Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9519 Wednesday, April 29, 2009


 1 Poetry not to be expected from a professional writer? (4,5) FREE VERSE

 5 Open the bottle! (5) UNCAP

 8 A construction by new guild in capital of Belgium (8) B(UILDING*)

 9 Afraid of attention in South Dakota (6) S(CARE)D

11 Caterpillar’s future (5) IMAGO

12 Master in casino suffering from lack of sleep (9) INSO(M)NIAC*

13 A reformed criminal perhaps (2-4) EX-HOOD

14 After the note of an awfully loud mate (8) MODULATE*

16 Act according to rules in theatrical work? Good! (4,4) PLAY FAIR

18 Financial part of Qaddafi’s calculations (6) FISCAL

22 Poor writer with half your promissory notes (9) PEN(UR)(IOUS)

23 Cavities in body of an artist imbibing a drop of tea (5) AN(T)RA

24 Shutting down, dropping hundred and becoming the poorer for it (6) (-C)LOSING

25 Preparation for an exam about a faculty (8) RE VISION

26 What may be missing in 1 Ac. (5) RHYME

27 Prison inmate, reportedly occupying chair, is arrogant (9) CON CEITED (~seated)


 1 Feverish? Relief possible with a bit of bother (7) FE(B)RILE*

 2 The last word (7) EPITAPH

 3 Live discussion using modern means over confidence-building around the east (15) (VIDEOCONFERENC*)E

 4 ”Managed” detectives are sour (6) RAN CID

 5 What a Trappist monk may be (15) UNCOMMUNICATIVE

 6 Island made famous by Bonaparte (7) CORSICA

 7 A part of a plant gets tailless lice deep in trouble (7) PED(ICL)E*

10 A place to bet, for one from Edinburgh, say (5) A SCOT

15 Fielder on a highway party, beginning now (3-2) MI(D-O)N

16 Kind of front for a left-wing group (7) POPULAR

17 Many set free in general pardon (7) AMNESTY*

19 Head of conservation at money-making unit, a plant (7) C AT MINT

20 Old English king, young hooligan but erudite (7) LEAR NED

21 A small bird at the tail of an airplane (6) A S TERN

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