Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9853 Thursday, May 27, 2010


1 Agree about its being in keeping (10) CONS(IST*)ENT

6 Church in charge appears to have style (4) CH I C

9 Personal end achieved last month with no difficulty (7) DEC EASE

10 Calling for minis — so adaptable (7) MISSION*

12 For the animal, the tide's being out made it easier (8) ASS (ISTED*)

13 Stay in Lincoln — I would (5) AB(I'D)E

15 English to land in South Africa for an antelope (5) E LAND

17 No odd vocal part can be preserved by keeping things unruffled (4,5) EVEN TENOR

19 Action to be taken about land taken away (9) DE(TRACT)ED

21 Old continental gold coin (5) DUCAT

23 Domestic cover needed at some stages (5) APRON

24 I'm sorry father is against modern innovations (6,2) PA(RDON ME*)

27 Buy for and mop up the tear the tot shed (5,2) TREAT TO*

28 Loves catching the train to go off to somewhere overseas (7) O(NTARI*)O

29 You may be hurt if you look for her (4) RUTH*

30 Where Moses learnt his tables (5,5) MOUNT SINAI


1 Olympic runner about died — trying to break it perhaps (4) CO(D)E

2 Capital I invested in building casino (7) NICOS(I)A*

3 I raised another question initially with one Middle Easterner (5) I R A Q I

4 Behaviour to a patient (9) TREATMENT

5 Traveller with Damon in trouble (5) NOMAD*

7 Creolised language spoken in former French colony (7) HAITIAN

8 Study a secret arrangement to sanctify a place, maybe (10) CON(SECRATE*)

11 Heavenly body that Ted was surprised to see (7) STAR TED

14 He has to replan terms ahead (10) HEADMASTER*

16 Systematic police search for a criminal (7) DRAGNET

18 Duck landed for cover (9) EIDER DOWN

20 Rubbish thrown up and torn in a rush (7) TOR<-RENT

22 Easy to recognize him as he arrived with Ron (7) CAME RON

24 Shot warm-hearted to visionary tourist (5) P(HOT)O

25 Place hats in ring in making truth statements (5) O(ATHS*)

26 Desert American serviceman died in (4) G(OB)I

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9852 Wednesday, May 26, 2010


1 A slip one is too unconcerned over (8,5) CARELESS LAPSE

8 A man second to none in peace or war (7) SUPREMO

9 Dastard in song in pastoral Greece (7) AR(CAD)IA

11 Zero assessed, held forth from platform (6) O RATED

13 Down and out — overcome with exhaustion (4,4) DEAD BEAT

15 A barbed fork to catch fish (5) SPEAR

16 They let you see the garden sprinklers (7) SHOW ERS

18 Packer put me in to partner Close? (7) SARDINE

19 Chap to leave tropical fruit? (5) MAN GO

21 Dealing with someone who is patient? (8) TREATING

23 Secret preserve in revolutionary era (6) AR(CAN)E<-

25 Reprimand means one has to make the case again (7) REPROVE

26 Swimmer with a deep voice? (3,4) SEA BASS

28 Go overseas (5,3,5) CROSS THE OCEAN


2 Satisfy with a couple of coins to achieve peace and quiet (7) A(PP)EASE

3 She always has the right to disappear (3) EVE(-R)

4 Love God of the Greek but Cupid for the Romans (4) EROS

5 Less than life size mannequin? (5,5) SCALE MODEL

6 Car of the French crashed by discharge of electricity across terminals (5) ARC*ED<-

7 Becomes sorrowful as the advertisements end uneasily on Saturday (7) (SAD*)(DEN*)S

8 Backward lad describes symptom of a nearly flat battery (4,7) SLOW STARTER

10 Their theories are formulated on more stars (11) ASTRONOMERS*

12 Fault causing failure of computer programme (5) ERROR

14 Taming Ness monstrosity as a task to be done (10) ASSIGNMENT*

17 A mere turn to left may find him (5) E(L)MER*

18 Support for railway rails (7) SLEEPER

20 A river once more going up and down (7) NIAGARA

22 Lost ring used for working instruments (5) TO(O)LS

24 Sea that lies around a small land area (4) ISLE*

27 Curve of a circle (3) ARC

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9851 Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Way to go M. Manna ...........................


1 A company unreasonably circumscribed by design (7) PLA(TOO)N

5 Vocal disapproval from Tom or Kitty (7) CAT CALL

10 Tyrant was fortunately posted abroad (6) DESPOT*

11 Rush off from the violent youngster (8) TEAR AWAY

12 Animal demolished the fibre of the abaca plant (6) MANILA*

13 Country achieving equality in a pronounced way (8) THAILAND

14 Attended, getting the two ten out (4,2) WENT TO*

15 Hot move by sailors to make points (6) THO*(RN)S

18 It may assist the arrest of bleeding (6) STASIS*

20 A sailor is given a mark (6) TAR GET

23 The rat taking a delivery scoffed (8) A (POST) ATE

25 Tries a form of literary persiflage (6) SATIRE*

26 The container, a tin, tries to open (8) CAN(ISTER*)

27 To rush about the Home Counties can be a problem (6) T R A LEE?

28 Hanging makes little impression on writer (7) PEN DENT

29 Rent-a-party storm (7) TORN A DO


2 Make room to manoeuvre (6) LEEWAY

3 Will they entertain on only the best ships? (3,6) TOP SIDERS

4 Survive to the tenth wicket perhaps (7) OUT LAST

6 A hold-up a worker finds very hard (7) A DAM ANT

7 Method of progress that is faster in water than on land (5) CRAWL

8 Discovering that a listing is about right (8) LEA(R)NING

9 Modern painting's condition (5,2,3,3) STATE OF THE ART

16 Prepare excessively for performance of extra coach (9) OVER TRAIN

17 Sorting post, a boy can cause a hold-up (8) STOP*PAGE

19 Extremely tough fight to get a bronze (7) SPAR TAN

21 Teacher turning up with man leaving seat for food (7) RIS<-OTTO(-man)

22 "A companion of the devil” is about right (6) F(R)IEND

24 Watched to collect information (5) SPIED

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9850 Monday, May 24, 2010


1 Disaffected paper chief quaffed rum (9) ESTRANGED

6 The standpoints of both the left and the right (5) SIDES

9 English in Riviera resort is relative (5) NI(E)CE

10 This player is known to put the squeeze on The Box (9) ACCORDIAN

11 Highly amused this month by ticklish sensations (2,8) IN STITCHES

12 Only French mother (4) MERE

14 Bullfighters appear to roost over on foot! (7) TO(RE)ROS*

15 Plug money sent to the French post to revolt (7) (STOP*) P LE

17 Dictated to have many tied in construction (7) INDITED*

19 Commanding Officer sat in preparation of operations (7) A(C)TI(O)NS*

20 Recognises the sound of the organ (4) NOSE (~knows)

22 Presbyterian presidents break up smart rodeo (10) MODERATORS*

25 Abandon when you move home (5,4) LEAVE FLAT

26 Race bet in Rhode Island is crooked (5) T(RI)BE*

27 Start the game? Will do (5) SCRUM

28 Large number, train with old misconstrued guiding principles (9) DO(C)TRINAL*


1 Nine turn out with a feeling of weariness (5) ENN(U)I*

2 Certain to remain in step if treated with respect (9) TREA(SURE)D

3 I tore a male to pieces to effect an improvement (10) AMELIORATE*

4 Strikes ball, with bat, to glide over to fine leg (7) GLANCES

5 Labourers who load and unload ships on a wharf (7) DOCKERS

6 For a Yank, of course, it's always effective (4) SURE

7 Five ride out to press forward with violence (5) DRI(V)E*

8 No reason for being without taste, for example (9) SENSELESS

13 Firm undertaking to build a condenser? (10) CONTRACTOR

14 Not musical circles (9) TRIANGLES

16 Upgrading in favour of formal proposal (9) PRO MOTION

18 Odd to take dole for having scribbled aimlessly (7) DOODLED*

19 Substance not liable to decay as per case made out on tip (7) ASEPTIC*

21 Step one is to get into the lead (5) STA(I)R

23 Explosive projectile that may direct one to hell (5) S HELL

24 Regard, we're told, as a best friend (4) DEEM

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9849 Saturday, May 22, 2010


1 One politician and runaway cadet collided (8) I MP (ACTED*)

5 Unreliable person useless for omelette-making? (3,3) BAD EGG

10 One who takes up a redtop variant (7) ADOPTER*

11 One for the “Sent” folder? (7) OUTPOST

12 Article on the sea having a single subject (6) THE ME S

13 Investigation about hearing in school cut by half (8) RE S(EAR)CH(-ool)

15 Besides, kinds of mail are swamping Lok Sabha (4) E(LS)E

16 Estate employee in mega toss by goalie (10) (GAME*)KEEPER

18 It's a fifty-fifty allotment (5,5) EQUAL SHARE

20 I study a picture on the desktop (4) I CON

23 They spoil those who utter wildly about silver (8) RAV(AG)ERS

24 Sword in disrepair? (6) RAPIER

26 As a concrete jungle is (5-2) BUILT-UP

27 Reindeer vehicle I half-purchased (7) CAR I BOU(-ght)

28 Makes a stab at some writing (6) ESSAYS

29 The sort of natives found in oyster beds (8) CULTURED


1 Irrelevant bit he retailed about old Russian Tsar (4,3,8) IVAN THE TERRIBLE*

2 Methodology formed by expert on tax (7) PRO CESS

3 Butcher's offering allowed after a discount (6) CUT LET

4 Gain experience to put the first of the load out and make money (4) (-L)EARN

6 Later Ned leapt out like a deer perhaps (8) ANTLERED*

7 This outing should inflate one's opinion of oneself (3,4) EGO TRIP

8 Be treated evasively (3,3,9) GET THE RUNAROUND

9 Hearst and Leo somehow become discouraged (4,5) LOSE HEART*

14 Money plant's yields? Not exactly! (4,5) CASH CROPS

17 To a small degree, sly about answer-word (8) S(LIGHT)LY

19 Reveals to liven us in a way (7) UNVEILS*

21 Chhattisgarh's top and flexible mountaineer (7) C LIMBER

22 Mimic Polly (6) PARROT

25 Linen of the cruder sort (4) ECRU

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9848 Friday, May 21, 2010


1 Its fall denotes the end (7) CURTAIN

5 Street a meeting-place (6) A VENUE

9 Love in the morning for most of sixty minutes (5) AM(-h)OUR

10 Stranded fare? (9) SPAGHETTI

11 Famous but apparently incompetent (7) NOT ABLE

12 Tom backs CIT's revised procedure (7) TAC<-TICS

13 The sort of flight or option that makes it unprecedented (5) FIRST

14 Pompous about flu in Thai quarters (9) HIFALUTIN*

16 Sticky insect has another insect within (3,6) OIL (BEE)TLE

19 Overwhelm a doctor and confess (5) DR OWN

21 Canadian cop makes relation blow her top for a short-time (7) MO(-a)UNTIE

23 Sign a number is lionlike (7) LEO NINE

24 Gear for retirement? (9) NIGHTGOWN

25 A girl in distress was a knight's quest (5) GRAIL*

26 It makes kite-flying an easy thing (6) BREEZE

27 Competitors' records (7) ENTRIES


1 In which orders pass from one link to another (5,2,7) CHAIN OF COMMAND

2 Early bird? (7) ROOSTER

3 Turn to get hold of mug and a tumbler (7) AC{(ROB) A}T (nice!)

4 Sunshine falls timorously on top of the army building (6,3) (NISSEN HU*)T

5 Get adjusted to a lawyer on training (5) A DA PT

6 Chela, it was hit just (7) ETHICAL*

7 Straighten out (7) UNTWIST

8 Complaint is Denise, with son, planned poorly (4,3,7) PINS AND NEEDLES*

15 Slippery customer going into a country is independent, in a way (9) FR(EEL)ANCE

17 Less advanced in years, unknown makes way for learner in an armchair (7) (+L)(-y)OUNGER

18 Give the right to label (7) EN TITLE

19 Must be under doctor during a dry spell (7) DR OUGHT

20 Indian wise men go north after alternative art (7) OR (IGAM<-) I<-

22 Show feelings dramatically (5) EMOTE

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9847 Thursday, May 20, 2010


1 Such a sketch doesn’t have flesh and blood (8) SKELETAL

5 Pieceworker, Jack, old boy, gets some numbers (6) J OB BER

9 Gun put in hold, our sailors lost in the boat races (7) R E(GAT) TA

10 Stubborn person overwhelms females with red scarf (7) MU(FF)LE R

11 Sherpa got flustered in a cluster of projectiles (9) GRAPESHOT*

12 Is he fit to be a takeaway person? (5) THIEF*

13 Among a small number there’s an engineer: one leading a high life (4) I(BE)X (you are a sadist, Gridman!)

14 Tucker, for one, sung about weapons (5,4) TOMMY GUNS*

17 Odd, fifty left for new youth leader for a kind of reward (9) {PECU(-L)(+N)IAR}Y

19 Perhaps evangelists hold a recess (4) APSE

23 Under a false name, briefly (5) INCOG(nito)

24 Painter holding a hot section for islanders (9) T(A H)ITIAN(S)

25 Not straightforward, like a crossword clue! (7) CRYPTIC (ironically, quite a straightforward clue!)

26 Perm Sue worked out is the best of all (7) SUPREME*

27 Don’t outstanding workers take part in these strikes? (3-3) SIT-INS

28 You and me inquisitivenot about a description of an exceptional interest (8) US (-C)URIOUS


1 Gasolier refurbished at women’s quarters in palace (8) SERAGLIO*

2 Chisel image finally with graven designing (7) E(NGRAVE*)

3 Specialist gets bay perhaps for a starter (6) ENT REE

4 Isn’t archaic? No, just becoming outmoded (13) ANACHRONISTIC*

6 Near-offer about torn tags kept away from public view (3-5) OFF-(STAG)E(-r)

7 Bobby’s leader coming up with big money (7) BILLION

8 Become thinned with ugly fare on board (6) R(AREF*)Y

10 Transformation brought about by aphorisms to the latter half of them (13) METAMORPHOSIS*

15 Conducting element (8) TUNGSTEN

16 Estimate again: to be diverted are ships carrying drug (8) (REA*)SS(E)SS

18 Variable parking in chaotic centre not completed, put in a code (7) {ENCR(Y)(P)T(-e)*}

20 Identify unpleasant smell, but this doesn’t make cure possible (7) PLACE (B O)

21 Endlessly talk about freshwater aquarium fish (6) DISCUS(-S)

22 Dazed feeling increased when in shop mostly (6) ST(UP)OR(-e)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9846 Wednesday, May 19, 2010


1 Girl's training men on safety-first electrical devices (8) ADA PT OR S

6 A great many development units (4) LOTS

9 Some of the best RAF engineers attack from the air (6) ST(RAF)E(-b)

10 Mate rejects objection to a kind of washing machine (4-3) TWIN-TUB<-

13 Listen secretly: ladies heard to prod weirdly (9) EAVES(~eves)DROP*

14 She will take and revise notes (9) STENO*

15 What an ivory-poacher may look for (4) TUSK

16 In section, prying police's overlooking one package deliverable by mail (6,4) PARCEL POST

19 Thin fights over work period (5,5) NIGHT SHIFT*

21 Big star Bard's river reflected (4) NOVA<-

24 Chekhov the writer, for one (5) ANTON

25 Mistake in supervision (9) OVERSIGHT

26 Nil parent puzzled at work (7) O(PERANT*)

27 Put a couple of letters in search engine for laundry additive (6) B(L U)ING

28 Perched back on top of kiosk for a difficult job (4) TAS<-K

29 French capitalist? (8) PARISIAN (smart!)


2 Sort of cases District Superintendent involves upstart Evita in (7) D(ATIVE*)S

3 Party leader to step up for tribute (6) P RAISE

4 Outwit Rev. Horace somehow (9) OVERREACH*

5 Pay attention to ab exercise? (3,2) SIT UP

7 Constantly moving, he got no break (2,3,2) ON THE GO*

8 Not the main business agreements (12) SUBCONTRACTS

11 One new single boot part (6) I N SOLE

12 Falling into illness but not confined to bed? (7,5) SETTING ABOUT

17 Brown's restriction on where you may get a refreshing drink (6,3) COFFEE BAR

18 Poem unit's function variable in appeal (6) S(TAN)(Z)A

20 Picks up information on gun belonging to the woman (7) G AT HER S

22 Material for The Hindu, say, on Zambia? (7) ORGAN ZA

23 Questions about offspring succeeded (6) ISSUE S

25 Available: old books on Andhra Pradesh (2,3) O (N T) AP

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9845 Tuesday, May 18, 2010


1 Rough-and-ready method by Tom's dictum? (4,2,5) RULE OF THUMB

9 They pull undergarments (7) DRAWERS

10 One boy back with another at the far end of ledge to remove covering (7) DIS<-ROB E

11 To a specified time peacekeepers get oil (5) UN TIL

12 PTA cheery about a perfect example (9) ARCHETYPE*

13 Give a dirty look to some of the bellowers (5) LOWER

15 Shame! Dhonis veered off! Quarter of an hour lost! (9) DISHON*(-h)OUR

18 They keep shops smartened in a certain manner (9) TRADESMEN*

21 Company raised rejected rodent (5) CO YPU

22 Young German gamely abandoned a broken playground equipment (6,3) JUNG{LE GYM(-a)*}

24 Caused injury by removing top with weapons (5) (-H)ARMED

26 Act with college head following ‘stop' order on a kind of research (7) POST*DO C

27 One who depletes to fall in the German case (7) D(RAIN)ER

28 His pic Colin morphed is inside the PC (7,4) SILICON CHIP*


1 Communist to ponder over alien fish (3,6) RED MULL ET

2 Less than less (5) LEAST

3 Bigger than big (9) OVERLARGE

4 One who would wax eloquent over models, presumably (7) TUSSAUD

5 And the German, to sock pieces away, moves out (7) UND(OCKS*)

6 Criticise and wildly stab at one finally (5) BAST*E

7 Plump pudding (4-4) ROLY-POLY

8 First of samples, before it's withered (4) S ERE

14 By-no-means a strong vice (8) WEAKNESS

16 Canoeinga sport for another time (4,5) ONCE AGAIN* (nice!)

17 It brings you to where you began the journey (5,4) ROUND TRIP

19 Wonderful wise men raise a large amount (7) MAGI (CAL<-)

20 Itinerant, sane, leaders of Indian culture (7) NO MAD I C (Gridman-> Mad Grin* :)

22 Yes, in Germany, primarily puerile English quip (4) JA P E

23 Ditches fifty poems (5) L ODES

25 Insect hovers around Pole for a period (5) MO(N)TH

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9844 Monday, May 17, 2010


1 By order, behead no stupid person (8) BONEHEAD*

5 Creep on dam, do! (6) WEIR DO

9 Standard a couple of females at home have for what paper may be coated with (8) PAR A FF IN

10 What one did on the doormat pretty much is plain (6) STEP PE

12 Strip of wood is almost bluish-grey (4) SLAT(-E)

13 Thinner bit of raga included in composition of inept tune (10) TU(R)PENTINE*

15 Help get comfy at bedtime (4,2) TUCK IN

17 A piece of the action in golf? (5) DIVOT

20 Wrongdoer abandons soft part of target (5) (-S)INNER

21 Managed to be back on tier that's of little breadth (6) NAR<-ROW

24 Rep felt cup is broken and becomes tense (10) PLUPERFECT*

27 Enemy surrounding large ice sheet (4) F(L)OE

29 Kind of dismissal suffered by foreign one taking part in conducted tour (3,3) R(UN) OUT*

30 Without a crew, deprived of strength of mind (8) UNMANNED

31 Company of players to gather, we hear (6) TROOPS (~troupes)

32 Rummage broken lunettes (8) UNSETTLE*


1 Give the skip to a kind of surgical procedure (6) BYPASS

2 Just condition met by young boy (6) NORM AL

3 Sound set provided in Hampi's outer limits (4) H U FF

4 What you might say as you leave in France (5) ADIEU

6 Consumed bit of what neta eagerly passed back (5) E ATEN<-

7 Respite for church official covering public relations unit (8) RE(PR)(I)EVE

8 You can't make one without breaking an egg (8) OMELETTE

11 Footloose writer in Californian town recalled beginner(6) O PEN ER

14 Say “I'm happy” as a Siamese might (4) PURR

16 Ruler, one replaced by you, said to have endless fun in martial art (4,2) K(+U)(-I)NG FU(-N)

17 Abandon an ornament (4) DROP

18 Discourage girl's rip-it posture (8) DI'S(PIRIT*)

19 Hint that disparate union is about to wind up (8) INNU(END)O*

22 Scheme by the alien for a heavenly body (6) PLAN ET

23 Dog, with its tail docked but possessing a bit of dependability, for church official (6) BEA(-G)(+D)LE

25 Provide oriental bit of wit (5) E QUIP

26 About unknown clergyman (5) C ANON

28 Feeling of malice in chacha telling (4) HATE

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9837 Saturday, May 08, 2010

No point saying anything ...............................


1 Kind of bridge that will tilt with one handle (10) CANT I LEVER

9 Anyway follow the witch with the weapon (6) HAG BUT

10 Regular valuation of the moving car (10) A U T O MOBILE

11 Heard you look in Africa (6) UGANDA

12 Hand over the company to the new Chief Engineer of the French (7) CO N CE DE

16 Dance in a moment (5) FLASH

17 Eleven limited fans in the city (4) XI AN

18 Detached the limb of one plant (5) (BIML*)I

19 Literary name (5) TITLE

20 The interval is expressed in the feet (4) GAPS? (rift? half?)

21 Nosey kind of an English poet (5) NOYES*

22 Left in to stay conditionally after one researcher (7) AN {A(L)YST*)

27 Look for the time out with an idler (6) LO AF(-T)ER

29 Bad character of the demon (4,6) EVIL SPIRIT

30 Implied the caption without it (6) SUBT(-IT)LE

31 The first thing the doctor may do every morning in the hospital (5,5) DAILY ROUND


2 Water colour (4) AQUA

3 Place over the right hot region (6) T(R)OPIC

4 Robbed appliance returned to Edward (6) LOOT<-ED

5 Lives through face covers (5) VEILS*

6 Watery discharge he extracted from the drink (5) R(HE)UM

7 Jolly sailor will undauntedly analyse most of the dues left (10) AB UNDA(-U)NT(-ED)LY

8 Extra friendship (10) ATTACHMENT

12 Kind of accommodations for ordinary ones (5,5) CABIN CLASS

13 Weak person is regularly near the doctor at the end of the day with the girl at hand (5,5) NA MB Y PAM BY

14 Somehow tax each refugee (5) EXPAT? (exact? exert?)

15 Most of the oil is from the tree (5) BALSA(m oil) ?

23 Always in the two poles with an agreement to contradict (6) N(AY)S(AY)

24 Local Authority has money for the head officer from the United States (6) L A (TIN) O

25 Raise a family (5) BREED

26 Minimum religious education, I know is a kind of treatment (5) R E I K I

28 A cat is left in around a hole (4) L I(O)N

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9836 Friday, May 07, 2010


4 Flow of water in the central parts of an exciting story (8) TH(RILL)E R

8 Put in twice the amount of work (6) DOUBLE

9 American award that may put you on an Honour roll (4,6) BLUE RIBBON

10 Get rid of one in Houston city (4) OUST

11 Usual time of the job (4) PAR T

13 Chick that is under par (6) BIRDIE

15 Name initially another pandit performing outdoors in Nepal's temple (7) A P P O I N T

17 Foreigner in Sri Lanka is with the Vatican (4) S L A V

18 You have a Territorial Army on the hill top in the state (4) U TA H

19 Cigars got back in for secret agents out of power (7) S(TOG<-)(-P)IES

21 Property in Budapest-attested (6) ESTATE

22 Talk boastfully about the girl following the supporter (4) BRA G

25 Made to lie to the lady (4) DAME*

26 Jehovah's Witness (10) WATCHTOWER

27 Continue to be in charge of the first tenure of the chemical dependent person (6) ADD IC T

28 Bearer has an accident in the corners of the Cathedral relating to the brain (8) C(EREBRA*)L


1 For this purpose introduce wine, overheard (2,3) AD HOC (~hock)

2 Star bike (6) PULSAR

3 Animal in Zambia kills the bear (5) Z(EBRA*)

4 Faith in a business concern (5) TRUST

5 Choice of a small portion of the dish (7) RARE BIT

6 Needing effort to dig an old burial outside (9) LAB(O)RI(O)U(S)

7 They may get very demonstrative in front of an audience (9) EMOTIONAL

12 Son is in to fix the perch (5) ROO(S)T

14 School boy in the morning is up in the small castle outside (9) CLASS(MA<-)TE*

15 A descent that is very rocky (9) AVALANCHE

16 Circle out an elevated zone in the country (5) NIGER(-O)* (=region)

19 Bunker shade (7) SHELTER

20 Artist in Belgium is the one to first communicate in the language (6) AR A B I C

22 Cut short the insides of the small intestine (5) BOWEL(-S)

23 River in the holy ground (5) A(R)RA S ??

24 Fat man is the one not fit at the end of the day (5) HE F(-I)T Y

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9835 Thursday, May 06, 2010


1 One not moving towards the medal (4) GO(-I)NG

9 An encounter that may be paid-for (8,7) CONTRACT KILLING

10 Excellent party (4) RAVE

11 Boredom that is back around the disturbed nun (5) E(NNU*)I<-

12 Also first lock the device (4) TOO(L)

13 The guilty may do this before the judge (5) PLEAD

14 Aroused the emotions of the holy man, I first recognised to be in debt (7) ST I R RED

16 Represent the Romans in the loyalist group in the popular resort (7) BE RM UDA

18 Follow an argument (5) TRACK

22 Humble saint is a German leader (4) ST A G

23 Blind god rode out behind on top of the horse (5) (H)ODER*

24 Fix the base of the tooth (4) ROOT

25 Device that may be featured as all-in-one! (15) MULTIFUNCTIONAL

26 Push in part of the bed entirely (4) DENT


2 It's pale browna motel constructed around Austria (7) OATME(A)L*

3 Bewitching hours of work (9,5) GRAVEYARD SHIFT

4 Warrant officer in the morning is upset by the new girl (5) WO MA<-N

5 Fuss about the bad smell (5) STINK

6 Prime interest calculated at last has been wrongly conceived (14) MISINTERPRETE*D

7 Small terrestrial isopod (6) SLATER

8 Girl will regularly copyread in a huff (7) ANN O Y E D

15 Sign of man and beast is well combined (7) CENTAUR

17 Gigantic aircraft will heartlessly hit the foundation of the city (6) MIG(HT)Y

19 Character in strips (7) CARTOON

20 Notice one angel at first in the city (5) AD AN A

21 Left out collar is different in colour (5) CORAL*(-L)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9834 Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just for the heck of it ..... and also for the "Back Scratcher" .......................


2 Place another rate for the worker (6) PL(ATER*)

7 Counter false witness's return (4) RAIL<-

9 A priest at no point is like a lunatic (4) A MO(-N)K

10 Device can somehow check carts in court (4,9) BA(CK SCRATCHE*)R

12 Man will anyhow train one bird (7) M(ARTIN*) I (an NJ special - Martin OR Martini!)

13 Fix the soft feathers for one to identify (3,4) PIN DOWN

15 Lad leaves Rio with Hera (4) JUNO(-ir) (another NJ special: Jun(-ior) leaves Jun!)

17 Spot the holy man on Thursday instead of Sunday (5) (-S)(+T)AINT

18 Revolvers on the streets I left (4) RO(-A)DS (I left or A!!!!)

19 Hard to find the Spanish I have followed in America (7) EL (US) I'VE

21 Gangster escapes from the country to another country (7) AUSTR(-AL)IA

23 Free to avail of one such gift! (13) COMPLIMENTARY

27 Fix the dog's dinner (4) MESS

28 Settle the king not keeping well (4) K ILL

29 Sailor does settle in the homes (6) AB(ODES*)


1 Greek character is a priest around the borders of Baghdad (6) LAM(BD)A

2 Optical objects at last in different shapes (10) (PLICA)TI(O)NS

3 Pals bemused by the mountain ranges (4) ALPS*

4 Limitless excitement at all times (4) EVER (RevelrY-ry still leaves L!!!)

5 Premature eruption (4) RASH (nice!)

6 Used the boy on the other hand to first enter in the leaderless mob (8) B OR (-C)ROW(E)D (classic NJ!)

8 Gangster turns up to hit out with the stick (5) LA<-(THI*) (compare this to Sankalak's clue on Saturday: 27 AC It enables the police to make a charge (5) LATHI)

11 Weather is a bit cold in the city on Thursday evening initially (7) C (LIMA) T E

13 Pack a new English kind of spring-roll (7) P(A N)CAK*E

14 Kind of racing on off-road ways (4,6) DIRT TRACKS

16 Released the peacekeepers in prison (8) UN LOCKED

20 Good price (5) VLAUE

22 Short poems I had finally, say for a couple of learners in Sweden (6) I'D Y LL S

24 It may be peeled off after a facial (4) MASK

25 Sailor follows the doctor in the kingdom (4) MO AB

26 Be obliged to tip-off one editor (4) NEED

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9833 Tuesday, May 04, 2010


1 In a dark winter, gin cocktail — it is essential for life (8,5) DRINKING WATER*

9 Such good weather for an Attlee (7) CLEMENT

10 Listener's protection against noise (7) EAR PLUG

11 It goes under a patient in the wards built around the east (4-5) (DRAW-S*)(HE(E)T)

12 A rare monkey in Bahrain driven away, is (5) INDRI

13 …small and pretty but is not found in Benin (6) DAINTY (Fat Mouse)

14 Lack of vitality is a hindrance to Henry, angry about losing name (8) LET H A(-n)GRY

17 A possible cause of deflation (8) PUNCTURE

19 New clues solved by relatives (6) U(N)CLES*

23 Come round once more for a new cure? Right (5) (RECU*)R

25 A Parisian perhaps (9) FRENCHMAN

26 A species more hostile, more pungent (7) SPICIER

27 Live around university with what is left (7) RESID(U)E

28 Illness of a Berliner, say, seems a large hoax (6,7) GERMAN (MEASLES*)


1 Unmistakeable action traps detectives (7) DE(CID)ED

2 Repetition that everyone avoided in “sing a song of sixpence'', for example (9) ITERATION

3 Where bills may be passed in Israel (7) KNESSET

4 Intensive chat involving singer King Cole and Terence cut short (6) NAT TER

5 Dara Singh was one (8) WRESTLER

6 A lake is hard to spoil (7) TARN IS H

7 What a king might have done with this kind of paper (5) RULED

8 Something to stand on if one would like to demand respect (7) DIGNITY

15 Part played by one on catwalk, one worthy of imitating (4,5) ROLE MODEL

16 Kind of invoice sent by Royal Mail, a proof spelt out (3,5) PRO FO(R M)A*

17 Umbrella for a special trooper, big star (7) PARA SOL

18 Dog, one that perseveres to hide hesitation (7) T(ER)RIER

20 Capital for casino, I suspect (7) NICOSIA*

21 Poems portraying boy with reversed gun (7) SON (NETS<-)

22 Migraine that makes setter gloomy (6) ME GRIM

24 Clutch a cold fish (5) C LING

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9832 Monday, May 03, 2010


1 Disjointed nonsense is swallowed by agent (7) S(CRAP)PY

5 A kiss for a dollar! (7) SMACKER

10 Rope that was her undoing (6) HAWSER*

11 It can heat a room but cool an engine (8) RADIATOR

12 Pay no attention to one blood-soaked knight (6) I G(N)ORE

13 New moon, light weight, seen in design on clothes (8) (MONO*) GRAM

14 Burke or Hillary (6) EDMUND

15 Successfully complete clearing taint after initiation of arraignment (6) A (TTAIN*)

18 Containing nitrogen (6) NITRIC

20 French lady gets me across a weir (6) M(A DAM)E

23 Exercise control, take a break before fall (8) REST RAIN

25 Place in society given by sculpture-a change at last! (6) STATU(-E)(+S)

26 A worm in a position of leadership? Thin joke! (8) HELM (INTH*)

27 Aromatic stuff from a part of the sea, a spirit (3,3) BAY RUM

28 Lacking creativity but clean enough for surgery (7) STERILE

29 Mr. German at home with good fish (7) HERR IN G


2 Switch coins (6) CHANGE

3 The cops maybe looking for him (9) ABSCONDER

4 An upstart hit back with Gopal's flute (7) (PAR<-) VENU

6 Famous singer crazy about North America (7) MAD ON NA

7 Loud noise made by leaders in class lustily announcing new guidelines (5) C L A N G

8 Intense love of oneself with image on a roll (8) EGOMANIA*

9 A liqueur that Met-men cheered wildly (5,2,6) CREME DE MENTHE*

16 Twain's adventurous hero (3,6) TOM SAWYER

17 Hope for a drowning man (8) LIFEVEST

19 One of many for the viewers' entertainment on TV (7) CHANNEL

21 Bad lies that could somehow incapacitate one (7) DISABLE*

22 The season of decline in America? (6) AUTUMN

24 Is it right to leave out ‘uprising' in an island? (5) (TIMO<-) R

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 2583 Sunday, May 02, 2010


1 Type of music from the South side (5) S WING

4 King in America meeting important stars (4,5) U(R)SA MAJOR

9 Amputation scare turned out to be much ado about nothing (1,5,2,1,6) A STORM IN A TEACUP*

10 Tell untruths about e.g. praise, reportedly for a feudal superior (5,4) LI(EG)E LORD(~laud)

11 Son's term for a weapon (5) S WORD

12 Training out in it abroad (7) TUITION*

14 Royal Marines, first-rate, captivated by sea siren (7) ME(RM)(AI)D

16 One of us behind bars beginning to reform (7) INSIDE R

18 Arrived at film studio to make a musical (7) CAME LOT

19 Tree evident in Colorado ski resort (5) ASPEN

20 Blockhouse's value in a Texas city (4,5) FORT WORTH

22 Novel's fantastic a poet's said again (1,7,2,5) A PASSAGE TO INDIA*

23 Cry, cut biting fruit (4,1,4) SHE(D A TE)AR

24 Some process engineering in German industrial city (5) ESSEN


1 Italian composer exposed in trial, acts strangely (9) SCARLATTI*

2 At the start, leading article's suppressed (2,3,5,5) IN THE FIRST PLACE

3 Golfer's opener - Rose possibly in the furze (5) GORSE

4 A French counterfeit coin carrying head of Richelieu and a mythical animal (7) UN {ICO(R)N*}

5 Mad sort, eccentric achieving fame (7) STARDOM*

6 Distinguished conductor describing Latin mass in turmoil (9) MAE(L)STRO(M)

7 A daft joker's call upset handyman (4,2,3,6) JACK OF ALL TRADES

8 Swift attack round centre of Tripoli (5) RA(P)ID

13 Ones imprisoned by one country or another (9) IND(ONES)IA

15 Wife and child avoiding one in farm building (5,4) DUTCH BARN

17 Free of jungle yet? Every second counts for displaced person (7) REFUGEE

18 Artist in court worried guardian (7) CU(RA)TOR*

19 Collect a million as head of security (5) A M AS S

21 Chess player with involved ending in game (5) (WHIT*)E