Friday, April 30, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9831 Saturday, May 01, 2010


1 Dishonest behaviour, certainly not comedians' trade (5,8) FUNNY BUSINESS

10 Cold and aloof humour, hot attraction in the north (9) WIT H DRAW N

11 Piece of music from a player on downhill run (5) RON DO

12 Behind time in a way, in the outskirts of Tilbury (5) T(A RD)Y

13 Name an action document, a legal one (5,4) TITLE DEED

14 Something for the smoker or a loose woman, say (6) HOOKAH (~hooker)

16 Moan about conservative Korea accepting accusation initially (5) C RO(A)K

19 What a job seeker must — be suitable (5) APPLY

20 Strange destiny of a small number of shares (3,3) ODD LOT

25 Very old and primitive dame alive to change (9) MEDIAEVAL*

26 The range of a train to New Dehi (express) skirting famous university (5) G(AMU)T

27 It enables the police to make a charge (5) LATHI

28 Severely criticise one held in players entrance (9) CAST (I) GATE

29 Breaking into pieces an ornament, a gift trashed (13) FRAGMENTATION*


2 Such a motive is not what it appears to be (8) ULTERIOR

3 A pet name for a donkey (5) NEDDY

4 Skin-deep may be, but it has its appeal (6) BEAUTY

5 Southern Railway admits girl is clean (8) S(ANITA)RY

6 Child-minder would sure mind a distraction (9) NURSEMAID*

7 Musician who could burn the capital of Romania (6) SINGE R

8A change for a singular, wicked old woman (6) S WITCH

9 Drink for a man of religion, kept in a plaything (5) TO(DD)Y

15 Asking the umpire can be fascinating (9) APPEALING

17 Bone, large cervical variety with no trace of rot (8) C(L)AVICLE*(-r)

18 Fruit container with nothing but graphite (8) PLUM BAG O

21 Sway with one who adds up (6) TOT TER

22 Got a whiff of freshwater fish (5) SMELT

23 Moneylender gets rid of councillor for journalist (6) (-cr)EDITOR

24 Where may one misplace something in an American state? A cupboard (6) C(LOSE)T

26 Ground grain, to the mill it is something useful (5) GRIST

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9830 Friday, April 30, 2010


1 Means of communication to help clone perhaps (9) CELLPHONE*

5 Good man with deposit, a hidden store (5) ST ASH

8 Soften by soaking in money? A make-believe (8) P(RET)ENCE

9 Where might beer be kept – in a pub? Right, by the Spanish (6) BAR R EL

11 Objects of worship (5) IDOLS

12 Eliminate water-like stuff, blended tea (9) LIQUID(ATE*)

13 Fighter, military man sporting French name (3-3) NO(N-CO)M

14 For ready money, nothing more than soft cloth (8) CASH MERE

16 Cheerful race treated gratis (8) (CARE*)FREE

18 Symbol that may resemble money to an extent (6) EMBLEM

22 See prudes running to take the place of another (9) SUPERSEDE*

23 Tree with a large bend beginning to hang (5) L ARC H

24 Encryption creates an outcry in business gathering initially (6) CO (DIN) G

25 With oriental taste, he develops into a lover of art (8) (AESTHET*)E

26 Putting carbon in drink makes you shrink back in distaste (5) WIN(C)E

27 Bruhaspati to the gods (9) PRECEPTOR


1 It describes a picture of a chicken swallowing a note (7) CAP(TI)ON

2 Get ready to sleep? (3,4) LIE DOWN

3 Emphasise meeting as a way of feeding newspapers (5,10) PRESS CONFERENCE

4 Mysterious part of Medoc culture (6) OCCULT

5 In emptiness, a hotel conjures up something to eat (7,8) SPANISH OMELETTE*

6 Price that a flier has to pay (7) AIRFARE

7 A Greek in Hades is ahead of a point (7) HELL ENE

10 Indian wife in America (5) SQUAW

15 Sheep in empty jail, a precious thing (5) J(EWE)L

16 Source of wealth – for the dairyman? (4,3) CASH COW

17 Persuaded one to take part in new period play (5,2) (ROPED I*)N

19 Big way, second to none in size (7) LARGE ST

20 Here's ma, worried about fish (7) MAHSEER*

21 Go back on decree formulation (6) RECEDE*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9829 Thursday, April 29, 2010


1 The born artist turns detestable and … (9) (A)BHO(R)RENT*

5 …. ponders about the goddesses of the arts (5) MUSES

8 Doctor, English, in motor, finds curvature on the road (6) CA(MB)(E)R

9 Old Poet Laureate sent on New York trip (8) TEN(NY)SON*

11 An opening to check trapped Nationalist (4) VE(N)T

12 Dedication shown by Tim reflected in observation (10) COM(MIT<-)MENT

14 Cast off for value returned (5) THROW<- (not exactly returned!)

15 Is Satan about to play a game? (7) CA (NASTA*)

16 The plant to put a motor out (7) CAR AWAY

17 Bit of flesh at the back of the mouth (5) UVULA

19 First man's fruit, it is in the throat (5,5) ADAM'S APPLE

20 The highest point reached by State leader in extremes of abstinence (4) A(CM)E

22 Um, lust is possibly an incentive for activity (8) STIMULUS*

23 Money back (6) REFUND

24 A stiff drink? My, unusual!! (5) RUM MY

25 A meeting that could be deadly for a fleeing criminal (9) ENCOUNTER


1 A recess in a surreal cover (6) ALCOVE

2 Benevolenceminus it, Maharani crumbles (15) HUMANITARIANISM*

3 Flightless bird? We hear otherwise (4) RHEA*

4 Mother upset over duo finding device for measuring temperature (12) (THERMO*)COUPLE

5 Tediously uniform like a single note being played (10) MONOTONOUS

6 A tale of excitement and tension apparently pending decision on permanent posting? (8,7) SUSPENSE ACCOUNT

7 Candid old singer (7) SINATRA (Frank)

10 The tree to make a Nordic state neat and smart, perhaps (6,6) NORWAY SPRUCE

13 Tan male with yen for deep thought (5,5) BROWN STUDY

16 Less refined way to go, you say? Right (7) COARSE(~course)R

18 Metal worker beginning to work on tree (6) W ELDER

21 It provides a choice to the consumer (4) MENU

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9828 Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1 One struggling for independence may deem right offer wrong (7,7) FREEDOM FIGHTER*

8 Remove or reduce about a pound (6) AB(L)ATE

9 Defector from a job brewing tea (8) A POST (ATE*)

11 What a trader finally earnsgain from the Infobahn? (3,6) NET PROFIT

12 Admonition to a child dawdling with dinner (3,2) EAT UP

13 On which to drive uphill (3,4) LOW GEAR

15 What does Omerta involve? One can't tell! (7) SECRECY

17 Territorial Army, say, violates limit with excellent backing (7) (MILIT*) IA<-

19 Bachelor with girl, not heartless but without shame (7) B (LATA) N(-O)T

21 Artist, leader in sculpting, elderly, in retreat (5) DEGA<-S

23 Revenue official who had trials re-organised (9) TAHSILDAR*

25 The edge of the road must be followed by every road-hog initially (8) SHOULD E R

26 Tom and Jerry, e.g., losing a round in a box (6) CARTO(-O)N

27 What an alpinist needs if he would move towards peaks (4,3,7) HEAD FOR HEIGHTS


1 Sweet talk gets woollen material (7) FLANNEL

2 Story written up about beginning of creation, a splendid success (5) E(C)LAT<-

3 What punishment is meant to be can discourage ten right off (9) DETER R (ENT*)

4 The driving force for one member, alien-American (7) I MP ET US

5 It makes for waste, they say (5) HASTE

6 Skin eruption puts a former worker on edge with a trace of allergy (9) EX ANT HEM A

7 How may great sorrow affect one? Profoundly! (6) DEEPLY

10 At a distance, a British force repulsed (4) A (FAR<-)

14 Bird figuring in a fruitless search (4-5) WILD-GOOSE

16 Mock serenade by Ravi, a rich composition (9) CHARIVARI*

17 Gorgon mother who accepted settlement of dues (6) M(EDUS*)A

18 Small company rated bad in interior design (3,4) (ART DE*)CO

19 It is money in Bangkok (4) BAHT

20 The endless misdeeds, one hears, of crowds (7) TH(-e) RONGS (~wrongs)

22 Big star with identity difficult to undermine (5) SOL ID

24 The beginning of deadly, strong desire to abandon someone (5) D ITCH

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9827 Tuesday, April 27, 2010


1 Expect open crevice to be fixed up (11) PRECONCEIVE*

9 Announced hair gel for the American mammal (5) MOOSE (~mousse)

10 Nice little number on cake (5,4) PETIT FOUR

11 Clean entertainment veils something concerning (5) ANENT

12 Rowdy behaviour is on us! Saucers damaged (11) RAUCOUSNESS*

13 Ghostly pale alien leaves latchkey deformed (6) CHALKY*(-ET)

14 Play with lid shaped like floating leaves (4,3) LILY PAD*

18 One may be driven to this when frustrated (7) DESPAIR

20 Party in back street of Paris with a Greek nymph (6) EU(DO)R<-A

24 Distributes once more to find the old Spanish coins outside (11) REAL(LOCATE)S

26 Not quite right when one gets dismissed by a bank (5) AMISS AMASS

27 Rodeo unit disaster is cleared up (6,3) IRONED OUT*

28 Planes? They are not odd (5) EVENS

29 Bill (owner) following booming sound finds a mythical creature (11) THUNDER BIRD


1 Charge Greek character in retreat in Pakistan for a smoker's stand (4,4) P(IP<-)(E RAC<-)K

2 Urge Tesla to get rid of Charlie's attendants (9) EN(-C)(+T)OURAGE

3 View forecast (7) OUTLOOK

4 Upset at missing the first clue type in this puzzle (5) (-A) CROSS

5 Goddess sheltering old king sent back by some countrymen (8) IS(RAEL<-)IS

6 Mission student missing assembly in trouble (7) EMBASSY*(-L)

7 Page in gloom, upset by queen (5) GOF<-ER

8 Property of Bill that one may shell out a lot of money for (5) NEST(-EGG)S HEFTY

15 Unusual ratio for one with a stronger reason (1,8) A (FOR)TIOR*I

16 Dessert Sumitra cooked contains iodine (8) TIRAM(I)SU*

17 Broken bedsteads Democrat dropped revealed in the open (8) BASSETED*(-D)

19 Sits uncomfortably after salesman turns up for the stay (7) PER<-SIST*

21 Dim and corrupt national leader replaced by Republican (7) UNCLEA(-N)(+R)

22 Nut in Arizona surrounded by endless misery (5) H(AZ)EL(-L)

23 Reportedly understood direction to remain silent (5) MIMED TACET

25 Alloy (duralumin) smuggled for the old U.S. comedian (5) LLOYD

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9826 Monday, April 26, 2010

Note: P means the same wherever it appears in this puzzle



1 Revolutionary's right to imprison the awful grouch (a devotee) (10) CH(URCHGO*)E R

6 Flower king plucked out for sun goddess (4) I(-R)(+S)IS

10 Give water to the late revolutionary getting admitted here somehow (9) REH(YDRAT<-)E*

11 Native American language spoken by party in church recital (5) ALEUT? CRE(-E)DO

12 Stuck-up in harbour covered by knotted filaments (4-9) SELF-IM(PORT)ANT*

14 Letter on ethical problem the Spanish censored (5) AITCH*(-EL)

15 Mean to train in unpopular time (3,6) LOW SEASON

17 Briefcase left for incompletely returned bribe (9) PORT FO(-r) (LIO<-)

21 Lead wire (5) CABLE

22 Flag holder on the platform? (13) STATIONMASTER

24 Saying that yielded a surprise exclamation in retrospective (5) AD AGE

25 Lab nuance at fault for lack of equilibrium (9) UNBALANCE*

26 Red blossom extract (4) LOSS

27 Fired IOC receptionists adapted, being determined (10) PERSISTENT*(-IOC)


1 Jokers embracing astute professional cheaters (4,6) CARD (SHARP)S

2 Hurt Poles working to build a sofa, say (9) UPHOLSTER*

3 North Atlantic trawler catch component (7) COD FISH

4 Earplug adjusted for P (7) GRAUPEL*

5 Scrutinize the tip of a kind of pencil (7) EYE BROW

7 P to hassle Ethiopian in hiding (5) SLEET

8 Fictional investigative reporter's pet, not unknown to P (4) S?T? (something to do with SNOWY - Tintin's Pet? Could be SOFT but then no idea what 11ac is?) SNOW(-Y)

9 Fix the Mexican shawl and cape for the Oriental (6) SAR APE

13 Affection shown by close blokes in hospital department (10) EN(DEAR MEN)T

16 Opinion about failing USB kernel (9) S(UBS*)TANCE

18 Chips and some breakfast cereals for P (6) FLAKES

19 General besieging island to the Spanish south in free time (7) LE(I SUR)E

20 Passenger vehicle collection (7) OMNI BUS

21 Tea on counter window frame fabric (7) CHA(LLIS<-)

22 Crushing blows delivered by nerds in audition (5) SLAPS (~Schleps) SWATS

23 American leaves Time for P (4) FALL

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 2582 Sunday, April 25, 2010


1 Widely admired tree round university (7) POP(U)LAR

5 Wear out short military overalls (7) FATIGUE

9 Bird in farmhouse larder (5) OUSEL

10 George, with trendy friend, meeting one in gaudy bar (3,6) G IN PAL ACE

11 What's bound to put an end to children's game? (9) HOPSCOTCH

12 Military decoration, we hear, for a compere (5) EMCEE (~MC)

13 Low, perhaps, a US art critic abroad (12) CARICATURIST*

17,20 Elephant seal, twice floundering, has to make a fresh start (4,3,5,5) WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN*

21 Take choir out for a kind of tea that may be served in Hanoi (9) ARTICHOKE*

23 Widdicombe Fair chap pointing to fruit in book (3,6) TOM (PEARS)E

24 Brush stroke (5) SWEEP

25 Reveal former printing machine (7) EX PRESS

26 Senator solved crime (7) TREASON*


1 Prediction of support by ambassador on Cyprus (8) PROP HE CY

2 Free ticket left with travel document (8) PASS PORT

3 Ring up about one flowering shrub (5) L(I)LAC<-

4 Reference bookauthor gets users confused (6,9) ROGETS THESAURUS*

5 The current chefs working in a London station (9,6) FENCHURCH STREET*

6 Goes across with dramatist touring south-east (9) TRAVER(SE)S

7 Mineral used to make good long weapon (6) G LANCE

8 Small opening I, reportedly, must have allowed (6) EYE LET

14 All the customers tell niece off (9) CLIENTELE*

15 Titled lady one's seen in pubs (8) BAR(ONES)S

16 Play safe and bowl (5,3) PETER PAN

18 Bushwhacker injured chest round end of July (6) SC(Y)THE*

19 Come together in side at college (4,2) TEAM UP

22 Class actors close to home (5) CAST E

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9825 Saturday, April 24, 2010


1 Many in South Africa made a bond to organise escape (7) (A)B(S){C}OND

5 The man next in line for a major promotion? (7) CAPTAIN

9 Within the home are the most intimate (7) N(EAR*)EST

10 Time ran out for one of Islam's high achievements (7) MINARET*

11 Works till one appears lost (5) T(O)ILS*

12 Catch up with, produce a gun and point it (4,5) DRAW LEVEL

13 That's nothing to the gardens I designed and arranged (9) (O)RGANISED*

15 He is very liberal with his perverted lies (5) E(L)LIS*

16 Ted developed art in buying and selling goods (5) (TRA*)(DE<-)

18 Those who advance another business man? (9) PROMOTERS

21 Arthur and I have difficulty swallowing a vegetable (9) ART I CHOKE

24 Bird in headgear (5) CAP ON

25 Pledge to get the wage estimate reduced? (7) EARN EST(-imate)

26 Small boy not able to discourse at length (7) DES CANT

27 New reel about a negative Plantagenet queen (7) ELE(A NO)R*

28 Ned used wire as tool to expand a packing case (7) WIDENER*


1 Girl, one on the wagon comes round for some dye (7) ANN A T T O

2 Second only to dining it is a problem for restaurateurs (7) (SHARING) S EATING (thanks Venkatesh!)

3 Sort of respect afforded Bacon, I see (9) OBEISANCE*

4 Old fashioned (5) DATED

5 Antonyms that are here today and gone tomorrow (4,3,2) COME AND GO

6 Arrange plane compartment (5) PANEL*

7 A rebel leader to be a match for the newcomer (7) A R RIVAL

8 Bugs are things the gardener tries to get ride of (7) NETTLES

14 Who cheers when the boxer gets a very good left in? (9) SUPPORTER

15 Didn't leave in bad spirits (9) EXORCISED

16 Gin and leisure, we hear, produce entertaining activity (7) TRAP EZE(~ease)

17 A note about the leading goddess (7) A (STAR) TE

19 Make intelligible notes about nine Nepal constituents (7) E(X)PLA(I)N*

20 Some have chosen a Tory politician (7) SENATOR

22 Honest and uncorrupted (5) CLEAN

23 Ted now arranges to settle a permanent provision (5) (E)N(D)OW

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9824 Friday, April 23, 2010


1 Again cast's in a ferment about one of the performers (7) ACT(RE)SS*

5 Are called in to make the preparations (7) AR(RANG)E

9 Gone very pale like a timber tree! (5) ASH EN

10 For recording music? (9) NOTEBOOKS

11 Has rig dressed up to look quite showy (6) GARISH*

12 Hit hard on US ring roads (8) BELT WAYS

14 Mount where Moses apparently received The Commandments (5) SINAI

15 A top man's pride sent crashing (9) PRESIDENT*

18 Company taking great number of men for December assembly, began work (9) CO M MEN (CED*)

20 Start home in pleasant corner (5) NIC(H)E

22 Put an arm through the broken panes to get the cheese (8) P(ARM)ESAN*

24 Get away to the sun in peace, for a change (6) E(S)CAPE*

26 Noisy class with a loving disposition (9) CL AMOROUS

27 In short, go over again, the main points (5) RECAP

28 Yells to me to take shelter inside — they're on the prowl (7) ROA(ME)RS

29 Exceeded the limit (7) OVERRAN


1 A single fluctuation in electric supply has a numbing effect (9) A(NALGESI*)C

2 May get tawny brown here, in this capital (7) T(EHER)AN

3 Girl might resent change in the east (9) ERNESTIN*E

4 Direction to cease dispatch (4) S END

5 Waiting by the new theatre, as arranged, the day after (2,3,5) (AT THE RE*)(ADY*)

6 Android needs mainspring with bolt head in the middle (5) RO(B)OT

7 Newly born child (7) NEONATE

8 Moves gently to be free from pain (5) EASES

13 People who watch a trot take place through glasses (10) SPEC(TATOR*)S

16 Island where people are accommodated without charge (9) INN IS FREE

17 Immediately put one on patrol to guard her (9) T(HER)EUPON*

19 Spoils a not for Sicilian wine (7) MARS A LA (should be "Spoils a note .......")

21 Tale teller who had tea cure brewed (7) CHA(UCER*)

22 Horse trained to run at a rate of speed (5) PACE R

23 Peel off circuit to bolt (5) EL(O)PE*

25 Look after outsize capital (4) OS LO

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9823 Thursday, April 22, 2010


1 With apprehension stop (6) ARREST(nice!)

4 In brief the book's content is immaterial (8) ABSTRACT

10 Give Liza a thrashing in London (7) LAM BETH

11 Arousing feelings one concludes must have reason (7) E MOTIVE

12 Rule out to become a decoy (4) LURE*

13 Cold and penniless (2,3,5) ON THE ROCKS

16 Stumps out illegal activities (6) CLEANS

17 Close link to retirement cover (7) NIGH TIE (nice!)

20 Let river take new course that blots out bases (7) DE(LET)E S

21 Arranged for my old course on music to be pleasant (6) M(E)LODY*

24 In getting the case packed, isn't a fantastic help (10) ASSISTANCE*

25 Piece of programming inserted into software to sabotage computer system (4) BOMB

27 The French placed ban on this mid-eastern country (7) LE BAN ON

29 Father returning to the spot to make an assignation! (7) AP<-POINT

30 Red rides out distressed with their mocks and laughs (8) DERIDERS*

31 Free to sit up and start chewing the rag (6) GRA*TIS<- (nice!)


1 Hopeless outlook for an international rugger player (3,5) ALL BLACK

2 Concerning code, fewer are without compassion (11) RE MORSE LESS

3 Wild west food (4) STEW* (cute!)

5 Being nimble he danced round the place (8) BLENHEIM*

6 Not many in the early afternoon (3,2,5) TWO OR THREE (nice!)

7 Title held by one realised (3) ALI

8 Lawrence hits out at the believer in God (6) (T)H(E)IST*

9 Could be a 1-horn animal (5) RH(I)NO*

14 Foot man? (11) CHIROPODIST

15 Raw and without flavouring (10) UN SEASONED

18 He will always be a servant (8) RETAINER

19 They're all for viewers' clean-up endeavours (3,5) EYE BATHS

22 Song and dance advertisement (6) BALL AD

23 Fight over a newspaper cutting (5) SCRAP

26 A dispute at a bar (4) SPAR

28 An addition to a medal (3) BAR

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9822 Wednesday, April 21, 2010


1 Feel badly about accepting still water, defending one's case (10) RES(POND)ENT

6 Union of parties for a common purpose (4) BLOC

9 Is he gallant with the lady fish and well-bred? (7) GENT EEL

10 A queen who was anti-Italian to start off with (7) TI(TANI*) A

12 Many years later, they're captured (8) HOST AGES

13 Ledge that is for yours truly, hard to install (5) S(H)ELF

15 Feeling of elation boosts one's spirits (5) LIFTS

17 Sort of curl Anton developed during the night (9) NOCTURNAL*

19 Statement prepared by one who is willing (9) TESTAMENT (nice!)

21 The sorrowful one — that's her (5) SAD IE

23 Navigation system with greater range (5) LORAN

24 Drove mad, temporarily (8) STAMPEDE

27 Allowed to bring in some cooked food (7) OME(LET)S*

28 Foolishly end up with dollars to keep them from falling (7) (S)U(S)PEND*

29 A nymph's sound reflection (4) ECHO

30 Underworld team bearing with church feud (10) DISSIDENCE


1 Not right age to be violent (4) R AGE

2 Post party? (4,3) SEND OFF

3 Have right to vote without concealment (5) OVE(R)T*

4 Coach building application (9) DILIGENCE

5 Short informal letters (5) NOTES

7 Learnt on direction, new way to carry light in case (7) (LANTER*)N

8 Disappointed to see the fellow's down (10) CHAP FALLEN

11 Disposable soft absorbent papers (7) TISSUES

14 Suggesting the head of the house is slightly deranged? (5,5) SLATE LOOSE?

16 When at sea, turn for answers to an Indian tribe (7) SHAWNEE*

18 Albigensians go to Isaiah for purification (9) CATHARS IS

20 Many cheers ring out and there's loud yell (7) S(C)REECH*

22 Resentment at clothes gone off dud (7) DUD(GEON*)

24 In US, his fondness is for Japanese dish of fish (5) S(US)HI*

25 Having sat quietly, does get fidgety (5) P(OSED*)

26 Have an advantage over opponent (4) EDGE

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9821 Tuesday, April 20, 2010


1 Having time on your side means more (6,7) SECOND HELPING

8 His house-mole, the cat was keeping an eye on! (7) SPOONER

9 Pat, takes part in the riot but is devoted to his country (7) PATRIOT

11 Ring the residenta man (6) O LIVER

13 Plane prepared to see off the foreigner (8) NEPALESE*

15 After Los Angeles, Kevin in New York becomes limp and thin (5) LA N(K)Y

16 So be exercising the dog in the dark (7) OBS(CUR)E*

18 The mop has been shaken round by the cleaner (7) SHAMPO O

19 She may have keen resentment with quarter (5) IRE NE

21 Assert it's quite different for entertainers (8) ARTISTES*

23 I have eleven to take care of in this country (6) ME XI CO

25 Regret that a blow caused teeth replaced with an artificial set (7) DENT (URE*)

26 They relate to atmospheric disturbances affecting radio reception (7) STATICS

28 Be ruthless and go through all the red lights? (4,2,7) STOP AT NOTHING


2 Observe return with male member of the privileged classes (7) (ETON<-)IAN

3 Confess to have won follishly (3) OWN*

4 Rat makes daughter move out rapidly (4) D(ART*)

5 Clearly brings one out with feeling in music performance (10) EXPRESSION

6 A capital of a north Indian state (5) PATNA

7 Speaking French is U itself (7) NAIVETE

8 The Himalayan ounce (4,7) SNOW LEOPARD

10 Use the car or turn to double dealing (11) TREACHEROUS*

12 Young team assembled to learn origin of words (5) ET(Y)MA*

14 There's no time like now to be missing (3,7) NO T PRESENT

17 Join one at half term (5) UNI TE

18 It's a woven mesh fabric (7) (SATI*)NET

20 Ed got into an arrangement to publish book in number of copies (7) ED ITION

22 A wooden leg puts Frenchman in a disturbed state (5) STU(M)P*

24 Amos lost himself in some part of a European capital (4) OSLO

27 A known timber tree (3) ASH

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 2581 Sunday, April 18, 2010


1 Please CO, surprisingly, serving up a thin slice of meat (8) ESCALOPE*

5 Cartoonist, first to satirise my article (6) S MY THE

9 Bond girl, a gem (9) SOLITAIRE

11 Leaves female dropped in stews (5) (-F)OLIOS

12 Complete dive, reportedly (5) WHOLE (~hole)

13 What a horse may have on coat so rain disperses (9) CAP(ARISON*)

14 Ephemeral insect - it may seen on the ground in summer (3-3,7) ONE-DAY CRICKET

18 Tornado destroyed British livestock farm completely (4,3,6) (ROOT AND*) B RANCH

19 Reformed rascal met wise guy (5,4) SMART ALEC*

20 Right old racket made by French sculptor (5) R O DIN

22 Indian leader Ben-Hur beheaded cruelly (5) (-B)NEHRU*

23 Tough line taken by hospital department (9) STRING ENT

24 Out-and-out tirade by a leader in Reichstag (6) A R RANT

25 A nob meeting a head of state too (2,4,2) A S WELL A S


1 John's leaving a London location after eastern film star (8) E A ST (-JOHN'S)WOOD

2 Lloyd Webber's instrument found in small room by orchestra's leader (5) CELL O

3 Loose-limbed Latin male gets under it (5) L IT HE

4 American musician caught heading for historical French city with a royal (6,7) PRINCE C H ARLES

6 Book a sail (9) MOONRAKER

7 Attempts to outwit Italian in NI store, foolishly (5,2,2) TRIES IT ON*

8 Sense changes in a city in the Ruhr valley (5) ESSEN*

10 Coppers stride out displaying camaraderie (6,2,5) ESPRIT DE CORPS*

15 One who talks incessantly, here with Arabs, possibly (9) EARBASHER

16 A complete change of policy concerning revolution (5-4) ABOUT-TURN

17 Medical complaint? Hint - iris affected (8) RHINITIS*

19 A children's favourite may be followed by Barbara and Monica et al (5) SANTA (cute!)

20 Fume about name of line (5) RA(N)GE

21 Live with wife in valley (5) D(W)ELL

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9819 Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some nice and some wild ones by Manna today ...................


1 An advisory word or two concerning a preliminary course (9) AN TIP AS TO

6 Funny business with mouse dropping the opener (5) CO MIC (-KEY)

9 Track made on time for race (5) T RACE

10 Critical point in the action of a play (9) SITUATION

11 Lawful extent of authority necessitates proficiency (10) COMPETENCE

12 Youth set out to climb (4) STE*E

14 Bears pain calmly and without complaint (7) PATIENT

15 Lingers around to make Leo stir (7) LOITERS*

17 Fixes position by sighting from three stations (7) R ESE C T S?

19 Cuts off the top (7) BEHEADS

20 Healthy drink taken at hospital (4) H ALE

22 Person of the type that gets into print (10) COMPOSITOR

25 Past eight! Prepare some food (9) SPAGHETTI*

26 Notice people inside get better (5) A(MEN)D

27 Not a willing worker (5) SLAVE

28 The chef's whisker (3,6) EGG BEATER


1 A sober man in charge of ancient Athens (5) A TT IC

2 Friends to play with (4,5) TEAM MATES

3 Choice share? (10) PREFERENCE

4 Think maybe American page should be in school (7) S(US P)ECT

5 Topic for Al related to sight problems (7) OPTICAL*

6 Talk easily at tea time (4) CHA T

7 Omits to change, though somewhat damp (5) MOIST*

8 Even cross out the word “talks” (9) CONVERSES*

13 Deadly screen used after dark? (10) NIGHTSHADE

14 Buys tea having lots of money around (9) PUR(CHA)SES

16 Lawrence can manoeuvre men into passing of a bill into law (9) E(NAC)(T)(MEN)T

18 He does not measure to height expectation (7) SHORTIE

19 Striking a blow (7) BOPPING

21 Apprentice priest can be a beast (5) L LAMA

23 A corollary added to a contract (5) RIDER

24 Short bent part at the bottom of a down pipe (4) SHOE

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9818 Friday, April 16, 2010


1 South American writers finally resolve an uncertain state (8) S US PENS E

5 Head of Section on waste disposal overworks (6) S(WEATS*)

10 How a cool person might act (7) ALOOFLY

11 Nearly lure dear Parisianone waiting in concealment (7) LUR CHER

12 Cover dwarf hiding stricken gnu (6) E(NGU*)LF

13 Least common mark sect redesigned (8) SCAR(CEST*)

15 Bit of porcine patter (4) OINK

16 Presumably where leading pupils in class sit (5,5) FRONT BENCH

18 Tunis jet I'm ordering in a kind of inventory strategy (4-2-4) JUST-IN-TIME*

20 Mean to be in expo organisation (4) POOR

23 Coastal fliers (8) SEABIRDS

24 Agonise over legal document on conclusions of crash course (6) WRIT H E

26 Is one frozen by this display? (3,4) ICE SHOW

27 Jimmy, bird's on perch (7) CROW BAR

28 Frees from faults (6) EMENDS

29 He forges things to make you fit for war (8) ARMOURER


1 They are even signifying impartiality (6,2,7) SCALES OF JUSTICE

2 The sort of wedding that makes it union or death? (7) SHOTGUN

3 To a T, it's decuple! Wrap up! (6) (->T) ENFOLD

4 Bean having a wild say about duck (4) S(O)YA*

6 Press minor to dress (8) WARD ROBE

7 Two articles about each composition in ancient Greek (7) A(CHAE*)AN

8 Feel ill with beer Sartre served all round? He will carry you out (9-6) ST(RETCH)ER BEARER*

9 Erode, for instance (5,4) PLACE NAME

14 What you may do with pen on paper (5,4) WRITE DOWN

17 Over Ifni stretches Desh broadcast (8) FINISHED*

19 National sort of twins? (7) SIAM ESE

21 It was revolution time in Russia (7) OCTOBER

22 Jovial Cockney catches nothing – nothing – in Spanish creek (6) 'ARR(O)Y(O)

25 Disfigurement in rare church is effaced (4) SCAR(-CE)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9817 Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comparatively easy by Gridman's standard ....... and lots of anagrams ......


1 From where one may shout in joy (7) ROOFTOP

5 Impulse for business proposal caught in oil spillover (6) LI(BID)O*

9 Said in French to duplicate (5) DIT TO

10 Racialist fixed for being cutting (9) SATIRICAL*

11 Music maker's final letter has answer for thin material (7) ORGAN Z A

12 Disgraces contemptible types pulling back scholars (7) STIG MAS

13 Therefore women are heard (5) HENCE (~hens)

14 Ohio poll I conducted with ordinary people (3,6) HOI POLLOI*

16 Just the one to give a moral lesson (9) RIGHTEOUS

19 Sulks with leading model offering awful pose (5) M(OPES*)

21 Soft, love! I and young boy gather in rainy period (7) P LUV I AL

23 Resentment voiced by private (7) RANCOUR

24 Have on hand pickles to be distributed (9) STOCKPILE*

25 Writ by British woman (5) BR EVE

26 With precision, cattle reaches likely limits (6) DEFT LY -> NEAT LY (thanks Krishnan)

27 What pupils hating exams want? Not exactly! (4,3) TEST BAN


1 Medical practitioner finds a third-rate op is unsettling (5,9) RADIO THERAPIST*

2 One month Goan formed a figure (7) OCT(AGON*)

3 Defeat trio with a heavyweight replacing a number (7) TR(-IO)OUNCE

4 Haiti cops disperse nut (9) PISTACHIO*

5 Party symbol means a great deal to you and me (5) LOT US

6 Right, our bit contributed to a Mexican dish (7) BU(R)RITO*

7 Last month one man nearly produced in tens (7) DEC I MA L

8 One who alters features in a theatrical operation (7,7) PLASTIC SURGEON

15 Guerrilla inrush note mentioned regularly (9) IN SURGE NT

17 Sticky substance covers lettuce — it's sweet (7) GLU(COS)E

18 Disgusting to be in the Middle Eastern bush (7) TH(ICK)E T

19 Newspaper employee in — I'm lifting vehicle (7) MI NI BUS <-

20 Saw an expert is needed for a part of speech (7) PRO VERB

22 Flock to the U.S. cityit's close to many (5) LA IT Y

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9816 Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another gem from Gridman ...............(except 24 ac)! Also, a rare puzzle with no pure anagram ..................


1 Boy managed good-looker's wave (8) B RAN DISH

5 Organised persecution is Italian flower girl's first memory (6) PO G ROM

9 Specialist leaves enthusiast to work up massaging technique (7) SHIATSU*(-ENT)

10 Reportedly looks on what windows in severe winter may (3,4) ICE(~eyes) OVER

11 Busybody entertaining a strange guest in gracious gesture (4,5) BE(A)(U GEST*)E

12 Look on deadly finale — so mad! (5) LO ON Y

13 Combat of the French and the Spanish (4) DU EL

14 Royal shifting in small ship is rather large (6,3) P(R)ETTY BIG

17 Animals notoriously quarrelsome (5,4) ALLEY CATS

19 Satisfied, revolutionary sticks (4) SMUG<- (cute!)

23 Take on vagrant (5) ROVER

24 Compatible couples are made for … … (4,5) EACH OTHER (pretty uncharacteristic of Gridman clue!)

25 Brand debt notices as doubtful (7) DUB IOUs

26 Repetition about radio gets prize (7) RO(SET)TE

27 Search for doctor on border (6) DR EDGE

28 Cyberian ID (4,4) USER NAME


1 Meddler in public vehicle: young man close to quarry (8) BUS Y BODY

2 Create a stir with it in a portal (7) A G(IT)ATE

3 Do the young have this type of infatuation? (6) DOTAGE

4 They may be in court to suppress fraudulent activities (6,7) SQUASH RACKETS

6 Stresses admirer with learner going down has say in halting manner (8) (OVERL*)(-L)AYS

7 Head of restaurateurs with one instrument, not entirely used to make a pasta dish (7) R A VIOL(-A) I

8 Long-suffering sort, gentleman is creative at heart (6) M(ARTY)R [nice!]

10 Distinct, readymade credentials (8,5) IDENTITY CARDS

15 Spread over twelve months (8) YEARLONG

16 Cause pain to a good, nearly formidable woman (8) A G GRI(-M) EVE

18 See, five fit and worthy of affection (7) LO V ABLE

20 Mother has concealed cover for a great soul (7) MA(HAT)MA

21 Journalist cycled in, worn down (6) E(RODE)D

22 Instigator initially slips into rake at railhead (6) R{(-L)OUSE}R