Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9499 Monday, April 06, 2009


8 Under no circumstances, an odd boy made is nervous (4,2,4,4) OVER MY DEAD BODY

9 Town is the starting point in India’s capital (6) DEL(P)HI

10 Pal has a strange remedy for a close relationship (8) PLA TONIC

11 Soundly supervises in a foreign country (8) OVERSEES (~overseas)

13 Bears a design to wear away (6) ABRASE*

14 Break the hollowed-out space (6) RECESS

16 Holy man can form an English attitude (6) ST ANC E

19 Perfect place to bend the cover in Iowa (6) U TOP IA

21 Invisible creatures born to an unusual cat, each covering the side of the road (8) BACTERIA

23 One who scouts the way ahead for a group (8) OUTRIDER

24 North-east worker head is the one in to be a freshman (6) NE W B(I)E

26 Did three get her to experiment the intensive interrogation? (3,5,6) THE THIRD DEGREE*


1 Additionally, a large room covering an English priest is taken up (8) MOR(E)O VER<-

2 Take a secret look in the gym record (4) PE EP

3 Official to trap the politician in anger (6) U MP IRE

4 Good exercise for the sailor before the third treatment of the fat (7) ADIPOSE

5 Animal has the skill to cover the current cloudy lens (8) CAT AR(AC)T

6 Aversion to bar her once maybe (10) ABHORRENCE*

7 Takes in to note the short time in the notices (6) AD(MIT)S

12 Get back to cure the troubled in Peru with progressive speed (10) RECUPERATE

15 Time period taken to almost drill in the triangular surface area (8) SPAN DRIL

17 Called forth the Spanish in charge of the wrong diet (8) EL IC ITED

18 Push out to adjust our debt (7) OBTRUDE*

20 Excited, so to speak having received specific instruction (6) TOUCHY

22 Horse ride in a Tuscan territory (6) CANTER

25 Take up the uncooked layer of the product (4) WAR<-E


m r bharath said...

hey u r great

can u teach me how to do some of these things

anokha said...

Thanks, Bharath! There is not much to teach - just practice and pick up the usual clues and learn from the annotations given here.

Check out the following site which has some great stuff -