Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9518 Tuesday, April 28, 2009


 1 Canine racer for a reported elegist to pursue (9) GREY(~Gray) HOUND

 5 Fundamental computer programme (5) BASIC

 8 Hammer’s partner in communist symbolism (6) SICKLE

 9 Kiss an outsize copper tardily (8) OS CU LATE

11 Slippery swimmers caught in a creel somehow (4) EELS

12 Indian greeting a new red-back amphibian (10) SALAM (A) (N) (DER<-)

14 Kind of optical lens, a bit of a historical development (5) TORIC

15 A heavy smoker maybe, needing a sweep from time to time (7) CHIMNEY

16 What the temple visitor gets — an audience (7) DARSHAN

17 Sailors heard in a Cheshire town (5) CREW E

19 Give up devious inquiries involving left hand (10) RE(L)INQUIS(H) [extra 'i'?]

20 The same but different flat-topped hill (4) MESA*

22 They travel for pleasure, agents escorting teacher in retreat (8) TOU(RIS<-)TS

23 Weaver’s aid, in extremes of gravity, is depressing (6) G(LOOM)Y

24 Thing that strains is back with girl (5) SI<-EVE

25 One who shells out local taxes, a rare type however (9) RATEPAYER*


 1 Good theatre attendant but an overeffusive person (6) G USHER

 2 In a contract it takes care of variations in cost (9,6) ESCALATOR CLAUSE

 3 A golfer’s objective, one of many on course (4) HOLE

 4 Box for papers to which, oddly, pet had access (8,4) DESPATCH CASE*

 5 Treated savagely, reserve force student is wounded externally (10) BRU(TA)(L)ISED

 6 Do not sit over ritual, insist on formality (5,2,8) STAND ON CEREMONY

 7 Leaders of class before time, without doubt (7) CL EARLY

10 One that is not conducive to current flow? (3,9) BAD CONDUCTOR

13 Awful oriental peril surrounding egg producers is catching (10) {PRE(HENS)IL}E

16 Downgrades engagements involving emergency room (7) D(ER)ATES

18 What one may hear in Budapest (6) MAGYAR (typo! may+rag OR my+raga?)

21 Black sauce causes a spot on the radar screen (4) B LIP

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