Monday, April 6, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9500 Tuesday, April 07, 2009


1 Give an account of the French journalist (8) DE SCRIBE

5 Irritated a woman over a bit of the thing (4) FRET

9 Thousand workers cover the German in searches conducted (8) M AN(HUN)TS

10 Almost mark one active rock (6) SCOR(-E) I A

12 Prophet inside a house erected (4) SEER

13 Able to withstand the evidence following an emotional disturbance (5-5) SHOCK-PROOF

15 What happens to an editor when the blood does not reach the arteries? (3,11) BAD CIRCULATION

17 State of being liable for the written record by hand for one settled at the end of the day (14) ACCOUNTABILITY

21 Her glance is to order around the student contestant (10) CHAL(L)ENGER*

22 Health resort has a lot of junk mail (4) SPA M

25 Alternatively, turn back to the scholar being not specific about the good book (6) RO<-MA N S

26 Epic poem has a long series of adventures (8) ODYSSEY S

27 Reported to sleep lightly having a portion of medicine (4) DOSE (~doze)

28 Stage films at festivals (8) RELEASES


1 End of the wrong side covering half of them (6) D(EM)ISE

2 Slight burn on the surface is an offense, for example to be taken up (5) SIN GE<-

3 Cut off an open way for a confused crowd of people (4) ROUT(-E)

4 Herb cut is scattered by the slaughterer (7) BUTCHER*

6 Part of a plant is in the container (10) RECEPTACLE

7 One to instill fear is a member of a militant group (9) TERRORIST

8 Cast off things in lunch affairs (5) CHAFF

11 Oddly, each round has colour (4) E C R U

14 Clean the large city in bits of nodes of regions having less vegetation (10) SCRUB LANDS

16 Approved of an amateur around to calm one kind of an editor (9) AC CLA(I)M ED

18 Note the vibrant shade of a colour (4) TI NT

19 Group of workers ride high in a drinking game (4,3) BEE R DIE

20 Keeps people entertained in the morning for us to be at ease (6) AM US ES

21 Restores the health of the parish priest on Saturday (5) CURE S

23 President as in the print media (5) PRESS

24 Passageway without article, is on land surrounded by water (4) (-A)ISLE


nachiketa said...

How do you all the answers right all the time? Also,how do you get clues like emru and weird common/proper nouns like some animal/bird etc? Do you use the internet for these things?

nachiketa said...

Also, for some of the clues like 'accountability' I could not figure out the clue even after getting the answer. There were several others like this earlier as well.Neither have you provided any explanation.

pammechchu said...

you are good
Why are you not doing sunday's Xword?

pammechchu said...

pray tell me where you are located