Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9517 Monday, April 27, 2009


 1 The prevailing circumstances need a fresh, safe staff ratio (5,2,7) STATE OF AFFAIRS*

 8 Half a moment that is totally empty (6) MO IE TY

 9 One like Ferdinand whose death sparked a great war (8) ARCHDUKE

11 Passe, churlish, Chief Engineer may get what he needs from someone else (9) OUT SOUR CE

12 Extinct birds are so odd, somehow (5) DODOS*

13 Thralldom, say, in deceptive garb (7) SL(AVER)Y

15 Buy food to eat at home (4,3) TAKE OUT

17 City Improvement Trust involved in a genuine performance (7) RE(C I T)AL

19 Protection from slipping after a shower (4,3) BATH MAT

21 A meeting to discuss the Foreign Office spirit (5) F O RUM

23 Factional race isn’t a novelty (9) SECTARIAN*

25 A game involving amphibian progress (8) LEAP FROG

26 He works for a club and with clubs (6) CADDIE

27 Designed to reduce sweat, it traps painter in disarray (14) ANTIPERSPIRANT*


 1 A call to court (7) SUMMONS

 2 A soldier’s beginning to turn into one who treats older people unfairly (5) A GI ST

3 Mover is hemmed in by one-time abstainer, one who likes company (9) EX {T(ROVER)T}

 4 Prefer men to contain confusion? (7) FERMENT

 5 Greenfly, say, that a state concealed (5) AP HID

 6 A rum word on destroying parasitic nematode (9) ROUNDWORM*

 7 Wealthy high-flyers! (3,3) JET SET

10 System of weights? Right in a plaything! (4) T(R)OY

14 Make sure of a sectarian distribution (9) ASCERTAIN*

16 Ali, joining a North Indian dance, makes it South Indian (9) KATHAK ALI (this makes "dance, boxer, dance" a classic!)

17 Another glassful for laid-back convict, a drop of lemonade (6) REFIL<-L

18 The girl is so meticulous and graceful to an extent (7) LISSOME

19 German composer returning in a hot taxi (4) BAC<-H

20 Brown man representing a ratio in a triangle (7) TAN GENT

22 Civilian clothes, not uniform (5) MUFTI

24 Indian god or part Indian-Egyptian god (5) IND RA


nachiketa said...

I just posted a huge comment on your previous post(saturday crossword).If you would kind enough to patiently read through it and respond,it would really appreciate it.

Chaturvasi said...

Earlier appearances in THC9106 (Dec 28, 2007) Indian story goddess unfolded in south Indian dance-drama (9)

9441 (Jan 28, 2009) On the borders of Kerala, fiftyone follow Indian story in dance-drama (9)

anokha said...

Nachiketa - I am posting your comment in the main section so that other experts can chime in!

anokha said...

Vasi Sir - Both of these are much better than the clue given today!