Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9511 Monday, April 20, 2009

27ac is nice, if correct! Typo in 30ac - should be 'tried' instead of 'tries.'


1 In support of motorised farming apparently, albeit muscular too (10) PRO TRACTOR

6 Boy goes out for a contest (4) B OUT

9 Craftsman who developed a strain (7) ARTISAN*

10 Daughter is still to arrange the flow gently, in drops (7) D IS TILL

12 Splendour of ancient city (8) GRANDE UR

13 British den made out for former PM (5) B LAIR

15 Many hope about time fixed is for a great event (5) EPO(C)H

17 Blast! Mother has people coming (9) DAMNATION

19 Rulers needing a spell of bowling at a famous cricket ground (9) OVER LORDS

21 They make up a large base of alcohol (5) ETHY L

23 Draw about a hundred in cash (5) LU(C)RE

24 In surroundings of stress I had a crash (8) ACC(ID)ENT

27 Profile of Conservative leader visiting constituencies? (7) COUNTOR? (Anagram of C ON TOUR ~ Profile. COUNTOR is a P LEADER. CONTOUR as it is, doesn't fit because of 16dn & 20dn)

28 Stalemate produced by admission of obsolescence (7) I M PASSE

29 Separate structure for storing (4) SHED

30 Repeatedly went over a tree — tries to shape it (10) REITERATED* (tries should be tried)


1 Scheme to accomplish a purpose (4) PLAN

2 Lake province (7) ONTARIO

3 Pine extract engineer found over the wilderness (5) RESIN

4 Study an offer made by a competitor (9) CON TENDER

5 Make regular request (5) ORDER

7 Folding sheets, Japanese fashion (7) ORIGAMI

8 Patiently allot entry form (10) TOLERANTLY*

11 Deny a new table for us (7) SUBLATE*

14 Calls to mind soldiers’ prayers (10) RECOLLECT S

16 Most perfect in a moral sense (7) HOLIEST

18 Willing sufferer the scholar — to his cost maybe (9) MA (SOCHIST*)

20 Shut out crazy old English duel (7) EX C LUDE

22 Mobile device not attached to fixed holder (7) HAND SET

24 Eager to get on together (5) AGREE*

25 Disguised as quite pure — to trick others (5) D UPER

26 The French nowadays show the way by going first (4) LE AD


nachiketa said...

Can you please provide explanations for

(i) 12ac-I know UR is an ancient city, but where does Grande come from?

(ii)17 ac- MA + Nation? Where does D come from?

(iv) 14d-??

(v)What is English doing in 20d and where did 'D' come from in 25d?

(vi)Where did the extra 'S' go in 10ac?

Also, can you please respond to my requests for the previous crossword? Posted in previous comment section. Thanks.

nachiketa said...

Though I got the answers to 12ac, 17ac,3d and 14d-I couldn't quite figure out why!Just went on a hunch.

anokha said...

As I have been mentioning along with others, clues of this compiler are not that clear cut .....

i) you get GRAND and UR and solve
ii) DAM + NATION - look up DAM in dictionary, one of the meanings is mother
iii) RE for engineers and SIN is a place of wilderness
iv)RE for soldiers and COLLECT for prayer as in collect your thoughts as you do during a prayer
v) see main comment above
vi)see main comment above

Didn't see your comments yesterday in the previous post - have posted answers there.

nachiketa said...

Thank you so much.Really appreciate the follow up.But just a couple of niggling doubts.

Is RE for engineers and soldiers a standard?

Also,where does GRAND come from in 10ac? I thought 'Splendour' means grandeur, so grand had to come from some place else.Or does grand also mean ancient?

anokha said...

ER denotes engineers as DR does doctors. RE is for Royal Engineers i.e., engineers in the British army.

Grand -> Grandiose -> Splendour so it is inferred!