Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9972 Wednesday, October 13, 2010


1 A long time to accept nice changes in offices (8) AG(ENCI*)ES

5 Capital Indian intelligence outfit rolled over and observed (6) WAR<-SAW

10 See old Indian coin following bits of special archaeology in tract (7) SAV ANNA

11 Disentangle twins found in a mess in the Union Territory (7) U(NTWIS*)T

12 Frenchman taking primarily isolated place for environment (6) M I LIEU

13 Hint union collapsed over remodelling of den (8) {INNU(END*)O*}

15 An exclamation that a mistake has been made (4) OOPS!

16 Support bets put out as somewhat inferior (6-4) SECOND (BEST)*

18 By which one wages every sixty minutes (6,4) HOURLY RATE

20 Stupefy cranks on their return (4) STUN<-

23 Rest in a relaxed manner after imbibing scheme for surgical procedures (8) {RE(PLAN)TS*}

24 Ramshackle, untried model leaves in a fluster (6) RUINED*(-T)

26 Some capital I announced for one possibly from Milan (7) ITALIAN

27 Not mixing with people (7) ASOCIAL

28 Rubs out and relaxes, holding end of rubber (6) E(R)ASES

29 Down to the last detail, record lady puts ad out (8) MINUTE L(-ad)Y


1 Ties to remote ham need to be sorted out — but not now! (2,4,5,4) AT SOME OTHER TIME*

2 Almost grudge Pole out to get cover (7) ENV(-y)(ELOP*)

3 Protuberant prisoner Victor departed (6) CON V EX

4 Dash from one road leading out of Ireland (4) ELAN

6 Amazes swarms by making way for bandits' leader (8) A(-B)(+ST)OUNDS

7 Well-groomed, Elizabeth goes in for a spin (7) SOIGNEE*

8 Not wasting a single moment (7,3,5) WITHOUT ANY DELAY

9 Changelings film among variety acts (9) TURN(COAT)S

14 Finer Regt. fanning out for rummaging (9) FERRETING*

17 Leave holding a small portion, even if it's minor inconvenience (4,4) FLE(A BIT)E

19 At college, every other pose in the manner of Swedish city (7) (UP)(P)(S)(A LA)

21 Half-scores I have are nerve-racking (7) TENS I'VE

22 Head of University receiving wild kudos all-round for puzzle (6) S(U)DOKU*

25 Garment in which every second of assistants came wrapped diligently (4) S A R I

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9969 Saturday, October 09, 2010


1 British fashion designer holding a drive for part of a circle (8) QU(A DR)ANT

6 Enthusiasm for last letter by each learner (4) Z EA L

9 Catch parent on the move (6) ENTRAP*

10 Choke on bit of boiled vegetable (3,4) (POT HER)B

13 A mere door, perhaps, through which the jet set goes (9) AERODROME*

14 Broadcasting very happily (2,3) ON AIR

15 Cut a cross journalist (4) A X ED

16 It keeps one buoyant (4,6) LIFE JACKET

19 Boy's right! Guess what a young girl may want to flaunt (4,6) T(R)IM FIGURE

21 Turn to Victor, always! (4) V EER

24 Lord Siva's vehicle (5) NANDI

25 Where lightning is said to strike twice (4,5) SAME PLACE

26 Dorian's carried out raids (7) INROADS*

27 Novelist has a point on perfume base (6) N ORRIS

28 Publicity in North America for elemental music in India (4) N(AD)A

29 Not the one to utter an ‘aye' (8) NAYSAYER


2 Weaken some gunner venturesomely (7) UNNERVE

3 Mock eiderdown — not own and worn-out (6) DERIDE*(-OWN)

4 Thinking well of Andhra Pradesh corroborating (9) AP PROVING

5 Home of the brave? (5) TEPEE

7 One might rely on it to save many a sight (3,4) EYE BANK

8 Testing facilities (12) LABORATORIES

11 Involving give-and-take on a kind of street? (3-3) TWO-WAY

12 Be wary of PTA tie Antony established (3,9) PAY ATTENTION*

17 Operative Rae, new one in my accommodation, to get wages (4,5) EAR*N M(ONE)Y

18 Continent where aircraft is hovering without right (6) AFRICA*(-RT)

20 Paid no attention to eroding ground (7) IGNORED*

22 Woman holding up entry form is dodgy (7) EV(ASIV<-)E

23 Ancient city section in South Africa (6) S(PART)A

25 Poles go around the States for a woman (5) S(USA)N

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9968 Friday, October 08, 2010


1 Posh turnout and reply in business centre (4,7) SHOP* COUNTER

9 Sheds last one gingerly (4-3) LEAN-TOs*

10 Beg Rex to give way for daughter and collapse (7) IMPLO(-R)(+D)E

11 Twin game (5) MATCH

12 Controlling device to be taken by soldier (9) REGULATOR

13 Money for animal (5) RHINO

15 The case for a list of securities held? (9) PORTFOLIO

18 Deceptive statement — fifty per cent of it must be false (4-5) HALF-TRUTH

21 Senseless and cruel not to sing (5) INANE

22 One to lose sleep over anything (9) INSOMNIAC

24 Hundred to save crumbling dens (5) C(AVES*)

26 City boy, entirely (7) TO(RON)TO

27 Workman Tsarina trained (7) ARTISAN*

28 Dwelling of a mathematician? Not exactly! (11) SUMMER HOUSE


1 Sailor spoils hour in Rann of Kutch, maybe (4,5) SALT MARS H

2 Circle section in picture of illusion (2,3) O(P ART)

3 Sort of razor for three players (3-6) CUT-THROAT

4 Puritans leaving one to let go and loosen (7) UNSTRAP*(-I)

5 Smart German launch (7) TRIG GER

6 Fend off the agent giving finishing touches to the deal (5) REP EL

7 Wrong? I will fetch a Mexican dish (8) TORT I'LL A

8 Fellow-listener in panic (4) F EAR

14 Badly going through American alternative that is deceptive (8) ILL US OR Y

16 Responsible fishing practice? Not exactly! (4,5) FAIR CATCH

17 Attitude of respect for revised Seneca bio (9) OBEISANCE*

19 Schoolchildren are all the same in this (7) UNIFORM

20 Cat's wandering in this placea big tract (7) HE(CTA*)RE

22 Spot rise of A B C D E F G H I (4) IOTA

23 Makes breath fresheners (5) MINTS

25 Six quiet about university festival in India (5) VI SH U

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9967 Thursday, October 07, 2010


1 Sen's lute play is unmusical (8) TUNELESS*

5 Must bear without hesitation (6) SHOULD(-ER)

9 In maths, its two sides are the same (8) EQUATION

10 Book journalist with secret listening device — might be an unwelcome hotel visitor (6) B ED BUG

12 Leave me out of some home in London location (4) SO HO

13 Yum! A little preparation in the end (10) ULTIMATELY*

15 Field officer's left base tail (6) FO L LOW

17 Father's guarantee about Latin dance (5) P{O(L)K}A

20 Fellows on radio appearance (5) GUISE (~guys)

21 Los Angeles strike-breaker holding one rope (6) LA R(I)AT

24 Shakeout or reorganisation in east Asian republic (5,5) SOUTH KOREA*

27 Sound reflection by primaries of Erode company's head office (4) E C H O

29 Use former writer to start dialogue (6) EX PEN D

30 Record holder a HUF head in old city (8) DJ A KARTA(-H)

31 Account book showing advantage in two sides (6) L(EDGE)R

32 Mind a yet-to-go-off explosive (8) DYNAMITE*


1 Diminutive youth on the boundaries of Surrey (6) TEEN SY

2 Leader of Naxalites must come to nothing (6) N(OUGHT)

3 Instrument, say, to plunder (4) LUTE (~loot)

4 Grimace and barge on the learner (5) SCOW L

6 Animal desire within the limits of Hazra (5) H(YEN)A

7 University doctor about to put everybody back in shade (8) U MB RE (LLA<-)

8 Take-away for the pet (5-3) DOGGY-BAG

11 A number on a pitcher for the inspector (6) VI EWER

14 Final letter on ultimately fertile area (4) Z ON E

16 See a couple of learners work and idle (6) LO LL OP

17 Scheme to cut the root of an elder, perhaps (4) PLAN(-T)

18 What an omelette-maker will discard (8) EGGSHELL

19 Canine's neighbour? (8) BICUSPID

22 Corfiot no fellow to tremble on duty (6) OCTROI(-F)*

23 Revolutionary on the rise for a period in soup (6) POT<-AGE

25 Away! Fence no fellow to get hot (5) (+H)(-F)ENCE

26 Jone goes round with a bit of yen to have a ball (5) ENJO*(Y)

28 Fine radish woman discarded for lady's fingers (4) OK RA(-DISH)

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9963 Saturday, October 02, 2010


1 Meaningless promise finally by a politician on both sides of the territory (5) E(MP)(TY)

4 For example, it's back up after an artist includes a rare new format (7) AR (R) AN (GE<-)

10 Hold up on the road to seize control (6) HIJACK

11 Offspring in church has a limited friendly role (8) CH {(-F)ILDREN(-Y)*}

13 Stop adult players in action (8) P(A)RALYSE*

14 Popular princess will match the blue shade (6) IN DI GO

16 Observe an owl heartlessly retreating in the hollow tree in front (4) {L(-W)O<-}{O(-A)K} (what a convoluted clue for such a simple word!)

17 One girl is injured in this phase of journey (10) P (I)(LGRI*) M AGE

20 Rebels look at the vile merchant (10) BOOKSELLER*

21 Express regret for the worker holding a duck (4) M(O)AN

24 To shake the bolt attachment of a tent in half (6) NUT A (TE)

26 Forcibly take an American outside on a small hill in astonishment (8) SU<- R PRISE

28 Paying little attention to in organising a party (8) IGNORANT

29 Go, lend a hand briefly at the holy place (6) BETHEL

30 Senior lawyer is in the bank with the royal badge (7) BENCHER

31 Drop the remnants finally to cover a bit of eatables (5) S LID E


2 Chief steward has important work for the doctor (9) MAJOR DO MO

3 Take hold of the pulley (6) TACKLE

5 Extra hut to hide the demon (4) RAHU

6 An ocean can tilt a structure (8) ATLANTIC*

7 Mostly got the rare skin to peel in the city (5) GO(-T) R (-S)KI(-N)

8 Character from the Spanish oratory (6) CHAP EL

9 Popular approach towards money earned (6) IN COME

12 Small bone possibly is close (7) OSSICLE*

15 Inspector General removes the odd pieces from the numerous kinds of rocks (7) IG NEOUS

18 Got rid of the sailor with a regular tool kit in the outhouse (9) AB O L I SHED

19 Secret coteries are in a fix (8) ESOTERIC*

20 Keep out the Democratic leader from an Italian robber (6) BAN D IT

22 Sharp point (6) NEEDLE

23 How's that? (6) APPEAL

25 A trace of a colour (5) TINGE

27 First word in a fairy tale (4) ONCE