Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9520 Thursday, April 30, 2009


 1 Is Longman scared off by one who loves to gossip? (13) SCANDALMONGER*

10 Prosperity of a dealer in stolen goods carrying infection (9) A F(FLU)ENCE

11 Bit of a rare curiosity that may happen again (5) RECUR

12 Invitees give up time to make an inference (5) GUES(-T)S

13 Specialist in one sense, would love to record Indian time (9) O TO LOG IST

14 Girl in outskirts of Trinidad is browned (6) T(ANNE)D

16 Very pale cover for four or six (5) L(IV)ID ~ LI(VI)D

19 Archer’s weapon that is a kind of knife (5) BOW IE

20 Snake encircles general in slumber (6) AS(LEE)P

25 Remarkable things bring, for men, a new hope perhaps (9) {PHE(N)O*}MEN A

26 Look, American English from a mean chap! (5) LO US E

27 An hour after midnight in Michigan? No, in Florida (5) M(I AM)I

28 What smoking may turn out to be (9) ADDICTIVE

29 Going easy with some mild cycling (4-9) SOFT-PEDALLING


 2 What is it in it in tea that may make it 28? (8) CAFFEINE

 3 In grammar, they may be proper (5) NOUNS

 4 Embryonic cover seen back in Locarno in mammals (6) AM NI ON<-

 5 An aid to memory that married men coin (8) M(NEM ONIC*)

 6 Illegal drugs found in North Arcot by old civilians (9) N ARCOT ICS

 7 He made geometry somehow lucid, after end of muddle (6) E(UCLID*)

 8 Tom’s contribution to the strings in the orchestra? (6) CAT GUT

 9 Beginning today, compassion is a proven fact (5) T RUTH

15 An expert maybe but he need not necessarily advocate thrift (9) ECONOMIST

17 Able to read and write but tardy about strange rite (8) L(ITER)ATE

18 Mistaken belief, one of those associated with grandeur (8) DELUSION

21 Kitchen device for old English leader with queen’s support (6) PEEL ER

22 Resort to litigation involving post master, fume and froth (5) S(P)U(M)E

23 Smooth and flowing bit of music gets support at start of orchestration (6) LEG AT O

24 A girl among students and radicals (6) SANDRA

26 Neighbourhood watering hole (5) LOCAL

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