Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9495 Wednesday, April 01, 2009


1 Caught the maiden name inside the personal record of the word-book (10) DI(C T ION)ARY

9 Source of energy running a car (6) ENGINE

10 Real music created is a belief (10) SECULARISM

11 Outcome of an alien shadow on a very loud city (6) E(FF E C)T

12 Bubble on an aircraft dome (7) BLISTER

16 Herb in a portion of healthy meals (5) THYME

17 Bitter effect of hundred and one beginning to diet (4) A CI D

18 Lift the beams of light, overheard (5) RAISE (~rays)

19 Store in all every other character for an experiment (5) TRIAL

20 Training the holy man is a nuisance (4) PE ST

21 In charge of the gin cocktail for covering a cake (5) IC ING

22 A mature sort of person lacking proper skill (7) AMATEUR*

27 Drum signal mark on the skin (6) TATTOO

29 Legendary piece of furniture at a conference (5,5) ROUND TABLE

30 Vehicles on the road above the side (6) R OVER S

31 In all, lady is in line with almost the elected girl leader (10) EVE RY TH IN G


2 I am around to note a particular thing (4) IT EM<-

3 Sign of the upper class in Surat taken up (6) TA(U)RUS<-

4 Hard to understand the operation of a unit in half of Quebec (6) OP A QUE

5 A right on the property of an outsider (5) A LIEN

6 The soldiers in a nation (5) YE MEN

7 Being seated at the same place next to each other (4,2,4) SIDE BY SIDE

8 One that fetches the highest sales (10) BESTSELLER

12 Prevent the sister from striking the end of the car of the lawyers (10) BAR R ISTERS

13 Effort taken by one local around an Italian at lunchtime (10) I N(IT I)ATIVE

14 Speeder on the fast track (5)RACER

15 Bird on the bread (5) PIT(T)A

23 Don may get angry on a week day (6) MONDAY*

24 Kick the worthless material surrounding the hospital (6) T(H)RASH

25 Shore destroyed by an animal (5) HORSE*

26 Dramas fused men centres to entertain (5) AMUSE

28 Jungle nature holds a valley (4) GLEN

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