Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9505 Monday, April 13, 2009


 1 Bulletin gives points to the accountant, by the way (8) N E W S CA ST

 5 Without any change, a small relative grabs the object (2,2,2) A{S (IT) IS}

 9 Indian spies return last letter to operative in the East where fighting is on (3,4) WAR<-Z ON E

10 They are written regularly by journalists but not necessarily in support (7) COLUMNS

11 Inspiring ideal culled from E-mail (9) ORIFLAMME*

12 A novice has no mantra to retrieve money (5) MO O L A<-

13 Therefore one who plays a big part in children’s tales is back (4) ERGO<-

14 Fellow who has oodles of 12 (6,3) MONIED MAN

17 With which a chair is wobbly (5,4) SHAKY LEG

19 Keep on complaining it’s unending case (4) GRIP(-E)

23 Insurgent spills beer on learner (5) (REBE*) L

24 Listens again to the young boy’s practice (9) RE HEARS AL

25 Roused as former edict’s revised (7) EX (CITED*)

26 Knocking down Spanish article in escapade (7) F(EL)LING

27 Take one’s breath away (6) SOIGNE?

28 Eleven come out of a gate to create disturbance and so on (2,6) E(-XI)T (CETERA*)


 1 Late arrival makes men cower nervously (8) NEWCOMER*

 2 Lookout for Indian spies going round in no good surroundings (7) WAR<-N(IN)G

 3 Murmur about learners putting an end to revelry in a composed manner (6) COO LL Y

 4 Overwhelmed by stream, lo, elder is washed away (13) STEAMROLLERED*

 6 Such a person has risen in life without anybody’s help (4-4) SELF-MADE

 7 Boy last to grab nothing in U.S. city lottery (7) TOM B O LA

 8 Walk ostentatiously, say, having possessed a second home (6) S(A S H)AY

10 Gossiping about the revolutionary section one day altering fate (7,3,3) CHE WING TH (E FAT)

15 Not fleshed out! (8) SKELETON

16 Public defences for a game getting endless gain crookedly (8) A POLO GIA

18 Couple of greetings swamp cab returning with small grill (7) HI(BAC<-)HI

20 Priest unwound, taking a drop of elixir, in a lull (7) (RESPIT*) E

21 Cases for lawyers’ documents? (6) BRIEFS

22 Old French leader’s rancour is pronounced (6) GAULLE (~gall)


Chaturvasi said...

27 Take one’s breath away (6) STIFLE

nachiketa said...

Firstly,I have to say you have become my go to blog after I am done with 70-80%(my mean capability) of my crossword.You are amazing and thanks for posting how to crack the clues as well. 15 Down is SKELETAL so that 27 across can be STIFLE.

anokha said...

Thanks, Vasi Sir & Nachiketa! Should have pondered a bit more on 15dn - was more involved in solving the "Observer Everyman."