appear at right time (5) R(EMIT)

22 That woman has to betray one of cabinet fame (8) SHE RAT ON

24 Character of the alphabet (6) LETTER

26 Future outlook for dollars for pet crop not bright (9) PRO$PECT$

27 The character of the rent collector (5) ERNIE?

28 Considers an affront not to be seen with right partner (7) R(ESEN)T S

29 Relinquish a position in home for alcoholics (7) RETREAT


1 Short race organised by an association of players (9) ORCHESTRA*

2 Funny drawing of haywain, unladen? (7) CARTOON (what's the connection here?)

3 A warning of course uttered beforehand (9) AFOREHAND (or AFORESAID?)

4 A fool taking opium (4) DOPE

5 Appropriate restrictions in real estate (10) PROPER TIES

6 Rest for example back in Belgium (5) LIE(GE<-)

7 Fully aware (7) AWAKING

8 Equals opponent’s score (5) EVENS

13 Strengthens strap and strains it (10) REIN FORCES

16 People engaged in a welcome correspondence (9) A GREE(MEN)T

17 Check on fellow cleaner (9) DETER GENT

19 Difficult person turning sour (7) ONE(ROUS)

21 Play in afternoon with new England opener in team (7) MATINE(E)

22 Drink, though with hesitation, what is exceptionally good (5) SUP ER

23 No sane person initially gets tremulous (5) AS(P)EN

25 A person appointed as adjudicator on some subject (4) TSAR


Chaturvasi said...

2 Funny drawing of haywain, unladen? (7)

This may be one of those "lifted" ones, not from the pen of our compiler.

Funny drawing is the def, the wordplay is haywain, unladen, that is, cart with nothing loaded, CART, O, ON, haywain is a very English word for a cart.

Chaturvasi said...

In 5a the era of tranquillisers gives (the) PILL AGE. Vandalism is the def. So the plural is OK.

Chaturvasi said...

I have just launched. May I crave your indulgence:

anokha said...

Sure, Vasi Sir - will indulge with pleasure! Looking forward to it. Didn't see any links for "followers?"

All the best!