Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9507 Wednesday, April 15, 2009


 1 Seizure suffered by animal has Tamil put out (5,3) {PET(IT} MAL*)

 5 Got worried about some nonsense in cave (6) GROTTO

10 Passed on the song in a rush (7) RELAYED

11 Worth taking quarters in (7) LIVABLE

12 Arranges signal differently (6) ALIGNS*

13 A cry for help arrests gutless creature for fire prevention (8) A S{BE(-A)ST}OS

15 Nervous journalist on the borders of Gooty (4) ED GY

16 One can live large by making use of every __ __ of space (6,4) SQUARE INCH

18 Within which one has to hit (6,4) TARGET AREA

20 Lime-squash for the girl (4) EMIL*

23 One that an ornithologist spots infrequently (4,4) RARE BIRD

24 Hundred also ran more tightly packed (6) C LOSER

26 Avoid the sailor with the stigma (7) AB STAIN

27 Call to account everyone going after the rogue (7) IMP EACH

28 Follows many directions to catch ultras’ leader (6) E N S (U) E S

29 Increased with more supplies to the overhead tank? (6,2) HEAPED UP (PUMPED UP seems to fit better with the "overhead tank" but then no idea what 25dn is?)


 1 The sort of garment that needs no ironing (9,6) PERMANENT CREASE

 2 What a gossip or informant may be doing (7) TELLING

 3 Irksome attempt in Gujarat’s capital (6) TRY IN G

 4 Helper has a different idea (4) AIDE*

 6 Saw again and wrote a critique (8) RE VIEWED

 7 Bet ain’t about a neighbouring national (7) TIBETAN*

 8 Educational grant by no reservation (4,11) OPEN SCHOLARSHIP

 9 Lodger sat uncomfortably with veteran (3,6) OLD STAGER*

14 What members of a peer group shares with each other (5,4) EQUAL RANK

17 Staff has unending prejudice for an overabundance of words (8) VER{BIA(-S)}GE

19 Father gets up again in reserve — gets up again (7) RE RIS<-ES

21 Indicator discs I’m turning over were temporarily lost (7) MI SLAID<-

22 Mistake raised by schoolchildren (4-2) SLIP-UP<- (nice clue!)

25 Hercule Poirot’s Lord? (4) SIRE? (see comments in 29ac)


Chaturvasi said...

Actually, 29ac is PUMPED UP.
You need to revise 25dn; you may have to recall reading any Agatha Christie novel featuring HP. Or think of HP's nationality!

nachiketa said...

Today was tougher than normal for me.How do you crack 5 and 10 across?
5ac = got + rot(=nonsense)?

pammechchu said...


Shuchi said...

Hi Anokha,

I had to Google for 25D too, though I'd caught on that it must be a French word for 'lord'.

nachiketa: 5A is anag. of GOT (worried is the anagram indicator) around ROT (nonsense). The cryptic reading could've done without "some" in the clue.

10A: I enjoy that Gridman uses lesser-known meanings of familiar words in his puzzles. 'rush' isn't just hurry, it's also a grasslike plant...and 'lay' is a song. That gives RELAYED (passed on) i.e. LAY (song) in REED (rush).

Chaturvasi said...
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Chaturvasi said...

Let's say that a boy and a girl often go into a cave and emerge out of it after a few minutes.
Some passersby notice this and they go to the village headman and tell him to look into the matter as "some nonsense" is going on.
They have only some suspicions and they are not quite sure of any peccadillo.
Thus, the compiler may have added 'some' to improve the surface reading.
But you are quite entitled to your view!

Shuchi said...

No doubt that it improves the surface. My view was about the cryptic reading of the clue.

some nonsense=some rot.
That's the most precise derivation.
some nonsense=rot makes 'some' unnecessary - it led me to consider if there was a deletion involved.

The clue works well otherwise, and thanks for putting it in the amusing context of imaginary- peccadillo-in-village-cave :)

anokha said...


Well, that says it all for missing 25dn - part of Belgium is French and on top of that I have been trying to teach myself French for some time now! So deviously obvious - no idea what train of thought I was on - probably none!

Mon Dieu - Je n'ai aucune excuse!

Thanks everyone! Nice to see you here p'chu!

Nachiketa - Vasi sir and Shuchi are some of the best in the business. I'm adding links to their blogs here (slow to figure out all the capabilities in the blogger)!

The "peccadillo" deserves comment in the main section!