Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9515 Friday, April 24, 2009

If only he had put his usual starred (*) clues disclaimer ............. but then it wouldn't have been so much fun! I know he didn't need to as he has provided the def. Great clues all around ........


1 Railway employees sees distance to winding stream and takes time out (10) YARD(MASTER*)

6 Are these open in Munich during Oktoberfest (4) BARS

10 Dance, boxer, dance! (9) KATHAK ALI

11 Show tension (5) DRAMA

12 Old African leader puts his allies at ease somehow by relieving volunteers (5,8) HAILE SELASSIE*

14 Smirks when model takes out the North American breakfast dish (5) GRI(-T)(N)S

15 Peter out to embrace the bitter revolutionary on the ground (9) PRE(DICA<-)TE

17 The debate participant is not eating properly (9) NEGOTIANT*

21 Spice made from clipped trefoil (5) CLOVE(-R)

22 The dance at Amarnath Bay is outlandish (13) BHARATANATYAM*

24 Article lamented reported covert comment (5) ASIDE

25 Change direction (5,4) ABOUT TURN

26 Some pursue training to get fat (4) SUET

27 Frenchman surrounded at dangerous altitudes gets provoked (10) STI(M)ULATED


1 Dance with the oxen and the witch is in the anecdotes collection (10) YAKSHAGANA

2 Stirring up the pot that contains brewed tea for selling (9) R(ETA)ILING

3 The oarsmen turn into cybabies (7) MOANERS*

4 Disturbance results when you eat and digest fish (5-2) S(HAKE)-UP

5 Radium found in Oriental clock sent back to Dubai (7) {EMI(RA)T<-}E

7 Swiftly announce raise for the champion (5) AP<-ACE

8 Flat block gets letters from Khosla Builders (4) SLAB

9 Cricket team skirting the ship’s party turns up at the dance (6) ODI SS I

13 With a limited time in private, cook indeed has to be purposeful (10) DE(TERM)INED

16 Newspaper columnist to torture relative (5,4) AGONY AUNT

18 Investigator climbs up farm vehicle with hesitation (6) (TRAC<-)ER

19 Old gem set (7) ADAMANT

20 Discuss reversal notice inside small restaurant (7) {T(EAR)OOM<-}

21 No iodine in the athletic doctor’s personal possession (7) CHATTEL(-I)*

22 Outside tech graduate begins education in Greek with light coffee (5) B(E I G)E

23 Goes off course as power is usurped by unknown hands (4) Y{A(W)S}


Ganesh T S said...

6 Are these open in Munich during Oktoberfest (4) TAPS [CD]

Maybe the starred clues are slated for tomorrow!

anokha said...

Thanks, Ganesh - 'TAPS' does seem to fit better!

Yeah, bracing for the 'starred clues' - should be fun!