Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9972 Wednesday, October 13, 2010


1 A long time to accept nice changes in offices (8) AG(ENCI*)ES

5 Capital Indian intelligence outfit rolled over and observed (6) WAR<-SAW

10 See old Indian coin following bits of special archaeology in tract (7) SAV ANNA

11 Disentangle twins found in a mess in the Union Territory (7) U(NTWIS*)T

12 Frenchman taking primarily isolated place for environment (6) M I LIEU

13 Hint union collapsed over remodelling of den (8) {INNU(END*)O*}

15 An exclamation that a mistake has been made (4) OOPS!

16 Support bets put out as somewhat inferior (6-4) SECOND (BEST)*

18 By which one wages every sixty minutes (6,4) HOURLY RATE

20 Stupefy cranks on their return (4) STUN<-

23 Rest in a relaxed manner after imbibing scheme for surgical procedures (8) {RE(PLAN)TS*}

24 Ramshackle, untried model leaves in a fluster (6) RUINED*(-T)

26 Some capital I announced for one possibly from Milan (7) ITALIAN

27 Not mixing with people (7) ASOCIAL

28 Rubs out and relaxes, holding end of rubber (6) E(R)ASES

29 Down to the last detail, record lady puts ad out (8) MINUTE L(-ad)Y


1 Ties to remote ham need to be sorted out — but not now! (2,4,5,4) AT SOME OTHER TIME*

2 Almost grudge Pole out to get cover (7) ENV(-y)(ELOP*)

3 Protuberant prisoner Victor departed (6) CON V EX

4 Dash from one road leading out of Ireland (4) ELAN

6 Amazes swarms by making way for bandits' leader (8) A(-B)(+ST)OUNDS

7 Well-groomed, Elizabeth goes in for a spin (7) SOIGNEE*

8 Not wasting a single moment (7,3,5) WITHOUT ANY DELAY

9 Changelings film among variety acts (9) TURN(COAT)S

14 Finer Regt. fanning out for rummaging (9) FERRETING*

17 Leave holding a small portion, even if it's minor inconvenience (4,4) FLE(A BIT)E

19 At college, every other pose in the manner of Swedish city (7) (UP)(P)(S)(A LA)

21 Half-scores I have are nerve-racking (7) TENS I'VE

22 Head of University receiving wild kudos all-round for puzzle (6) S(U)DOKU*

25 Garment in which every second of assistants came wrapped diligently (4) S A R I

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9969 Saturday, October 09, 2010


1 British fashion designer holding a drive for part of a circle (8) QU(A DR)ANT

6 Enthusiasm for last letter by each learner (4) Z EA L

9 Catch parent on the move (6) ENTRAP*

10 Choke on bit of boiled vegetable (3,4) (POT HER)B

13 A mere door, perhaps, through which the jet set goes (9) AERODROME*

14 Broadcasting very happily (2,3) ON AIR

15 Cut a cross journalist (4) A X ED

16 It keeps one buoyant (4,6) LIFE JACKET

19 Boy's right! Guess what a young girl may want to flaunt (4,6) T(R)IM FIGURE

21 Turn to Victor, always! (4) V EER

24 Lord Siva's vehicle (5) NANDI

25 Where lightning is said to strike twice (4,5) SAME PLACE

26 Dorian's carried out raids (7) INROADS*

27 Novelist has a point on perfume base (6) N ORRIS

28 Publicity in North America for elemental music in India (4) N(AD)A

29 Not the one to utter an ‘aye' (8) NAYSAYER


2 Weaken some gunner venturesomely (7) UNNERVE

3 Mock eiderdown — not own and worn-out (6) DERIDE*(-OWN)

4 Thinking well of Andhra Pradesh corroborating (9) AP PROVING

5 Home of the brave? (5) TEPEE

7 One might rely on it to save many a sight (3,4) EYE BANK

8 Testing facilities (12) LABORATORIES

11 Involving give-and-take on a kind of street? (3-3) TWO-WAY

12 Be wary of PTA tie Antony established (3,9) PAY ATTENTION*

17 Operative Rae, new one in my accommodation, to get wages (4,5) EAR*N M(ONE)Y

18 Continent where aircraft is hovering without right (6) AFRICA*(-RT)

20 Paid no attention to eroding ground (7) IGNORED*

22 Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) EV(ASIV<-)E

23 Ancient city section in South Africa (6) S(PART)A

25 Poles go around the States for a woman (5) S(USA)N

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9968 Friday, October 08, 2010


1 Posh turnout and reply in business centre (4,7) SHOP* COUNTER

9 Sheds last one gingerly (4-3) LEAN-TOs*

10 Beg Rex to give way for daughter and collapse (7) IMPLO(-R)(+D)E

11 Twin game (5) MATCH

12 Controlling device to be taken by soldier (9) REGULATOR

13 Money for animal (5) RHINO

15 The case for a list of securities held? (9) PORTFOLIO

18 Deceptive statement — fifty per cent of it must be false (4-5) HALF-TRUTH

21 Senseless and cruel not to sing (5) INANE

22 One to lose sleep over anything (9) INSOMNIAC

24 Hundred to save crumbling dens (5) C(AVES*)

26 City boy, entirely (7) TO(RON)TO

27 Workman Tsarina trained (7) ARTISAN*

28 Dwelling of a mathematician? Not exactly! (11) SUMMER HOUSE


1 Sailor spoils hour in Rann of Kutch, maybe (4,5) SALT MARS H

2 Circle section in picture of illusion (2,3) O(P ART)

3 Sort of razor for three players (3-6) CUT-THROAT

4 Puritans leaving one to let go and loosen (7) UNSTRAP*(-I)

5 Smart German launch (7) TRIG GER

6 Fend off the agent giving finishing touches to the deal (5) REP EL

7 Wrong? I will fetch a Mexican dish (8) TORT I'LL A

8 Fellow-listener in panic (4) F EAR

14 Badly going through American alternative that is deceptive (8) ILL US OR Y

16 Responsible fishing practice? Not exactly! (4,5) FAIR CATCH

17 Attitude of respect for revised Seneca bio (9) OBEISANCE*

19 Schoolchildren are all the same in this (7) UNIFORM

20 Cat's wandering in this placea big tract (7) HE(CTA*)RE

22 Spot rise of A B C D E F G H I (4) IOTA

23 Makes breath fresheners (5) MINTS

25 Six quiet about university festival in India (5) VI SH U

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9967 Thursday, October 07, 2010


1 Sen's lute play is unmusical (8) TUNELESS*

5 Must bear without hesitation (6) SHOULD(-ER)

9 In maths, its two sides are the same (8) EQUATION

10 Book journalist with secret listening device — might be an unwelcome hotel visitor (6) B ED BUG

12 Leave me out of some home in London location (4) SO HO

13 Yum! A little preparation in the end (10) ULTIMATELY*

15 Field officer's left base tail (6) FO L LOW

17 Father's guarantee about Latin dance (5) P{O(L)K}A

20 Fellows on radio appearance (5) GUISE (~guys)

21 Los Angeles strike-breaker holding one rope (6) LA R(I)AT

24 Shakeout or reorganisation in east Asian republic (5,5) SOUTH KOREA*

27 Sound reflection by primaries of Erode company's head office (4) E C H O

29 Use former writer to start dialogue (6) EX PEN D

30 Record holder a HUF head in old city (8) DJ A KARTA(-H)

31 Account book showing advantage in two sides (6) L(EDGE)R

32 Mind a yet-to-go-off explosive (8) DYNAMITE*


1 Diminutive youth on the boundaries of Surrey (6) TEEN SY

2 Leader of Naxalites must come to nothing (6) N(OUGHT)

3 Instrument, say, to plunder (4) LUTE (~loot)

4 Grimace and barge on the learner (5) SCOW L

6 Animal desire within the limits of Hazra (5) H(YEN)A

7 University doctor about to put everybody back in shade (8) U MB RE (LLA<-)

8 Take-away for the pet (5-3) DOGGY-BAG

11 A number on a pitcher for the inspector (6) VI EWER

14 Final letter on ultimately fertile area (4) Z ON E

16 See a couple of learners work and idle (6) LO LL OP

17 Scheme to cut the root of an elder, perhaps (4) PLAN(-T)

18 What an omelette-maker will discard (8) EGGSHELL

19 Canine's neighbour? (8) BICUSPID

22 Corfiot no fellow to tremble on duty (6) OCTROI(-F)*

23 Revolutionary on the rise for a period in soup (6) POT<-AGE

25 Away! Fence no fellow to get hot (5) (+H)(-F)ENCE

26 Jone goes round with a bit of yen to have a ball (5) ENJO*(Y)

28 Fine radish woman discarded for lady's fingers (4) OK RA(-DISH)

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9963 Saturday, October 02, 2010


1 Meaningless promise finally by a politician on both sides of the territory (5) E(MP)(TY)

4 For example, it's back up after an artist includes a rare new format (7) AR (R) AN (GE<-)

10 Hold up on the road to seize control (6) HIJACK

11 Offspring in church has a limited friendly role (8) CH {(-F)ILDREN(-Y)*}

13 Stop adult players in action (8) P(A)RALYSE*

14 Popular princess will match the blue shade (6) IN DI GO

16 Observe an owl heartlessly retreating in the hollow tree in front (4) {L(-W)O<-}{O(-A)K} (what a convoluted clue for such a simple word!)

17 One girl is injured in this phase of journey (10) P (I)(LGRI*) M AGE

20 Rebels look at the vile merchant (10) BOOKSELLER*

21 Express regret for the worker holding a duck (4) M(O)AN

24 To shake the bolt attachment of a tent in half (6) NUT A (TE)

26 Forcibly take an American outside on a small hill in astonishment (8) SU<- R PRISE

28 Paying little attention to in organising a party (8) IGNORANT

29 Go, lend a hand briefly at the holy place (6) BETHEL

30 Senior lawyer is in the bank with the royal badge (7) BENCHER

31 Drop the remnants finally to cover a bit of eatables (5) S LID E


2 Chief steward has important work for the doctor (9) MAJOR DO MO

3 Take hold of the pulley (6) TACKLE

5 Extra hut to hide the demon (4) RAHU

6 An ocean can tilt a structure (8) ATLANTIC*

7 Mostly got the rare skin to peel in the city (5) GO(-T) R (-S)KI(-N)

8 Character from the Spanish oratory (6) CHAP EL

9 Popular approach towards money earned (6) IN COME

12 Small bone possibly is close (7) OSSICLE*

15 Inspector General removes the odd pieces from the numerous kinds of rocks (7) IG NEOUS

18 Got rid of the sailor with a regular tool kit in the outhouse (9) AB O L I SHED

19 Secret coteries are in a fix (8) ESOTERIC*

20 Keep out the Democratic leader from an Italian robber (6) BAN D IT

22 Sharp point (6) NEEDLE

23 How's that? (6) APPEAL

25 A trace of a colour (5) TINGE

27 First word in a fairy tale (4) ONCE

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Financial Times Crossword 13,494 By Mudd, September 18, 2010

Dedicated to Shuchi - hope p = 1, k = anything (coincidentally, my initials)!

(Scroll down for Hindu Crossword 9960)


1   RETIRE  
12 ->BOOB<-
13 (IN)S(I)S(T)ENCE*
26 RIGA [T]
29 TRIP (-C)OLI(-N)


2   (T)RILOB(IT)E*
3   RARE
5   POSE (IDON*)
7   EL(G)IN<-
19 (SO YA)(M ILK)
27 DIVA<-

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9960 Wednesday, September 29, 2010


1 It maintains temperature in a storm that rages around the east (10) TH(E)RMOSTAT*

7 Old place in the South-east, no doubt about it (4) S(UR)E

9 A crane collapsing is difficult to understand (6) ARCANE*

10 Look back in exotic Venice and see use of force (8) VI(OL<-)ENCE*

11 It tells you how far you have gone (8) ODOMETER

12 Leaving out hint of rhetoric in a passage from the book (6) EXCE(-R)PT

13 Break in a ritual covering telepathy (7) R(ESP)ITE

16 Would a goat ail, however, from this pain? (7) OTALGIA*

17 Kind of writing as may be left by a spinner? (7) SPIDERY

19 Show disrespect for admirer beginning to exasperate (7) PRO FAN E

22 Greeting one with a sausage (6) SALAM I

23 Needy policeman figuring in an order (8) IND(IG)ENT

26 Suspicion about a girl's property arrangement (8) DI'S TRUST

27 One of those preferred by gentlemen? (6) BLONDE

28 Old author revealed in a spring evening (4) INGE

29 She saw what happened! (10) EYEWITNESS


2 Such help needs to be paid for (5) HIRED

3 A pro mad about a travellers' guide (4,3) ROAD MAP*

4 Love, green, is not hidden (5) O VERT

5 Make a statement in a southern state about a public house (6) T(AVER)N

6 Vehicle built by a swotter with energy (3-6) TWO-SEAT(E)R*

7 Design for a kind of gun insurers rejected (7) STEN CIL<-

8 Welcome do (9) RECEPTION

14 Atonement by former detective followed by performance without a trace of conscience (9) EX PI A(-C)TION

15 True pundit, nameless, troubled by depravity (9) TURPITUDE(-N)*

18 One conscripted, a floater in a river (7) D(RRAFT)EE

20 It provides a warning to ships in low visibility (7) FOGHORN

21 What necessity may be turned into (6) VIRTUE

24 State what sounds like an entreaty to shoppers (5) DU BAI (~ do buy)

25 Lumps formed by electrodes with top removed (5) (-A)NODES

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9959 Tuesday, September 28, 2010


1 In company, male, very emotional, is inclined to pity (13) CO M PASSIONATE

10 Sweet smell of a grain in the land of perfumes (9) FR(A GR)ANCE

11 Seductive women against accepting current measure (5) V(AMP)S

12 Flier lacking top growth in America? (5) (-BALD) EAGLE

13 See you later....! (9) ... ALLIGATOR!

14 Become fashionable, go to bed (4,2) TURN IN

16 Semiprecious stone is a barrier (5) A GATE

19 Unhealthily thin creature, a bit glum, bends back (5) SCRA<-G

20 Very large number starting descent into port (6) OS TEN D

25 Fliers use it to make a change about duration (9) AL(TIME)TER

26 Old official seen here before evening (5) REEVE

27 Cause of trouble — a soprano in treatment (5) CUR(S)E

28 He introduces new ideas when, in the hostelry, eggs rot somehow (9) INN OVA (TOR*)

29 See the church cat go crazy for some food (7,6) COTTAGE (C)HEES(E)*
2 In the outskirts of Ooty, forest official finds a greenhouse (8) O(RANGER)Y

3 It holds rupees perhaps, with a bit taken off (5) PURSE(-E)*

4 Browning on exposure to big star (6) SUN TAN

5 Beliefs that the French yogi, on demand, spells out (8) I{(D)E(O)L}OGY*

6 The worth of stock that one computer magnate manages to sail with (9) NAV I GATES

7 Entices casual worker with hollow truths (6) TEMP TS

8 There has to be a cause for it (6) EFFECT

9 Take over by force when you surprise one inside (5) USURP

15 Trendy as well as corrupt, he holds the post (9) IN CUM BENT (nice!)

17 Wielding the willow, getting in fifty and fighting (8) BATT(L)ING

18 Notes about ten different reminders of the past (8) MEM(ENT*)OS

21 “If your morals make you __, depend on it, they are wrong” (R.L.Stevenson (6) DREARY

22 Music of the month (5) MARCH

23 In which one hears more than one speaker (6) STEREO (cute!)

24 Aiming at peace can inspire niceness to an extent (6) IRENIC

26 Light entertainment is always backed around university (5) REV(U)E<-

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9958 Monday, September 27, 2010


1 Boat race for a great time in the making! (7) (REGAT*) T A

5 Term promissory notes as open to doubt (7) DUB IOUs

9 A friend, a means of going up on board ship (9,6) COMPANION LADDER

10 What is accepted in a trendy scene shot in one go (6) IN TAKE

11 It goes to prove guilt — or innocence (8) EVIDENCE

13 Bons vivants sure to scamper after a long story (8) EPIC (URES*)

15 Lodging for worker, outwardly modest (6) SH(ANT)Y

18 They are needed to ensure production (6) INPUT

19 Garment worn by people who provoke after a time (8) T ROUSERS

22 The measure of a jester's hat (5,3) FOOL'S CAP

24 Good man, free, strays to rot away (6) FE(ST)ER*

27 Important part of airport? True, large, done up afresh (9,6) DEPARTURE LOUNGE*

28 On European soil our destinations include this place of pilgrimage (7) LOURDES
29 Measure of disorder in funny new poetry (7) E(N)TROPY*


1 Lean back and find a place of learning on track (7) REC LINE

2 Range displayed by Greek character immersed in a bit of music (5) G {A(M)UT}

3 Athletes' wear shows marks left by clubs, say (9) TRACK SUIT

4 The central part of an alliance (4) AXIS

5 Starting afresh from Latin (2,4) DE NOVO

6 To come down to earth after end of climb is boring (5) B(LAND) (cute!)

7 Order for weapons to protect capital of Italy (9) ORD(I)NANCE

8 Pitifully bad to involve chief engineer in black magic (7) SOR(CE)RY

12 To seek charity is a bad beginning, say (3) BEG

14 Spontaneous in saying one's on time, for all to see (9) I'M PROMPT U

16 A dwelling that hobo's auntie, dropping in, violated (9) HOUSEBOAT*(-IN)

17 Mineral with monetary value in Norway (3) ORE

18 A non-believer in life, daughter reformed (7) INFI(D)EL*

20 The knife treatment (7) SURGERY

21 Principles of a suave Liberal translated (6) VA(L)UES*

23 A tiny piece of something right in the outhouse (5) SH(R)ED

25 Brown to leave for a dance (5) TAN GO

26 Give up a part of your space de facto (4) CEDE

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9957 Saturday, September 25, 2010


1 Document about important organ is handed over (9) DE(LIVER)ED

5 Dictator loses direction where buses are kept (5) DE(-S)POT

8 Members vying with each other — for destructive power (4,4) ARMS RACE

9 Chicken in the making, say (6) EMBRYO

11 Close to the davit, aperture that holds the oar (5) THOLE

12 In a sentence, it may mean reduction (9) REMISSION

13 Preserve a way with a misleading fabrication (6) CAN A RD

14 Male voice that may cut out one strange note (8) BAR I (TONE*)

16 Would a team yearn for such a glance? (8) SIDE LONG

18 Visible feature in a spectacle (6) ASPECT

22 A French editor catches stable boy for not being smartly turned out (9) UN GROOM ED

23 Motivate member wearing garland wrong way round (5) I(MP)EL<-

24 Set of people, including wife, become mature (4,2) {GRO(W) UP}

25 A growth right by a racecourse (4-4) R(AIN TREE)

26 Old German ship with men of French build (5) EM(DE)N*

27 Dish for cooking cereals, outsize (9) CAS(S)ER(O)LE*


1 Playing cards? It can be rigorous (7) DRAS(TI)C*

2 Satire provides light on love being hidden (7) LAMP (O) ON

3 A spineless one lacks it (9,6) VERTEBRAL COLUMN

4 What often gets broken in sport (6) RECORD

5 The subject for ‘daily study'! (8,7) DOMESTIC SCIENCE

6 Riot cop stumbles at entrance to building (7) PORTICO*

7 Severely beat as would a heartless teacher with a cat (7) TR OUNCE

10 Mother gets name in capital (5) AMMA N

15 Little old man missing second in full DNA sequence (5) G(-E)NOME

16 Evade duty perhaps (7) SMUGGLE

17 Comic character whom a good wife and daughter upset (7) D A G(W)OOD*

19 Grass found in the Pyrenees part of Spain (7) ES PART O

20 Flammable liquid with a funny blue tone, no black in it (7) TOLUENE(-B)*

21 Notions about dawn of love become standards of perfection (6) IDEA(L)S

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9956 Friday, September 24, 2010


1 Sworn statement by confused diva caught in a c'convulsion (9) A (F'FI(DAVI*)T

5 A craze with bridge players gradually disappears (5) FAD E S

8 American author who would send letters (6) MAILER

9 Great agitation for those who follow postal code (8) TAILS PIN
11 A sound comeback? (4) ECHO

12 Good, masterful steering needed in ocean current (4,6) G(ULF STREAM*)

14 A warning from the ticker! (5) ALARM

15 Leader liable to be held by murderer (7) C(APT)AIN

16 Creature, part worker, part big cat (7) ANT LION

17 Girl, bit of a siren at large (5) IRENA

19 A sound system of diagnosis (10) SONOGRAPHY

20 Stake reversed on mount (4) ETNA<-

22 Can a boil be cured by this kind of hormone? (8) ANABOLIC*

23 Engineer seized and observed (6) BE HELD

24 Alien artist bearing a cross in a run (5) E(X)T RA

25 Dividend for the one in half, say (9) NUMERATOR


1 Fighting forces get a sign to go around top of mountain (6) AR(M)IES

2 Escape? Go with worker, one serving travellers (6,9) FLIGHT ATTEND(ANT)

3 Rajan and Sajan Misra in action (4) DUET

4 But it may still work when vehicle movement is not heavy (7,5) TRAFFIC LIGHT

5 For a writing instrument, bend, flatten pipe, take out article (4-3,3) FELT-TIP PEN(-A)*

6 A home in which to relax? Patent dump, spruced up! (6,9) DUPLEX APARTMENT*

7 Beware, he may throw dust in your eyes (7) SANDMAN

10 Increase in the amount of guano, it meant trouble (12) AUGMENTATION*

13 Used in cookery by a bachelor ruler, preparing dosa (6,4) BA KING (SODA*)

16 Reduce the suffering of a wise one going around America the wrong way (7) A S(SU<-)AGE

18 Place to keep foodFrench and German articles – around top of refrigerator (6) LA (R) DER

21 Costly pet (4) DEAR

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9955 Thursday, September 23, 2010


1 String of wordsnot involving a rigorous stretch? (6,8) SIMPLE SENTENCE

8 One needing oxygen for the energy to cure the English bore beginning to extemporise (6) A E (ROBE*)

9 Officer and worker accept award from resident (8) OC (CUP) ANT

11 Should a voter care, however, to show an exaggerated response? (9) OVERREACT*

12 Food carried by cautious US hikers (5) SUSHI

13 Journalist, outwardly more than satisfied, is put to sleep (7) S(ED)ATED

15 Imitate and try to match a bird tardily (7) EMU LATE

17 The aloofness of a stand-by (7) RESERVE

19 Courageous, like Manekshaw perhaps (7) BAHADUR

21 If damp, it will be a disappointment (5) SQUIB

23 Draw attention to superior brightness (9) HIGH LIGHT

25 Expound notes by writer (8) D E SCRIBE

26 Position assumed when girl is ousted from intervening space (6) (-DI)STANCE

27 The Marx Brothers at Mahalaxmi! (1,3,2,3,5) A DAY AT THE RACES


1 Areas of darkness created by a daughter in public displays (7) SH(A D)OW

2 Regret dropping note in a sort of code (5) (-RE)MORSE

3 A Simon Bolivar in orbit: real funny (9) LIBERATOR*

4 It could be black in a formal dinner (7) NECKTIE

5 Ladies' bags to suit English design (5) E(TUIS*)

6 Where clothes may go hang (4,5) COAT STAND

7 Workers' protest, a hit (6) STRIKE

10 Poet reportedly not admitted (4) BARD (~barred)

14 Deliberately concealed, or did I guess wrong? (9) DISGUISED*

16 To pad furniture hurts Pole badly (9) UPHOLSTER*

17 Stay and get note on team (6) RE SIDE

18 Public display of a piece of evidence (7) EXHIBIT

19 Sacks for silver in the outskirts of Bahamas (4) B(AG)S

20 Contemptible people get time in rebuilt resort (7) ROT(T)ERS*

22 Rather foolish to leave weapon in empty buggy (5) B(ARM)Y

24 Information one beginning to comprehend relating to a factor in heredity (5) GEN I C

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9954 Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 Guesses players on the field? (8,7) BALLPARK FIGURES

10 Detectives in an excited tussle put in hospital (7) SLEUT(H)S*

11 Ghost's description given time and again (7) SPEC T RE

12 Tony gets student's aid (4) HE(L)P

13 Many model homes have eastern exit and entrance (9) T HOUS(-E)(+AND)S

15 Retort right after one is taken in by the English (7) R (I) POST E

17 Fruit mousse with nothing brown on top (7) TAN GEL O

19 Cross limit often pointlessly for a theme (9) LEITMOTIF(-N)*

21 Clean without water (4) NEAT

24 Compound interest perhaps, return of money comes first (7) NIT<-RATE

25 Seaman I revive from memory loss (7) AMNESIA*

26 Tottenham's best player right now is unprepared (4,2,3,6) SPUR OF THE MOMENT


1 Big honour to get second Emmy at the start (5) OBE S E

2 Shear sheep to pull the wool over one's eyes (6) FLEECE

3 Unusually happiest memories that are set in stone (8) EPITAPHS*

4 Go over to the other side, to religious symbol and article with St. (5,3,6) CROSS THE STREET

5 Rues beheading birds (6) (-R)EGRETS

6 Charade about time and money going around (8) P RE TENSE

7 One who expresses surprise with number one's comeback on parting grand slam (9) ASPERS(I ON<-)

9 One who is uncomfortable, who fears outfit that is shady (4,3,2,5) FISH OUT OF WATER

14 Doctor on round taking one out of malady with wit (9) DR O (-I)LLNESS

16 Input rot, ridiculous output (8) PRINTOUT*

18 Sister's bringing one in midday with fracture that won't heal (8) NO(NUN I)ON

20 Notice animal sound outside a hayfield (6) ME(AD)OW

22 A new promise to bring out a solution (6) A N SWE(-A)R

23 Place it within the common class (5) CASTE

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9953 Tuesday, September 21, 2010


1 Hold a tailless grouse (4) GRIP(-E)

3 Casablanca's English seat of power? (5,5) WHITE HOUSE

9 Excitement initially lacking in party (7) (-C)AROUSAL

11 Element's acceptable as a substitute for carbon in the skull (7) (-C)(+U)RANIUM

12 That padre got drunk at an unsafe place (9) DEATHTRAP*

13 Couple adopts a writer (5) TW(A)IN

14 Reveal chest containing gold for officer (3,9) AIR COMMOD(OR)E

18 Incumbent government lost a developed state (5,7) UTTAR PRADESH

21 Leaders from America said absolutely nothing about this position (5) A S A N A

22 Damn it! Opening batsman's nervous before playing a game (9) B (ADMINT*) ON

24 Officer sounded belligerent (7) MARSHAL (~MARTIAL)

25 Conclude that cancer may be inactive (4,3) SIGN OFF

26 Bump off suitor taken inside for a bit of necking (10) PR(OTRUSI*)O N

27 Not married — like 11 and others (2,2) (-M) ET AL (nice!)


1 Relative's excellent lawyer died (8) GRAND DA D

2 Working adroitly for admiration (8) IDOLATRY*

4 Perhaps Captain Ahab lost weight to become fitter (5) (-W)HALER

5 Baseless to blast fool — totally baseless (7-2) TRUMP (ED UP*)

6 Earth may be moving (13) (HEART*)BREAKING

7 John said you are not starting last (6) U R INA L

8 Queen's stock of fur (6) ER MINE

10 Either master or mistress prepares chocolates with her (13) SCHOOLTEACHER

15 Spooner's hit the shopping centres for non-veg. koftas (9) MEAT BALLS (~BEAT MALLS)

16 Place to defeat a swimmer (3,5) (SEA T) ROUT

17 Pleased that husband's in American prison? Not quite right! (8) T(H)ANK FUL(-L)

19 Prepare to become more animated (4-2) WARM-UP

20 Waves or bangs on the head? (6) HAIRDO

23 No ideal location for club (5) DISCO

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9952 Monday, September 20, 2010



1 Left stranded? Back off, go down to the left, followed by right, left, left, left (6) BARREN? (BARRED?)

4 Saint going around in an old Indian kingdom (8) NI<-CHOLAS

10 Draft study plan (9) CON SCRIPT

11 The seven sisters from India escape a famine incited by criminals (5) MAFIA(-ne)*

12 Tired – having lost right at the beginning (4) D(-R)AWN

13 Nothing to write about infiltrating cult – It's known to all (4,6) O PEN SEC(RE)T

15 We transfer electronic bits to use this! (7) WE (BSIT*) E

16 Work without pressure, like a professional (6) EX PERT

19 Lovers of the Italian geneticist (6) MEN DE L

21 Extravagant country of the Turkish dynasty (7) OTTOMAN

23 Perhaps, someone like Lenin would excitedly solve this brainteaser at first (10) B(OLSHEVIST*)

25 Landmass has dissolved? Nothing odd about it (4) I S L E

27 Playboy's finally marrying a cheat (5) RO(G)UE

28 Abuse Charlie in annex (9) ADDI(C)TION

29 Good leader's shaggy dog (8) AI (REDALE*)

30 Disheartened Tennyson composed this poem (6) SONNET(-ny)*


1 Withdraw as student's left black and blue (4,4) B(-L)ACK DOWN

2 Soldiers revolutionary uprising in island is something that can be recreated (9) RENEWABLE

3 Deal with a particular type of person (4) EACH

5 Great selection of print ensemble (7) INTENSE

6 Latin man's method has cut short time for a doctor (10) HOMO EO(-n) PATH

7 Being king, he may be in prison for a long time (5) LIFE R

8 Fight with army in a Greek city (6) SPAR TA

9 Bohemian joint that's conserving power (6) HIP (P) IE

14 What a driver may face when his swindle's unravelled (10) WINDSHIELD

17 Forgiveness of sin is more treacherous (9) REMISSION

18 Trainee starts to enjoy this surfers' paradise (8) INTERN E T

20 Message for world peace at the start of a tennis game? (4-3) LOVE-ALL

21 Playing eleven can score a goal from this position (6) ONSIDE

22 Russian region's not south of the European peninsula (6) (-S)IBERIA

24 A winter sport athlete's pistol (5) LUGER

26 Sophocles regularly wrote about this nymph (4) E C H O<-

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9951 Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quite an easy one by Neyartha's standards ...........................


1 Witty doctor indulges voter (6-7) SILVER-TONGUED* (nice!)

9 Vendor's distinguishing symbol around the golf ball holder (9) MARKE(TEE)R

10 Herald conservative replacement for Bishop Rose (5) CRIER

11 Executioner with Indian intoxicant needs no introduction to the staff (7) (-B)HANG MAN

13 Days marked by peace and prosperity, for example (7) HALCYON

14 Revolution brought to notice by Mark on the radio (5) WHEEL (~WEAL)

15 Larders in Florida missing colourful insects (9) BUTTER(-FL)IES

17 Display of purls done in new fashion (9) SPLENDOUR*

18 Dissatisfied? Dispute date advancement softly (3,2) (FED U*)P

20 Element of revolutionary advantage with hospital adjoining old town (7) SULP<- H UR

22 Master starting ocean cruise with the company of a North African wind (7) SIR OC CO

23 Support for artist reduced by the Liberal taking over from the Democrat (5) EASE(-D)(+L)

24 One trained in a scientific field makes this spicy concoction (9) PHYSICIST*

26 Book of tables prepared by accountant (5,8) READY RECKONER


1 Courts overturn besieging of border retreat against all odds (7) SO(MEH<-)OW<-

2 75 per cent of the organ-gallery accommodated items related to the windpipe (9) LARYNGEAL*(-ORG)

3 First lady (3) EVE

4 Promotional ploy making an appearance during the sortieing (3-2) TIE-IN

5 Short rant about Polaris (5,4) NORTH STAR*

6 Everyone admitted to unforced error being needless (8-3) UNC(ALL)ED-FOR*

7 Lifted gloomy imprisoned single with unknown flower (5) DA(I)S<-Y

8 Software Nash provided for the domains (6) ARENAS

12 Style of bodice in Massachusetts leading to extreme depression (11) M(ELAN)(CHOLI)A {no indicator for Indian bodice?}

15 Life story's list of references lacked blog link identifiers initially (9) BI(-BLI)OGRAPHY

16 Bring in charged particle to create this electrical phenomenon (9) INDUCT ION

17 A convent member's relative (6) SISTER

19 Student enlisted by Harry of Hogwarts to find the cabalist (7) P(L)OTTER

21 Cutting tool with bridge player confiscated by upset official (5) LA(S)ER

22 Kind expression (5) STYLE

25 Caught including abbreviated sign (3) INK

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9853 Thursday, May 27, 2010


1 Agree about its being in keeping (10) CONS(IST*)ENT

6 Church in charge appears to have style (4) CH I C

9 Personal end achieved last month with no difficulty (7) DEC EASE

10 Calling for minis — so adaptable (7) MISSION*

12 For the animal, the tide's being out made it easier (8) ASS (ISTED*)

13 Stay in Lincoln — I would (5) AB(I'D)E

15 English to land in South Africa for an antelope (5) E LAND

17 No odd vocal part can be preserved by keeping things unruffled (4,5) EVEN TENOR

19 Action to be taken about land taken away (9) DE(TRACT)ED

21 Old continental gold coin (5) DUCAT

23 Domestic cover needed at some stages (5) APRON

24 I'm sorry father is against modern innovations (6,2) PA(RDON ME*)

27 Buy for and mop up the tear the tot shed (5,2) TREAT TO*

28 Loves catching the train to go off to somewhere overseas (7) O(NTARI*)O

29 You may be hurt if you look for her (4) RUTH*

30 Where Moses learnt his tables (5,5) MOUNT SINAI


1 Olympic runner about died — trying to break it perhaps (4) CO(D)E

2 Capital I invested in building casino (7) NICOS(I)A*

3 I raised another question initially with one Middle Easterner (5) I R A Q I

4 Behaviour to a patient (9) TREATMENT

5 Traveller with Damon in trouble (5) NOMAD*

7 Creolised language spoken in former French colony (7) HAITIAN

8 Study a secret arrangement to sanctify a place, maybe (10) CON(SECRATE*)

11 Heavenly body that Ted was surprised to see (7) STAR TED

14 He has to replan terms ahead (10) HEADMASTER*

16 Systematic police search for a criminal (7) DRAGNET

18 Duck landed for cover (9) EIDER DOWN

20 Rubbish thrown up and torn in a rush (7) TOR<-RENT

22 Easy to recognize him as he arrived with Ron (7) CAME RON

24 Shot warm-hearted to visionary tourist (5) P(HOT)O

25 Place hats in ring in making truth statements (5) O(ATHS*)

26 Desert American serviceman died in (4) G(OB)I

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9852 Wednesday, May 26, 2010


1 A slip one is too unconcerned over (8,5) CARELESS LAPSE

8 A man second to none in peace or war (7) SUPREMO

9 Dastard in song in pastoral Greece (7) AR(CAD)IA

11 Zero assessed, held forth from platform (6) O RATED

13 Down and out — overcome with exhaustion (4,4) DEAD BEAT

15 A barbed fork to catch fish (5) SPEAR

16 They let you see the garden sprinklers (7) SHOW ERS

18 Packer put me in to partner Close? (7) SARDINE

19 Chap to leave tropical fruit? (5) MAN GO

21 Dealing with someone who is patient? (8) TREATING

23 Secret preserve in revolutionary era (6) AR(CAN)E<-

25 Reprimand means one has to make the case again (7) REPROVE

26 Swimmer with a deep voice? (3,4) SEA BASS

28 Go overseas (5,3,5) CROSS THE OCEAN


2 Satisfy with a couple of coins to achieve peace and quiet (7) A(PP)EASE

3 She always has the right to disappear (3) EVE(-R)

4 Love God of the Greek but Cupid for the Romans (4) EROS

5 Less than life size mannequin? (5,5) SCALE MODEL

6 Car of the French crashed by discharge of electricity across terminals (5) ARC*ED<-

7 Becomes sorrowful as the advertisements end uneasily on Saturday (7) (SAD*)(DEN*)S

8 Backward lad describes symptom of a nearly flat battery (4,7) SLOW STARTER

10 Their theories are formulated on more stars (11) ASTRONOMERS*

12 Fault causing failure of computer programme (5) ERROR

14 Taming Ness monstrosity as a task to be done (10) ASSIGNMENT*

17 A mere turn to left may find him (5) E(L)MER*

18 Support for railway rails (7) SLEEPER

20 A river once more going up and down (7) NIAGARA

22 Lost ring used for working instruments (5) TO(O)LS

24 Sea that lies around a small land area (4) ISLE*

27 Curve of a circle (3) ARC

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9851 Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Way to go M. Manna ...........................


1 A company unreasonably circumscribed by design (7) PLA(TOO)N

5 Vocal disapproval from Tom or Kitty (7) CAT CALL

10 Tyrant was fortunately posted abroad (6) DESPOT*

11 Rush off from the violent youngster (8) TEAR AWAY

12 Animal demolished the fibre of the abaca plant (6) MANILA*

13 Country achieving equality in a pronounced way (8) THAILAND

14 Attended, getting the two ten out (4,2) WENT TO*

15 Hot move by sailors to make points (6) THO*(RN)S

18 It may assist the arrest of bleeding (6) STASIS*

20 A sailor is given a mark (6) TAR GET

23 The rat taking a delivery scoffed (8) A (POST) ATE

25 Tries a form of literary persiflage (6) SATIRE*

26 The container, a tin, tries to open (8) CAN(ISTER*)

27 To rush about the Home Counties can be a problem (6) T R A LEE?

28 Hanging makes little impression on writer (7) PEN DENT

29 Rent-a-party storm (7) TORN A DO


2 Make room to manoeuvre (6) LEEWAY

3 Will they entertain on only the best ships? (3,6) TOP SIDERS

4 Survive to the tenth wicket perhaps (7) OUT LAST

6 A hold-up a worker finds very hard (7) A DAM ANT

7 Method of progress that is faster in water than on land (5) CRAWL

8 Discovering that a listing is about right (8) LEA(R)NING

9 Modern painting's condition (5,2,3,3) STATE OF THE ART

16 Prepare excessively for performance of extra coach (9) OVER TRAIN

17 Sorting post, a boy can cause a hold-up (8) STOP*PAGE

19 Extremely tough fight to get a bronze (7) SPAR TAN

21 Teacher turning up with man leaving seat for food (7) RIS<-OTTO(-man)

22 "A companion of the devil” is about right (6) F(R)IEND

24 Watched to collect information (5) SPIED