Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9509 Friday, April 17, 2009

Easy one today ...................


 1 Notedly more eccentric member of the band (7) D RUMMER

 5 Initial electric lantern may be everlasting (7) ETERNAL

10 Be of service (6) ASSIST

11 Rebuke salesman for taking fish (8) REP ROACH

12 Certain to get up to chase (6) PU<-(RSUE)

13 Goods put into containers (8) PACKAGES

14 Use proper road to traverse on courses (6) R (O)U(T)ES

15 Lee is left out — that’s not right for him (6) LE{S(L)I}E

18 Go back and give in again (6) RE CEDE

20 Newspaperman got some credit originally (6) EDITOR

23 Foreign aristocracy exploding grenades (8) GRANDEES*

25 Plan to have a purpose (6) INTEND

26 Cheat a servile dependant to get control (8) DO MINION

27 Impart changes with hollow result (6) ARMPIT*

28 Shatters violently and creates a quiet mess (7) SM(A SH)ES

29 A repairman going round a winding course (7)ME(A)NDER


 2 Free to secure the injured (6) RESCUE*

 3 Change dominates this part of Kent (9) MAIDSTONE*

 4 Plead for net rate to be reviewed (7) ENTREAT*

 6 Optical illusion that is currently popular (7) TOPICAL*

 7 Woman soldiers taking a carrier in (5) R(HOD)A

 8 A couple of hundred possibly tried to get commission (8) A C C (REDIT)*

 9 Attractive way of prematurely acquiring proprietorial rights (13) PRE POSSESSING

16 By temperament he is given to playing game (9) SPORTSMAN

17 To her, appear to be hiding one object of value (8) HE(I)R LOOM

19 Write a song of mourning (7) ELEGISE

21 Impersonate (7) IMITATE

22 Conforming to being properly dressed (2,4) IN LINE

24 Hard-bitten things? (5) NAILS


Chaturvasi said...
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Chaturvasi said...

12 Certain to get up to chase (6) PU<-(RSUE)I cannot accept this as a solver's answer but only as the compiler's intended answer.
The problem with our compiler is that usually some clues in their puzzle are brilliant and some like the one above just go tottering and would be easily trashed in any amateur clue-writing competition, leave alone finding publication in any paper.
We know the definition is 'chase'. But what is the wordplay?
Is this a charade or an anagram or an anagram cum charade?
Anagram? Maybe. But it is a concealed anag. We have to first get SURE (ignoring words like firm, real, true - all of admissible lengths), add UP. OK. But where is the anag. signal?
(to be continued)

Chaturvasi said...

I would substitute SURE (or maybe any of the other suggestions I made above, if I am solving this cold) and add UP (here I needn't do any work, the compiler is gracious enough to offer it on a platter and I don't care that it's not silver) and end up with SUREUP.
(to be continued)

Chaturvasi said...

So the clue falls flat as a charade or as a concealed anagram.
As a charade clue, there is no word order.
As a concealed anagram, it has no anagrind whatever.
Other criticisms may be made of this crossword but I shall not go into them.

anokha said...

Completely in agreement with you on all the points, Vasi Sir! I can see the difference between the quality of the clues here as compared to the ones given in Observer Everyman and Economic Times. They are all intelligently crafted without any redundant word.