Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9502 Thursday, April 09, 2009


1 Old cart for member of a U.S. party (8) DEMO CRAT

5 Rob and Eli together refitted pot for stewing (6) BOILER

9 Between which a scared cur may tuck its tail (4,4) HIND LEGS

10 Not completing the ride in one beachwear (6) BIK(-E) IN I

12 Gadding about without showing impudence and without noise is a Russian (4) IVAN

13 Cleaned lip by fits and starts with substance a writer has (6,4) PENCIL LEAD*

15 What one has to pay to confine new ruler (6) PRI(N)CE

17 Silly things to look back within the boundaries of grange (5) G(EES<-)E

20 Nice boss abandons Hobson’s choice to produce illicit liquor (5) HOOCH (Hobson's choice - Nice boss)

21 Wish to reside in a different style (6) DESIRE*

24 Being revengeful, five in the limits of Delhi evict Dotty (10) V IN DI (CTIVE*)

27 Dotty with Indian flower losing heart (4) GA(-LAN)GA

29 Justice denied, combatant on horseback faces dispossession (6) (-J)OUSTER

30 Shrub in balustrade destroyed without notice (4,4) BLUE STAR (balustrade - ad)

31 Insect besets French friend’s household (6) F(AMI)LY

32 Endure the fall — after which there’s nothing to lap up (4,4) LAST DROP


1 Writer gets first-class return in a bloomer (6) DAHL (IA<-)

2 When a girl embraces a weary don (6) M(OND)AY

3 Reserved with the aged (4) C OLD

4 Band’s leader leaves ornament in corner (5) (-B)ANGLE

6 Alternative garland hoisted at the window (5) OR (IEL<-)

7 One who waits to see it go wrong about the end of phase (8) LO IT ER(E)R

8 Beasts, free, grinned, we hear — regular losses there! (8) REI(-G)N DEER

11 Bill has a levy for admission (6) AC CESS

14 Leader of Maoists sneaks out of demonstration at curved gateway (4) (-M)ARCH

16 In which state one remains uncovered (6)NUDITY

17 Bloody try at the lines (4) GO RY

18 Chauffeur said to be on leave. Go away! (5,3) SHOVE OFF

19 Not cornered with problem for a large amount (5,3) ROUND SUM

22 Talk with Helen at terrace’s centre (6) NATTER

23 Leaders of New Delhi leave bunker at golf course with Governor (6) SA(-ND)TRAP

25 Perfect notion advanced by the learner (5) IDEA L

26 Scoundrel not in residence (5) VILLA(-IN)

28 Soft is the French nuisance (4) P EST

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