Friday, June 26, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9570 Saturday, June 27, 2009


1 Where little Jack sat up against the wall (2,1,6) IN A CORNER

6 Has the neck to ask for credit during a slump (5) S(CR)AG

9 Grown up to be present last month (5) ADULT

10 Change title for a product? (5,4) TRADE NAME

11 Put in a difficult position when a tip gave offence (10) END ANGERED

12 Talk easily later at church (4) CH AT

14 Female goats look after the children! (7) NANNIES

15 Dad, “Geese caused the water to leak” (7) SEE(PA)GE*

17 Mild men let many running wild (7) C(LEMENT*)

19 Girl takes loss as relating to her tongue (7) G(LOSS)AL

20 Take up position behind (4) REAR

22 Without exception, life imprisonment (3,3,4) FOR ALL TIME

25 The Italian patriot takes the biscuit! (9) GARIBALDI

26 Feeling of horror go slowly (5) CREEP

27 Be wide awake at warning of danger (5) ALERT

28 Represented as a priest’s hangers on (9) PARASITES*


1 I’m at a duration of life, an idol (5) IM AGE

2 More than enough for a bid at cards (9) ABUNDANCE

3 Frequently about half a score of instances (10) OFTENTIMES

4 Sent rat away — chatters! (7) NATTERS*

5 University lecturers (7) READERS

6 It’s in poor taste to let it stand (4) STET

7 Succeed in communicating (5) REACH

8 A very large amount — and at a bargain price! (5,4) GREAT DEAL

13 Recalls dilemma of 150 electors (10) RECOLLECTS

14 Again a cur is removed from the country (9) NICARAGUA*

16 Sober seamen can get net in a tangle (9) ABS TINEN T

18 Untidy woman gets to roll over top (7) TROLLOP*

19 GI gets clear around a mass of ice (7) GLACIER*

21 Eager to make up the quarrel (5) AGREE*

23 Exhibitions along old river course (5) EX(PO)S

24 Jack takes Lawrence back to incite with encouragement (4) AB ET<-

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9569 Friday, June 26, 2009

...... clues definitely feel different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 Worker to draw out with water supply application (4,4) HAND PUMP

5 Free of charge, a hundred leave (6) A C QUIT

10 A primarily temperamental worker in one U.S. city or another (7) A T L(ANT)A

11 Edit writer’s composition about end of disturbance (7) (REWRIT*)E

12 Incomplete hint by Chinese dynasty on comedian’s necessity (6) TI MING

13 What a model or a clock must have for a presentable appearance (4,4) NICE FACE

15 Lionized one backs old dynasty (4) IDOL<-

16 Such dishes and drinks won’t do for people with glucose intolerance (5-5) SUGAR-LADEN

18 Excited gents overrun at that time to tune up (10) (ST(R)ENG*}THEN

20 Second bed for foreign national (4) S COT

23 Sleep northern workers have in bits (8) REM N ANTS

24 Trying experience in gold transaction… (6) OR DEAL

26 …baddo not go in pieces (3,4) NOT GOOD*

27 Finally in January, girl, father and I reach an Arizona county (7) Y AVA PA I

28 Don’t begin to narrate slips or mistakes (6) {ERRATA(-N)*}

29 By evacuated dredger, I grill engineer on equipment used in oil exploration (5,3) DRILL RIG*


1 This gives cover for one’s medical expenses (6,9) HEALTH INSURANCE

2 Lone bum destroyed waterlily (7) NELUMBO*

3 Longing for tossing a nip: gin-cocktail (6) PINING*

4 Intend to be average (4) MEAN

6 Musical instruments a herd might have, perhaps (8) COWBELLS

7 Single piece lying on a road is bodysuit (7) UNIT A RD

8 Mum: the cashier isn’t working, perhaps (6,2,7) THERE'S NO TELLING (nice!)

9 Annoyed one Reading gallery, getting in free (9) I R RI(TATE)D (anno?)

14 Cart puller gathers in time I’d confined the workers in herd (9) MUL(T I T U D)E (anno?)

17 Leave furtively, creeping snake is abroad! (5,3) SNEAK* OUT

19 Fallen meteor at farther end is more distant (7) (REMOTE*)R

21 More debased, revolutionary article on agent raised (7) CHE A (PER<-)

22 Disturb rock fragments? (6) GRAVEL

25 Batik worker? (4) DYER

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9566 Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seems like Gridman has changed his style while I was gone - clues feel different! Long layoff maybe on my part ........ will be doing some more traveling so the postings will be irregular .....


1 In the South-East, a hospital room’s facing the ocean (8) SE A WARD S

6 Tides favourable for boating departures (4) EBBS

9 Got one’s eyes fixed? (6) STARED

10 Provided physician returns quietly, it might be in the creel (7) COD<-FI<-SH

13 Gives the word to the woman about big cats (9) ANN OUNCES

14 “Love Story” author Erich (5) SEGAL

15 Unmatchable defeat? (4) BEST

16 One who has things in store for you (10) SHOPKEEPER

19 Jams following collapse of board: these will hinder your progress (10) (ROADB*)LOCKS

21 Advance without resistance in measure for fast fliers (4) MA(-R)CH

24 Dull run for circus or zoo employee (5) TAMER

25 Dressed warmly (7,2) BUNDLED UP

26 Nothing to write and broadcast about type of mall (4-3) O PEN AIR

27 Alien before boarding plane (6) E(MIG)RE

28 Insolent talk by small, stable figure? (4) S ASS

29 Becoming old, clergyman goes in for retaliation (8) A(VEN)GING


2 Makes tense former wife to care for son (7) EX TEND S

3 Develop an alternative in a week for the State (4,2) W(OR)K UP

4 Chair, doc and I produce a variety of chicory (9) RADICCHIO*

5 Faith groups change tec in seconds (5) S(ECT*)S

7 Put forward for discussion bird-identifier thrust on the State by bureaucrat’s head (5,2) B RING UP

8 Rich? So splash out with financial grants to students (12) SCHOLARSHIPS*

11 The woman goes through trash-talk for items of food (6) DI(SHE)S

12 Engine parts from crate burst or fell apart (12) CARBURETTORS*

17 Dog takes a leak skirting maharaja at the end of palace (9) PE(KING)ES E

18 Head away from wintry Russian area to European peninsula (6) (-S)IBERIA

20 Haphazard distribution of e-mails by premier secretary (7) (AIMLES*)S

22 Indra forged nothing new in firedog (7) (ANDIR*) O N

23 Female is mendacious about aviation (6) F LYING

25 Black Roman bear in Turkish city (5) B URSA