Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9495 Wednesday, April 01, 2009


1 Caught the maiden name inside the personal record of the word-book (10) DI(C T ION)ARY

9 Source of energy running a car (6) ENGINE

10 Real music created is a belief (10) SECULARISM

11 Outcome of an alien shadow on a very loud city (6) E(FF E C)T

12 Bubble on an aircraft dome (7) BLISTER

16 Herb in a portion of healthy meals (5) THYME

17 Bitter effect of hundred and one beginning to diet (4) A CI D

18 Lift the beams of light, overheard (5) RAISE (~rays)

19 Store in all every other character for an experiment (5) TRIAL

20 Training the holy man is a nuisance (4) PE ST

21 In charge of the gin cocktail for covering a cake (5) IC ING

22 A mature sort of person lacking proper skill (7) AMATEUR*

27 Drum signal mark on the skin (6) TATTOO

29 Legendary piece of furniture at a conference (5,5) ROUND TABLE

30 Vehicles on the road above the side (6) R OVER S

31 In all, lady is in line with almost the elected girl leader (10) EVE RY TH IN G


2 I am around to note a particular thing (4) IT EM<-

3 Sign of the upper class in Surat taken up (6) TA(U)RUS<-

4 Hard to understand the operation of a unit in half of Quebec (6) OP A QUE

5 A right on the property of an outsider (5) A LIEN

6 The soldiers in a nation (5) YE MEN

7 Being seated at the same place next to each other (4,2,4) SIDE BY SIDE

8 One that fetches the highest sales (10) BESTSELLER

12 Prevent the sister from striking the end of the car of the lawyers (10) BAR R ISTERS

13 Effort taken by one local around an Italian at lunchtime (10) I N(IT I)ATIVE

14 Speeder on the fast track (5)RACER

15 Bird on the bread (5) PIT(T)A

23 Don may get angry on a week day (6) MONDAY*

24 Kick the worthless material surrounding the hospital (6) T(H)RASH

25 Shore destroyed by an animal (5) HORSE*

26 Dramas fused men centres to entertain (5) AMUSE

28 Jungle nature holds a valley (4) GLEN

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9494 Tuesday, March 31, 2009


4 Cheers for the primate covering a mountain resort in America (8) AP{PLA(U)S}E

8 Girl knocked out, in coma (6) MONICA*

9 Walker at a street crossing (10) PEDESTRIAN

10 Suitable to pull apart the layer (4) RIPE

11 Start off to crop areas of body parts (4) (-F)ARMS

13 One is extremely prone to illness (6) UNWELL

15 Former partner has damaged the meter to the limit (7) EX TREME

17 Almost call the man without motion (4) CAL M

18 Slow kind of birds! (4) OWLS*

19 Attack us, alas to cause damage on Tuesday (7) ASSAUL T

21 Mother around the social worker reading the holy word (6) M(ANT R)A

22 Like one road in the continent (4) AS I A

25 Large snake on the river animal (4) BOA R

26 Short message in a book for a friend (10) DEDICATION

27 Sculpture of iron turned back for a small illustration at the end of the day (6) EF<- FIG Y

28 Never defeated the knight to live at a point in United Nations (8) U(N BE AT E)N


1 Fashionable vehicles overturned (5) SMART<-

2 Partnership at lunchtime for each shooter (6) SNI PER

3 Army comes up through the dim light (5) TAP ER<-

4 Sedan sped by the mountain range (5) ANDES*

5 Time gone by the river grass land (7) PAST URE

6 Plant a sign on an open way for the audience (9) ARROW ROOT

7 Make an informal conversation to kill time (5,4) SMALL TALK

12 Set up a smart establishment (5) MARTS*

14 Emperor has a point before an operation (9) CAESAR E AN

15 Half of them take the way that is easy at the beginning to understand (9)EM PATH IS E

16 Ways to earn wealth (5) MEANS

19 First man and the worker are not flexible (7) ADAM ANT

20 Gain power for taking up Information Technology (6) P ROF<- IT

22 Reorient one shipping company in a sound way (5) A LIGN (for A LINE)

23 Hidden feeling for the local king (5) INN ER

24 Carriers of light beams (5) T RAYS

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9493 Monday, March 30, 2009


1 Learn a chapter in the music school (4) C R.A.M

9 Greeting in business situations following the favourable lump sum compensation (6,9) GOLDEN HANDSHAKE

10 Indian gathering for the first person in a large city (4) ME LA

11 Gold coin for the aristocrat (5) NOBLE

12 An unpleasant sound over a period of time (4) VILE (while)

13 Overheard of a food shop in the capital city (5) DEL(H)I

14 Beginner of the basic course (7) STARTUP

16 To supply no one in to rush in excitement (7) NO UR(I)SH

18 Neckwear on a small bed (5) A S COT

22 Colour found inside a battle cruiser (4) ECRU

23 Royal male disturbed in the domain (5) R EALM

24 Members in a side (4) TEAM

25 Noted lads absurd in using rules applied unfairly (6,9) DOUBLE STANDARDS*

26 Alien turns back on South Island location (4) S I TE<-


2 Spread energy from the sun for one in to have a wrong diet (7) RA DI(A)TE

3 Soldier at home has the way with ordinary people (3,2,3,6) MAN IN THE STREET

4 Game bag on the side (5) POKE R

5 Painter has books for one scholar (5) RA(BB)I

6 Public announcements to edit seven diets in a mess (14) ADVERTISEMENTS

7 Pusher to stay very near after us (6) S HOVER

8 Workers having special abilities (7) SKILFUL

15 Leaders on the chief examination in High School (7) H(ON CH O)S

17 Kind of music to sing inside a large bar (6) R(HUM)BA

19 Not at home in the end to survive (7) OUT LAST

20 Unwanted material is on a part of the body, overheard (5) WASTE (waist)

21 Father and a large creature (5) P(AND)A

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The Economic Times Crossword Blog


Kicking this off - thanks to Shuchi's instructions @ (http://www.crosswordunclued.com) on how to find it!

It will be tough finding time to do both Hindu and ET crosswords on a daily basis - will try to post as much as I can!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9492 Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thought she was gone ......... anyways, she has improved a lot .........


2 Sit back for one beverage (6) TIS AN E

7 Low side area (4) MOOR (or LOUR)

9 Orderly in appearance, head nun to take a meal (4) N EAT

10 To fool, saint left in great happiness of famous people (13) CON ST E(L)LATION

12 Girl guide in tears is wrong to stand unsteadily (7) STA(GG)ER

13 Last month, Adam’s wife going around one to mislead (7) DEC E(I)VE

15 Refreshments offered at an exhibition, overheard (4) FARE

17 Protective covering on an insect’s body (5) SHELL

18 Mobile room (4) CELL

19 An official has the time to advise professionally (7) CONSUL T

21 Standard units for a large mould to start off the car (7) MODUL (-C)AR

23 Make excessive use of the benefit resulting after a camera shot (4,9) TAKE ADVANTAGE

27 Cut short open way for an overwhelming defeat (4) ROUT(-E)

28 Finishes in cigarette butts (4) ENDS

29 Gives up extra things! (6) SPARES


1 Haircut roughly for the animal (6) BOB CAT

2 Grants in order again for the German soldier to break law (10) TRANSG RE SS

3 Start to separate out feather tufts lacking hardness (4) SOFT

4 Exactly locate the spike (4) NAIL

5 Not in favour of myself after the social worker (4) ANT I

6 Rival can destroy a public celebration (8) CARNIVAL*

8 Change the shape of the moon (5) PHASE*

11 Each short disturbance within which sound is audible (7) EARSHOT

13 Cover taken up on an Austen novel is a difficult choice (7) DIL<- EMMA

14 Half seen resolution in society motivates them (10) EN COURAGE S

16 Pain to-do a different act of accepting a child (8) ADOPTION*

20 Permission to depart politely (5) LEAVE

22 A general day is incomplete without a list of things to be done (6) A GEN DA

24 Flying object has a container at a point (4) KIT E

25 Patch up a musical accompaniment (4) VAMP

26 Bridge opponents are almost not far away (4) N EAR

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9491 Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Neyartha is crazy :)


1 One in this probably does business with any 12 Dn (7,6) SELLERS MARKET

9 Perfume product made from gold and tallow for the listener (9) AMBERGRIS

10 Cuban steps to get electric current discharge from barium compound (5) RUM BA

11 Vietnamese premier overwhelmed by railway termini in Cuban city-state (7) HA(-V){RY} ANA

13 Operator’s cut for fake tip (4-3) RAKE-OFF*

14 Put down cheap wine (5) PLONK

15 Kulcha cooked on a skillet initially in 11 Ac (9) PAN CHKULA*

17 Article pocketed by doctor on-screen reveals rapport (9) RESON(A)NCE

18 No accounting for this when it is a matter of preference (5) TASTE

20 Counterstrike, after swallowing awful pain, in 11 Ac (7) PANI PAT

22 Ravi almost gets caught in the shadow at the dig (7) TRA(-P) VAI L

23 Reportedly take legal action against the woman serving cold rice dish (5) SU SHI

24 No good disciple can wear the Spanish underclothes (4,5) LONG JOHNS

26 Examples of laxity that the Titanic exudes at sea (13) INEXACTITUDES*


1 Tennis shot in court results in damage (5,2) SMASH UP

2 Difficult to design biro in a university in Asian country (9) LA(BORI)O(U)S

3 It may be boxed as a punishment (3) EAR

4 Shastri announces the featured band (5) STRIA

5 Pledge of confidence (9) ASSURANCE

6 Epic discourse site in 11 Ac (11) KURUKSHETRA

7 Encountered westbound river on the beat (5) TEM<- PO

8 Curious affair of the palm tree (6) RAFFIA

12 1 Ac may imply that this is unlikely to go down (6,5) ASKING PRICE

15 Cigar made using sodium found in a bone (9) PA(NA)TELLA

16 Bleeding staunched without a scratch (9) UNSCATHED*

17 Phosphorus replaces carbon in modified meal (6) RE(-C){P}AST

19 Secures bow lost by crafty larcenists (7) ENLISTS (-ARC)

21 Turn in oddly missed ascetic to the second generation American (5) N(I S E)I

22 Corporate network concealed from view (5) TENET

25 Ethnic group seen around U.P. landmark (3) JAT <-

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9490 Thursday, March 26, 2009


1 Nature of regional films that may reach a wider audience? (9) SUBTITLED

6 *Oriental island’s capital retreat (5) E ELAM

9 Stop Arthur from exhibiting illusory paintings (2,3) OP ART

10 *Knight in violent combat around the north provides scarf for the student (4,5) MONT BLANC

11 *Skirt around to the storehouse, reportedly for starters (7) KASHMIR

12 *Revolutionary leaves Hooks Cove building (6) KOSOVO

14 Approaches the stands with a point for the bishop (5) NEARS

15 BITS, Pilani’s power supreme (9) KNOWLEDGE

17 Fail the student leaving with staff notes for jazz (4,5) F(-L)UNK MUSIC

19 Flash of flames (5) BLAZE

20 Obvious that the page removed by the student is hidden (6) LATENT

22 Female Greek character in America turns reddish-purple (7) F US(CHI)A

24 English doctor about to eat Mexican dish sent back with oil (9) E MB R(OCAT<-)E

25 Boxer’s purchase said to be an excuse (5) ALI BI

26 Accidentally stain fabric (5) SATIN*

27 *Close box for flustered cashier without hesitation (5,4) AKSAI CHIN


1 Rollicking fests provide what may be needed during Christmas time (8,7) STOCKING FILLERS*

2 Officer, one framed in Botswana rebellion (9) BOATSWA(I)N

3 Land bridge that may be tampered with for canal building (7) ISTHMUS

4 Mark claims alternative evolution theory (10) LAMARCKISM*

5 Sound impression (4) DENT

6 Mix up in chromosome extraction from eggs detailed on Israeli site (7) EMBR(-Y)O IL

7 Plain to see that everyone is upset by this Bond movie (except the doctor) (5) LLA NO (-DR)

8 Odd Mao criterion includes information about a solution to the energy crisis (15) MICRO(GEN)ERATION

13 Pressure sustains lubricating systems (5,5) FORCE FEEDS

16 Suicidal urge created by cracked wheat in menu item (5,4) D(EATH W)ISH

18 Regular requirement for Indian farmers (7) MONSOON

19 Leading British artiste (Slumdog Millionaire actor) tastes Indian rice (7) BASMATI

21 *Aditi betrothed in hiding (5) TIBET

23 Mary’s follower, reportedly a religious leader (4) (-L)LAMA

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9489 Wednesday, March 25, 2009


1 City life, transformed, is a cause for happiness (8) FELICITY*

5 Can he make a hostel a prison, though? (6) WARDEN

10 Capital may bend accountant back (5) AC CRA <-

11 Have another go? Right, have a meal, make the mouth water (9) R EAT TEMPT

12 Appetising, like some hot, scooped out tomato preparation (9) TOOTHSOME

13 Phial containing a drop of remedy for a kind of disease (5) VI(R)AL

14 A curb, but in America it means money (5) CHECK

16 What a prisoner observed is implied (8) CON NOTED

18 Employ a swimmer as a paid worker (8) HIRE LING

20 Technically, nostrils in a human are small (5) NARES

24 Stand-in doctor, say (5) LOCUM

25 Hardy favourite, a great one with numbers (9) RAMANUJAN

27 Army officer in drab rig? That is funny (9) BRIGAD(IE)R

28 Musical chord echoing a tune in the borders of Trinidad (5) T(RIA)D

29 Girl in money that is used for processing leather (6) T(ANN)IN

30 Poisonous gas in the north — sheep go crazy (8) PHOSGE(N)E


1 Desperate for Swiss money, accepts note (7) FRAN(TI)C

2 Salt, eco-treated, becomes sugar (7) LACTOSE*

3 First to celebrate, reckless: result, collapse of business (5) C RASH

4 Sluggishness shown by an actor portraying lethargy (6) TORPOR

6 Remedy for snakebite developed in Vienna, leader in toxicology (9) A N(T)I VENIN

7 Weary? Me included? Looking back, that is a minus point (7) D EM ERIT <-

8 Abstinent learner in want gets stung (7) NE(TT L)ED

9 King Arthur’s capital (7) CAMELOT

15 Fabric painting technique developed by a Karaikal man originally (9) KAMALKARI

17 Robot puts DRDO in a fix (7) ANDROID*

18 Fish that is almost an excuse in humble dwelling (7) H ALIB(-I) UT

19 Removal of first four in teaching causes uproar (7) (-INST) RUCTION

21 Express happiness about author of Ulysses, say (7) RE JOICE

22 How is a legislature adjourned usually? (4,3) SINE DIE

23 Station Master, Indian Railways, with honour — or a stain? (6) SM IR CH

26 Money for components in music (5) NOTES

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9488 Tuesday, March 24, 2009


1 Insect that makes a begging chap sit back (7,6) PRAYING MAN TIS <-

10 Outstanding brother-worker hosts sick one (9) BR ILL I ANT

11 Composer of some simple harmonies (5) LEHAR

12 Plant showing beginnings of yellowing under certain conditions abnormally (5) Y U C C A

13 Such words have inflections that do not conform to rule (9) IRREGULAR

14 Rupee spent in return for a nappy (6) DIAP ER <-

16 One generous when counting a dozen? (5) BAKER

19 Police officer that is left with an implausible story (5) SP IE L

20 Right of admission to a meal or part of it (6) ENTREE

25 Partner, not necessarily a sleeping one (9) BEDFELLOW

26 He runs errands but may take a pound away from Tiger Woods perhaps (5) GO(-L)FER

27 Cold, by the sound of it, but it is hot on the tongue (5) CHILI

28 In revamped GH, bribe is something difficult to understand (9) GIBBERISH*

29 Be impatient for action, like a horse raring to go? (5,2,3,3) CHAMP AT THE BIT


2 Wet weather cover (8) RAINCOAT

3 WW II Conference venue in which some loyal tacticians figured (5) YALTA

4 A vitamin for a murderer back at home (6) NIAC <- IN

5 Such an uncle can be motherly (8) MATERNAL

6 Colour derived from an African flower (4,5) NILE GREEN

7 Breathe in (6) INHALE

8 Old boy, observed, carried out orders (6) OB EYED

9 A large amount for chromium bearing mineral (5) CR ORE

15 “Pre-owned” for “second-hand”, for example (9) EUPHEMISM

17 All-grape preparation for a condition resulting from dietary deficiency (8) PELLAGRA*

18 The writing on the wall, some times rude (8) GRAFFITI

21 Lacking politeness, they are endlessly devious (6) E AR(-E) THY

22 Plant an article between sailor and accountant (5) AB A CA

23 Old English cricketer who made a journalist affluent (6) ED RICH

24 Petty idiot suppresses rising body odour (3-3) TW(O-B)IT

26 One of them is a goose (5) GEESE

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9487 Monday, March 23, 2009


1 Support an American in a spot (7) S(US)TAIN

5 Large bird but a bit of an incubus tardily noticed (7) BUSTARD

9 Somehow a creation livens conscription (8,7) NATIONAL SERVICE*

10 A beam that would permit nothing in return (6) LIN TEL <-

11 Such a record has to be word-for-word (8) VERBATIM

13 Pamphlet, one about treatment for muscles perhaps (8) TRACT ION

15 A pistol that can raise the temperature? (6) HEATER

18 Vicious attitude of one caught by a man (6) MAL(I C)E

19 Lack of confidence in unfeeling members (4,4) COLD FEET

22 The idea is to include reserves in a series of signs (8) NOTATION

24 Demanding, like a ruler (6) AS KING

27 The voice of the people is the voice of God? Alcuin did not think so (3,6,3,3) VOX POPULI VOX DEI

28 A serene guest has it in him to break a promise (7) RENEGUE

29 In the drink, spouse finds fish (7) ALE WIFE


1 Undergarment for one not married on time (7) SINGLE T

2 Material for a day at home (5) SAT IN

3 He has no appetite for creation, caught unawares (9) ANORECTI C

4 Point supported by a listener close by (4) N EAR

5 Eight-gallon container (6) BUSHEL

6 Drink in a vehicle returning, taking 60 minutes (5) S(HR)UB

7 Artist Leo’s interpretation of Greek philosopher (9) ARISTOTLE*

8 A visionary, the German consumes a lot of paper (7) D(REAM)ER

12,17 Good-good French sweet (6) BON BON

14 Turn fax into a contaminant (9) AF(L)ATOXIN

16 Mysterious code opens a diagnostic tool (9) ENDOSCOPE*

17 See 12

18 Fur used in a short skirt, verily halved (7) MINI VER

20 The point of a joke brings a tingle, oddly (3,4) TAG LINE*

21 A unit of a spacecraft of the French captured by a spy (6) MO(DU)LE

23 Redhead leaves crowd in a skimpy bathing garment (5) TH(-R)ONG

25 Black-and-white lemur caught in rain, dripping wet (5) INDRI

26 A writing tip rejected in M.P. town (4) BIN A

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9486 Saturday, March 21, 2009


 1 Control, compel and strengthen (9) REINFORCE

 5 Allow honour to be reversed in roadside resting place (5) MO TEL

 8 It is used in labs to assess the underground (4,4) TEST TUBE

 9 When one is not moving? (2,4) AT REST

11 Express a view on work in English (5) OP IN E

12 He speaks for his group and, beginning to satirise, prods soldier (9) S POKES MAN

13 Fish crossing current in comfort (6) SOL(AC)E

14 Wine duly processed is awkward to manage (8) UNWIELDY*

16 One helping the priest to change, say — a lad (5,3) ALTAR BOY

18 For example, good tea-holder may be seen on the breakfast table (6) EG G CUP

22 Where the Little Boy was dropped in 1945 (9) HIROSHIMA

23 Open sore, a bit painful certainly (5) ULCER

24 A note in European capital providing protective cover for radar antennae (6) R(AD)OME

25 Mite that may be small and reportedly escape (4,4) S AND FLEA

26 A wallaby’s stuck in a bottomless pit here (5) ABYSS

27 The Frog and the Princess, for one (5,4) FAIRY TALE


 1 Proportion points to food allowances (7) RATIO NS

 2 Gradually introduce a modern distilling plant (7) INSTILL

 3 A welcome caller for kids, come December (6,9) FATHER CHRISTMAS

 4 Strong old boy covered by result of oxidation (6) R(OB)UST

 5 A time for children to honour parent (9,6) MOTHERING SUNDAY

 6 In total loss, girl’s mother is hot (7) T(HER MA)L

 7 Dormant quality shown by any Celt in trouble (7) LATENCY*

10, 15 Type of tournament for a full, plump bird (5,5) ROUND ROBIN

15 See 10

16 A guru, like Vinoba Bhave? (7) ACHARYA

17 Try idle spell in a weary way (7) TIREDLY*

19 Body part makes each colonel briefly suffer (7) (CO)CH(L)EA

20 Cost of carrying wine over a period of time (7) PORT AGE

21 Greeting one with a sausage (6) SALAM I

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9485 Friday, March 20, 2009


 1 What the job seeker wants in Poland — a binding thing (9) PLA CEMENT

 5 Milk producer about to return and cringe … (5) COW ER

 8 … wary about Indian rumpus (6) SH(IND)Y

 9 Popular Kolkata track (8) TRAMLINE

11 Coral formation in a rare effusive vein (4) REEF

12 What the work-weary eagerly awaits? (10) RE TIRE MENT

14 Note, an artist with a crown (5) TI AR A

15 Austrian associated with William Tell legend, half German, less devious (7) G(ESSL)ER

16 Amusing person with one account relating to the heart (7) CARD I AC

17 Money spent to treat old gout (5) OUTG O

19 A conservative nobleman and worker — one dealing with financial records (10) A C COUNT ANT

20 Peak of excellence achieved by state administrator in extremes of abundance (4) A CM E

22 In Cal I am an aberrant, affected by mental disorder (8) MANIACAL*

23 Meat to satisfy an alien (6) FILL ET

24 __ vita — a life of wealth and pleasure (5) DOLCE

25 An arm of the Pacific between Australia and New Zealand (6,3) TASMAN SEA


 1 Sweet thing makes tense Roy lose heart (6) PAST RY

 2 All food normally has to go through it (10,5) ALIMENTARY CANAL

 3 Headless bear in a whirlpool (4) (-T)EDDY

 4 Critical moment when circling over specific location (7-5) TURNING POINT

 5 Provide redress to ace postmen in trouble (10) COMPENSATE*

 6 They fight diseases with treated wool, best chilled (5, 5, 5) WHITE BLOOD CELLS*

 7 Get back in (2-5) RE-ENTER

10 Canal critter, provoked, is defiant (12) RECALCITRANT*

13 Carefully handle troubled inmate Paul (10) MANIPULATE*

16 Leader of cubs, hurt but captivated (7) C HARMED

18 Wide, long collar on dress worn by women in a sober thatched hut (6) BERTHA

21 Picture a craving for unsuitable food (4) PIC A

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9484 Thursday, March 19, 2009


 1 Money for new business, speculative, half proven, oddly true money (7,7) VENTURE CAPITAL

 8 Dish that leads to 40 winks in church (6) CA NAP E

 9 Large space that is designed for a particular use (8) ESPECIAL

11 See, in a spot her wisecracks are different (9) OTHERWISE

12 Go for a holiday (5) LEAVE

13 Group support in a bit of trouble (7) SET BACK

15 Investigation using a query in another form (7) ENQUIRY*

17 American engineer, diminished, serving no purpose (7) US E(-R) LESS

19 Student beginning to laud breadwinner (7) L EARNER

21 Salad vegetable planted in many acres simultaneously (5) CRES S

23 A code word deployed for a conifer product (5,4) CEDAR WOOD*

25 A game soldier with a written defence for his behaviour (8) A POLO GI A

26 A union is something to add enjoyment, including the dawn of love (6) SP(L)ICE

27 Giant gendarme’s embroiled in increasing power and prestige (14) AGGRANDISEMENT*


 1 There have to be losers to make them what they are (7) VICTORS

 2 What the Choral Symphony is in the works of Beethoven in the numerical order (5) NINTH

 3 Capital kind of characters from a superior situation (5,4) UPPERCASE

 4 Tea user turns unrelenting (7) AUSTERE

 5 Perfect concept followed by student (5) IDEA L

 6 Disturbance often resorted to in politics (9) AGITATION

 7 Somnolent old general gets caught by agent (6) S(LEE)PY

10 One of 40 in a nap (4) WINK

14 Recurrent melody that disturbs gent’s home (5,4) THEME SONG*

16 Make one into four (9) QUADRUPLE

17 With nothing on, pawnbroker drops the French boy (6) UNCL(-E)AD

18 Part of a class in school notices change (7) SECTION*

19 Swimming pool providing cover, love! (4) LID O

20 Socialist reportedly dispatched for something of little value (3,4) RED MEAT

22 Trail followed by a hunter is small, insufficient (5) S POOR

24 Growth with a ‘peaceful branch’? (5) OLIVE

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9483 Wednesday, March 18, 2009


 1 List made out for operation of handguns (7) (P)IST(O)L S

 5 Tree arrives with second person from France in the vehicle (7) AR BU(TU)S

 9 Anger at Lawrence for not using this substance in chemical test (7) REAGENT

10 Nuts lie scattered in the kitchen drawer possibly (7) UTENSIL*

11 Shuffle and be evasive in an argument (5) HEDGE

12 Finished sketch gains credit (9) OVER DRAFT

13 Tied up — are prepared to cast off (9) REPUDIATE*

15 Add seasoning to food (5) DRESS

16 Set of principles that many N.American Indian tribes follow (5) CREED

18 Attending the trial, being a witness (9) ATTESTING

21 Foreign boy accepted first of all was put off (9) ALI ENATED

24 Chose to settle with the top journalist (5) OPT ED

25 Musical drama the heartless act (7) THEATRE

26 Angered at put into confusion (7) DERANGE*

27 Shaken at sight of deceased on road, strained to vomit (7) RETCHED

28 Made alterations to remove faults (7) EMENDED


 1 Bird balanced on a high rod (7) PERCHER

 2 Be plausible, but ignore date (5,2) STAND UP

 3 Such a discussion gives opportunity for falling out (4,5) OPEN ENDED

 4 Bearing with an island race, none will cause contention (3,2) SET TO

 5 Think people should be allowed in at pleasure (9) A MUSE MEN T

 6 Money for livelihood (5) BREAD

 7 Lawrence needs to set down fully, a valid will (7) TES TATE

 8 Honours formally by discharge of cannons (7) SALUTES

14 A role he and I had in segregation (9) A PART HE ID

15 Note the way around is to talk (9)DIS COURSE

16 Our gripping instrument first made a loud noise (7) CLATTER

17 It was clear I had been included in the race (7) EV(ID)ENT

19 Prepared Ned to chant in musical notes (7) IN TO NED

20 One who provides unexpected but much needed support (7) GODSEND

22 Put hat in quarter, somehow at the back (5) NATCH

23 Shift about to evade (5) DODGE

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9482 Tuesday, March 17, 2009


 1 Recorded snub (3,4) PUT DOWN

 5 Take it for protection (7) SHELTER

 9 Compel payment for old performance (5) EX ACT

10 To add detail is complicated (9) ELABORATE

11 Expresses amusement at the long distance on board ship (6) S MILE S

12 Be humiliated but keep hair on perhaps? (4,4) LOSE FACE

14 Theatrical representation (5) DRAMA

15 Sectional building at the seaside (9) COASTLINE*

18 Most learn otherwise when an ally is routed (6,3) NEARLY ALL*

20 Exerted influence on the French cad (5) AC(TE)D

22 A teach-in arranged for home brewers? (5,3) CHINA TEA*

24 Used horse roughly to perform household tasks (6) C HORES

26 Send for a taxi? (9) TRANSPORT

27 Tilts aircraft to turn (5) BANKS

28 Has the wrong case to put it into (7) SHEATH E

29 He held son loosely (7) SHELDON*


 1 Continued to exert influence on English lecturer (7,2) PRESSED ON

 2 Worker’s up, taking in dress for Indian empress (7) T(SARI)NA

 3 Where the hammer should hit without delay (2,3,4) ON THE NAIL

 4 Quarter paid to Edward for his requirement (4) NE ED

 5 Like cold weather in winter, as one wraps up in a fur (10) SEA(S)ON(ABLE)

 6 Ever at party to eat away! (5) ER OD E

 7 Catch one going round an Italian port (7) TRAP AN I

 8 Veer out to point a high official (5) REEVE

13 Just get there and prepare the house for repainting (6,4) SCRAPE HOME

16 Everyone included in the list may be given instruction (9) T(EACH)ABLE

17 He is expected to succeed (6,3) ELDEST SON

19 A private American art gallery causing disquiet (7) A GI TATE

21 Man in the Dutch capital was seated (7) TH RON E D

22 Calls chief engineer to sit out in court (5) (C)IT(E)S

23 When put by, it’s worth having (5) AS SET

25 Use square to accommodate N.American Indian people (4) U(T)ES

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9481 Monday, March 16, 2009


 1 Having caught it in the river, cause quite a stir (6) EXCITE

 4 Makes a speech that brings it home to? (8) DELIVERS

10 “The screen play “I interposed,” is genuine” (7) S(I)NCERE

11 Friend no good, being a clumsy sportsperson (7) PAL O OK A

12 They shall inherit the world (4) MEEK

13 Self-financed lowland pleasure jaunt (5,5) JUICY TREAT

16 Most recent fashion displayed on tardy street (6) LATE ST

17 Go off in great perturbation to execute in America (7) GARROTE

20 Al is alert in the direction of the side (7) LATERAL

21 Cause injury to Adam to appear as example (6) DAMA GE

24 Releases plenty to give a taste of what’s in store (4,6) FREE S AMPLE

25 The church in charge is smart and elegant (4) CH IC

27 Put the bug gently inside to examine it (7) INS(P)ECT

29 Unusually large one taking part of N. Africa (7) ALGER I A

30 They form some unit of the Canadian police (8) MOUNTIES*

31 Say about fuel what you said about it before? (6) RE PEAT


 1 Musicians in costume (8) ENSEMBLE

 2 Decrease the volume while you think (11) CONCENTRATE

 3 Little supporters running water (4) TEES

 5 Extraordinary eastern policeman (8) E SP ECIAL

 6 Attempt to intimidate that doesn’t work? (4,6) IDLE THREAT

7 Image of oneself, for example with nothing (3) EG O

 8 A timid little creature hiding in the shack (6) SH(ANT)Y

 9 Detail budget in order to correct program faults (5) DEBUG

14 What put your electricity bill up? (5,6) EXTRA CHARGE

15 Agree about the mess being bad, with the rating (10) ASS(ESSM)ENT

18 Friend met Lawrence to show old architectural ornament (8) PAL MET TE

19 Write music, demonstrating a certain partiality (8) PEN CHANT

22 Vouch for Anglo-French corporation (6) AF FIRM

23 To put down the rebel, everybody gave assent (5) ALL AY

26 The French go around to cast amorous glances (4) OG LE

28 Even a tiny amount of money is not with us (3) S(O)U

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9480 Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mr. Manna eased off today ...........................


1 Ted’s canned concoction for one coming after (10) DESCENDANT*

6 Opts to bring things to a standstill (4) STOP*

9 Changes gears, points and lubricants (7) GREAS ES

10 Little crawler going around quietly to investigate (7) INS(P)ECT

12 Wraps up the party on time (8) BAND AGE S

13 Play being performed by Catholic historian (5) ACT ON

15 Deem to have an accumulation of fluid in the tissue spaces (5) EDEM A

17 Jack Dyer is a non-voter (9) AB STAINER

19 Possibly rue never being other than environmentally aware (9) EVERGREEN

21 Henry rode around with a wandering tribe (5) H ORDE

23 Right poem makes one move around aimlessly (5) MOPE R

24 Sham claim (8) PRETENCE

27 Northern climb just being formed (7) N ASCENT

28 Flags and turns pink (7) COLOURS

29 With a sudden movement daughter gets involved with art (4) D ART

30 The person looking for gold, seeing spoor, crept off (10) PROSPECTOR*


1 Taunts at hardworking students (4) DIGS

2 Make out an attendant is responsible for the leak (7) SEE PAGE

3 Made comfortable to be free from pain (5) EASED

4 Mark’s made a note to subscribe in time (9) DESIGNATE

5 You may hang on to them (5) NAILS

7 In New Jersey, say, fashion has a split inside (7) TRENTON

8 Arrange for goods to be delivered (3,2,5) PUT IN ORDER

11 Place in Wales where the past has been rewritten (2,5) ST ASAPH*

14 Decided to be resolute (10) DETERMINED

16 A gravel compound in Portugal (7) ALGARVE*

18 Condemns pieces of writing (9) SENTENCES

20 It permits access of light (7) EXPOSER

22 Tell some soldiers to number (7) RE COUNT

24 Fisherman, favourite of the queen (5) PET ER

25 She gives out the French lie (5) EL LIE

26 His behaviour towards others depends on serving a purpose (4) USER

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9479 Friday, March 13, 2009

So far ......


1 A word that meant nothing (6, 7) BROKEN PROMISE

8 Most of the book, old version initially, was to do with the dynasty (7) ROMAN OV

9 Look fixedly at holy trees around summer houses (7) GAZE BOS

11 Fire escape on board ship (6) FUNNEL

13 Importance of cardinal’s address? (8) EMINENCE

15 Perhaps the fish was off (5) SMELT

16 Work of low relief? (7) LINOCUT

18 Wrapping pasty is wise in a seaside place (7)

19 Ann has no young to trouble (5) ANNOY

21 Can a rich character be promoter of lawlessness? (8) ANARCHIC*

23 The French pope changed the order of masses (6) PEOP LE

25 Detectives have an art in cracking Chinese secret societies (7) TRIADIC

26 Splendid stock (7)

28 What is the meaning of life? (5, 8) HARSH SENTENCE


2 Story of upright type going to church (7) ROMANCE

3 They belong to the same family (3) KIN

4 Church body (4) NAVE

5 How a military unit was systematically organised? (10) REGIMENTED

6 Hindmost sails of a three masted vessel (5) MIZEN

7 Lowest division of a large body (7) SUBUNIT

8 Won’t do it. Won’t become an entertainer (6, 2, 3) REFUSE TO ACT

10 Still life of a slice of bread and a piece of cheese? (7, 4)

12 One more small part he has in the film (5) EXTRA

14 Show you were itching to see? (4, 6) FLEA CIRCUS

17 Somehow cater for a packing case (5) CRATE

18 Resilience exhibited by parts of a flower (7) STAMINA

20 Having favourites, relatively speaking (7) NEPOTIC

22 Conversion of many poems from one form to another effected by set of rules (5) C ODE S

24 Direction can be given for a critical examination (4)

27 Erstwhile small Indian coin (3)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9478 Thursday, March 12, 2009


1 Colour deeply when Grannie is awkward (7) ENGRAIN*

5 Caught in a maze of detail, in a manner of speaking (7) DIALE(C)T

10 Lose weight and slow down (6) REDUCE

11 Giving free medical attention? (8) TREATING

12 Put in proper learned person to teach (6) PUN(D)IT

13 Respected English opener went quickly, we hear (8) E STEEMED

14 Occupant has number one book (6) TENANT

15 Henry to pass lake anyway to have a spatter with water (6) SP L AS H

18 Beg to rid damaged structure spanning a river (6) BRIDGE*

20 Soldier takes Ivan around a deep narrow gorge (6) R AVIN E

23 As the bulletin is by the erudite newscaster (4,4) WELL READ

25 Running water disturbing rest after midnight (6) STRE AM

26 When women propose disposing of an early ape (4,4) LEAP YEAR*

27 Left, hundred left agitated (6) EX(-C)ITED

28 Ascetic sect from all quarters, except west? (7) ES SE NE S(-W)

29 Seeing a family member put inside, many a newspaperman would be appalled (7) D AUNT ED


2 Venus may have a pigmented spot (6) N(A)EVUS

3 Moon faced parliamentarian (9) ROUNDHEAD

4 Inherent property of matter, wherein unless constrained continues to rest or in motion (7) INERTIA

6 Imagines a sea diet may suit him (7) IDEATES*

7 Machine for shaping articles at the Los Angeles building (5) LA THE

8 Summarise study twice on two points (8) COND EN SE

9 Costers on the open market (6,7) STREET TRADERS

16 As a rule, it is extensive (4,5) LONG REIGN

17 Their beastly business is increasing (8) BREEDERS

19 He interprets outdated notes about contract (7) EXEGETE

21 Take care force does not damage abdominal organs (7) VIS CERA

22 Game made in quarter of riding school (6) MA NE GE

24 In slip of memory, left peas cooking (5) L APSE

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9477 Wednesday, March 11, 2009


1 Old friend involved in deadlock (9) STALE MATE

6 Not an outstanding occupational protest (3,2) SIT IN

9 Delicate ornamental fabric made to scale (5) LACES*

10 Offering Her Majesty an MC (9) PRESENT ER

11 With which a ship avoids rocks at sea (10) STABILISER

12 A play by Shakespeare, she concludes (4) (-MAC)BETH

14 Silver in pods found in temples (7) P(AG)ODAS

15 Ran on time to sit in a conveyance across a distance (7) T RAN SIT

17 Logs fee generated for having sung to notes of the scale (7) SOFLEGE*

19 Part of gun used by one attempting to capture a horse (7) TRIGGER

20 I get embraced by the woman’s successor (4) HE(I)R

22 Have a lower opinion of, anyway (10) REGARD LESS

25 Firm offering place with all speed (9) STEAD FAST

26 Appeal to a poor player over in Nebraska (5) OMAHA

27 Set up before going to Connecticut (5) ERE CT

28 Bond, given in welcome, set about the guys! (9) A GREE(MEN)T


1 Offer on board ship, alcoholic drink at reduced prices (5) S(ALE)S

2 Russian port for a godly servant (9) ARCHANGEL

3 Where Sadie Stein comes from (4,6) EAST INDIES*

4 Offers oneself as candidate (7) APPLIES

5 Men on square get around General to explain the first principle (7) ELE MEN T

6 Stock check? (4) STEM

7 It maybe the tenth part of stock taken as tax (5) TI THE

8 Polaris calls for colonel Ollie’s seaman (5,4) NORTH STAR

13 A reviver, or tot, would be (10) PALINDROME

14 Quickly get past those dithering (9) POSTHASTE*

16 Set apart for Easter egg making (9) SEGREGATE*

18 Tea made to correct unhealthy mass of swollen tissues (7) EDEMATA*

19 Fields, or what may be used to cultivate them (7) TRACT OR

21 You may find her when in dire need (5) IRENE

23 Seem surprised, to begin with (5) START

24 Tied up to prepare text for publication (4) EDIT*

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9476 Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1 Eagerness for a huge amount of money to write endlessly on end to magnanimity (8) A LAC RIT Y

5 Short preliminary event leads to women and lovers kicking under pressure (6) BACKUP

10 Objected to Rogan bending to the newspaper boss … (7) GROAN ED

11 … and wandering off to Zambia for material (7) ORGAN ZA

12 Finding artist is at home results in a fruity experience (6) RA IS IN

13 Finding he’s in a low resort can be sticky (8) A D HE S IVE

15 They may be expected to be monkeying around (4) APES

16 It causes merriment to female Indian cartoonist on stormy night (5,5) FUNNY THING*

18 Can manage to discipline a plebe catching sickly coot (4,2,4) ABLE TO COPE*

20 Limits blurring in sacred Israeli town (4) (-S)ACRE(-D)

23 Bird with sex appeal in limits of Erukkancherry gives long time (8) E TERN IT Y

24 Somewhat mute about princess being lost in weariness (6) TE(DI)UM

26 Saying it’s end of time to two animals (7) E PIG RAM

27 Persistently question relative about vegetable (7) PUMP KIN

28 Bound you once with fabric (3-3) TIE-DYE

29 Blogs, perhaps, on dismantled stop-sign (8) POSTINGS*


1 One schooled in this may not show indignation all too quickly (5,10) ANGER MANAGEMENT

2 Pulverise some at one go! (7) AT OM(I)SE

3 Indian queen and daughter trapping leading corrupter is spoiled (6) RAN(C)I D

4 Orderly one dead in the limits of Trichy (4) T ID Y

6 Excellent! Greet vigorously one going in feathers (8) AI GRETTE

7 The last of fisherfolk working on one tub hauled up the raft (3-4) K ON-TIK I

8 These are signed to end hostilities (5,10) PEACE AGREEMENTS

9 Hundred used pictures in spells of winter weather (4,5) COLD SNAPS

14 Interval for an intake (5-4) LUNCH-TIME

17 Straying away to fish (8) STINGRAY*

19 General and boy close to home where there is tranquillity (3-4) LEE-SID E

21 Smart to see fowl (7) CHIC KEN

22 The man comes ahead of the setter in light head covering (6) HE L MET

25 Turn, please turn over till (2,2) UP TO

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Chaturvasi Sir - knew they were not right (not even close) but had to go for dinner. THANKS!


5 Cove roughed up a learner of the same period (6) COEVAL


6 I cried out: “Rely on this for visionary operations” (3,4) EYE BANK

The Hindu Crossword No. 9475 Monday, March 09, 2009


1 What a stand-up artist finally wants to do? (3,4) SIT DOWN

5 Cove roughed up a learner of the same period (6) CELLAR

9 You say Saul broke down? It’s not new! (5) U SUAL

10 Micky’s mouth? Not exactly! (9) MOUSETRAP

11 Supporter of the board (7) TRESTLE

12 Immediately, a number at the edge of lawn gets place (7) STATION

13 Musical records? (5) NOTES

14 Crazy hint about weird kicks of a blockhead (9) THICKSKIN*

16 Not the sort of gathering for a beauty parade? (4,5) UGLY CROWD

19 Pulse found in the cooked broth (5) THROB*

21 Most gentle son almost frequently meets a good man (7) S OFTE(-N) ST

23 Perk up! Pilot to look out for his place (7) COCK PIT

24 One thousand fellas in a sultanate for a Government investigator (9) O (M BUDS) MAN

25 Online discussion site for sources of Urdu music (5) FOR U M

26 Author Dostoyevsky, for one (6) FYODOR

27 Desire to grab classified list of Russia’s first president (7) YE(LTSI)N


1 Saying nothing! Quiet, small operation on for closing business (8,2,4) SHUTTING UP SHOP

2 Most tense letter in Greek upon examination (7) TAU TEST

3 Old boys accommodating tardy monks (7) OB LATE S

4 One who goes to the pitch with 8 (6,3) NUMBER TWO

5 Suit for places where members gather (5) CLUBS

6 I cried out: “Rely on this for visionary operations” (3,4) LIE BACK

7 Such a person would hate to take a flight (7) AIRSICK

8 Striker who faces the first ball in an innings (7,7) OPENING BATSMAN

15 Need cynic resort to filth? (9) INDECENCY*

17 He has his ups and downs in his career (7) LIFTBOY

18 "Belief” — journalist transmitted message in the past (7) CREEDED

19 Showing sensitivity for the head of team’s work on flu management (7) TACT FUL

20 Gives an account of Rex leaving out ten harbours (7) RE(-X)PORTS

22 Mate bends to defer finally to a circus employee, perhaps (5) TAME R

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 2523 Sunday, March 08, 2009


1 Talented, learner driver entering Lincoln? (4) ABLE

3 Older girl's crime, perhaps (6) BIG AMY

8 Belt of identical colour brought in (3,6) SAM BROWN E

9 Plain over in Gabon, alluvial (5) LLANO

11 See the renowned navy at sea, periodically (5,3,3,4) EVERY NOW AND THEN*

12 Show former head of House one piece (7) EX H I BIT

14 English stay in charge, being flexible (7) E LAST IC

15 Notice appropriate editor changed (7) AD APT ED

17 Extremely heavy girl is from a Cape Cod resort (7) HY ANN IS

19 A sign in a plant? (4,2,9) STAR OF BETHLEHEM

21 He's seen in wings in Carmen Jones (a musical) (5) CHESS

22 Bear on island in apparent distress (9) APPERTAIN

23 Spinner quietly stopping team getting runs (6) S(P)IDE R

24 Ruler in eastern border needing backing (4) EMIR


1 Severe south wind on top of Eiger (7) AUSTERE

2 Capable, Thelma working in important London residence (7,6) LAMBETH PALACE*

3 Dismiss Cockney yobbo? (4,3) BLOW OUT

4 Source of extreme danger if tossed (7) GRENADE

5 Play short tune, hit by Anastacia initially (9) MELOD (-Y) RAM A

6 Dramatist's written about a brawl (4) FR(A)Y

7 Brandy in clubs can go up (6) COGNAC

10 A jab to good effect? (1,4,2,3,3) A SHOT IN THE ARM

13 Last drink cheers (7,2) BOTTOMS UP

15 US cash used in a particular capacity (2,4) AS SUCH*

16 Expert fish worker (3,4) DAB HAND

17 Rough up short rash fellow (7) HOT SPUR*

18 Major, for the most part, runs conference (7) SEMINAR

20 Instrument used by Simply Red (4) LYRE

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9474 Saturday, March 07, 2009


 1 Hasten extra to peak in Black Hills (8) RUSH MORE

 5 You heard undies I discarded abroad are still in the original package (6) U NUSED (-I)

 9 Cutting tart (7) CAUSTIC

10 Advocates will speak volumes for this (7) LAWBOOK

11 How sweater-makers may hang together (5-4) CLOSE-KNIT

12 Send stopwatch back (5) REMIT <-

13 Flier gets supply to edge of Erode (4) KIT E

14 Circumnavigate the donkey right within the enclosure (4,5) PASS ROUND

17 Formidable task that high-rise builders can fulfil (4,5) TALL ORDER

19 Worst defeat? (4) BEST/BEAT

23 Examine accounts of praise without backing of record (5) (-PL <-) AUDIT

24 When one might hear “ayes” and “nays” (5,4) VOICE VOTE

25 Hairstyle in the billiards room? (3-4) CUE-TAIL

26 List in chapter on business (7) ITEMISE

27 Hear Catalogue X is without its cover (6) LISTEN

28 Kind of bowling that’s not cricket! (8) UNDERARM


 1 Angry Eric to get crusty dish (4,4) RICE CAKE

 2 Screened from view (4-3) SHUT-OUT

 3 Mean something to discuss (6) MATTER

 4 If a book is this, it is most likely to be on the front shelf of a shop (6,7) RECENT ARRIVAL

 6 One to give you a proverbially clean sweep? (3,5) NEW BROOM

 7 He can’t stand the heat! (7) SNOWMAN

 8 All right to rise with facts marshalled about old commercial plane (6) DA KO TA

10 If a book is this, it is most likely to be on the front shelf of a shop (6,7) LATEST EDITION

15 How much that apartment costs? Anyway, you can’t negotiate! (4,4) FLAT RATE

16 Tau and he-men scattered around the reading room (8) ATHENEUM

18 You can’t find one who does not have it, so to speak (7) ADDRESS

20 Former wife has one coat scattered among Bohemian stuff (7) EXOTICA

21 Car’s crashed by a learner. The rogue! (6) RASCAL

22 Engineer’s getting the stimulus for salvation (6) BE METE

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Chaturvasi Sir - thanks for pointing it out and making me think again! Hope this is it ......


15 Cover nothing in swimming pool! (4) LID O


12 Furniture old writers may have used for their creative work (7,5) TOOLBOX DESKS

The Hindu Crossword No. 9473 Friday, March 06, 2009


 1 U.P. memoir to re-establish bazaar (8) EMPORIUM

 6 Champions right out of competitions (4) (-R) ACES

 9 ”Full many a gem of __ ray serene” (Gray) (6) PUREST

10 Get to understand serial blasts in the East (7) REALISE

13 In succession as horses might move? (2,3,4) ON THE TROT

14 Hero crossing one step (5) STA(I)R

15 Cover nothing in swimming pool! (4) NUDE

16 Kind of talc, maybe, that can be used in many ways (3-7) ALL-PURPOSE

19 Responds excessively to deliveries — crates broken (10) OVERREACTS

21 Mentioned second help (4) S AID

24 Hid no fittings for old vessel (5) DHONI

25 The oldest issue? (5-4) FIRST BORN

26 Building material in quiet corner (7) SH INGLE

27 Threaten sprite with termination (6) IMP END

28 Dangerous position if hot! (4) SEAT

29 What a great danger may involve (4,4) HIGH RISK


 2 "…and, as I __ up the hill…” (Wordsworth) (7) MOUNTED

 3 Key batsman? (6) OPENER

 4 In Latin, among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA

 5 Setter right about one’s worth (5) MERIT

 7 U.S. city that was elegant once upon a time? (7) CHIC AGO

 8 Serving as leader (12) SPEARHEADING

11 Declare the strong point about Rex (6) ASSE(R)T

12 Furniture old writers may have used for their creative work (7,5) JOHNSON DESKS

17 Setting off fireworks, darling is dangerously daring (9) PET ARDING

18 Cockney fish is making a mistake (6) (-H) ERRING

20 Account one tore up pertains to amatory literature (7) EROT I CA

22 Is plentiful overall, though limit is at heart (7) A BOUND S

23 Good man to pour out in a daze (6) ST UPOR

25 New French version of She (5) FR ESH

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9472 Thursday, March 05, 2009


 1 Proverbially, one who was spared the rod? (6, 5) SPOILT CHILD

 9 Lured to cite characters in conclusion (7) ENTICED

10 What V stands for in the high-speed train TGV (7) VITESSE

11 Couple of learners about to copy jacket flap (5) LAPEL

12 Close company (9) NEIGHBOUR

13 Direction to healthy, large person (5) WHALE

15 Applicable to military formation that once he led craftily (9) ECHELONED

18 Ruler gets cart back to stay put (9) YARDSTICK

21 Setback to back-street cricket matches (5) TESTS

22 A natty customer may still look for this kind of bargain (4-5) DIRT-CHEAP

24 I laze around Professor Higgins’s pupil (5) ELIZA

26 Industrialist gets fellow to iron crisp fabric (7) TAFFETA

27 Gathered as a group of fliers did (7) FLOCKED

28 Do what a Kamal or Rajini might do (4,3,4) PLAY THE LEAD


 1 How a thief may get into the joint he cased? (5,1,3) STEAL A WAY

 2 Kept in cask, readily available (2,3) ON TAP

 3 Newspaper section from where you choose your pub? Not exactly! (5,4) LOCAL NEWS

 4 Boorish fellow therefore does not start to provide voice modulation (7) CADENCE

 5 In the street audibly denounce (7) INVEIGH

 6 Abandon and land in the sea (5) DITCH

 7 Amazes fool by swallowing rancid donut (8) ASTOUNDS

 8 Expensive letter opener? (4) DEAR

14 Make known skill pertaining to glider, perhaps (8) AIRCRAFT

16 Set fire to Chief without notice, getting any light (9) LITHESOME

17 Separated, moreover, in bed, after most of the team rose (9) DISBANDED

19 Some like banana flowers in artful arrangement (7) IKEBANA

20 Maintained well, as one might be with proper diet and exercise (4,3) KEPT FIT

22 While writing, they finish some letters! (4) DOTS

23 About to look up an unpleasant fellow (5) CREEP

25 Kin unwinds the French linen tape (5) INKLE