Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9593 Friday, July 24, 2009


 1 One may use this as a sign of approval (6,2) THUMBS UP

 5 Completely neat and clean (4) SPIC?

 9 Sufficiency to always hold out, the queen has articles packed in the last month (8) ADEQUACY

10 Optimistic, to set rhythm at university (6) UP BEAT

12 Firm is quiet about the seven officers (4) CO P S

13 Committed a livid act, he was deprived of the legal status (5,5) CIVIL DEATH*

15 Heavy debts managed by the woman reportedly rescued her at the last minute (5,2,3,4) (SAVED BY THE*) BELL

17 Letting go, hide men in her quilts (14) RELINQUISHMENT*

21 Diplomat has an Indian car (10) AMBASSADOR

22 Country for each and for all to see (4) PER U

25 Wise sayings of a dead sage unravelled (6) AD(AGES*)

26 Warehouses of shops contain silver (8) STOR(AG)ES

27 Cooked through in London eateries (4) DONE

28 Doctor has a doubt about the top membrane (8) DR UM HEAD


 1 The crane is out in a dazed state (6) T(RANCE*)

 2 Finish the custom in Uttar Pradesh (3,2) USE UP

 3 Fight the common illness (4) BOUT

 4 Injured limp cub has to ascend (7) UPCLIMB*

 6 A vain hope (4,5) PIPE DREAM

 7 Can cover up to erase a scarred C-section (9) CAESAREAN*

 8 Eye-shield in a tournament gets soft when taken in place at noon (5) PATCH

11 Firstly get items lacking the layer of gold (4) G I L T

14 PM’s address has a name seen as to be changed (10) TEN N(ESSEAN*)

16 Everyone gets on to travel abroad following everybody (3,6) ALL (ABOARD*)

18 River in the naturalistic state (4) URAL

19 Toy sailboat (7) SCOOTER

20 Being damned to be caught in an ancient city as an editor (6) C UR S ED

21 To make void (5) ADAPT? (nice, if correct!)

23 Hunting dog missing the second bird (5) (-B)EAGLE

24 Victorian in appearance (4) PRIM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9591 Wednesday, July 22, 2009


 7 Cosmetic Elizabeth put on the mouth part is returned to the actor somehow leaving Cuba (8) E PIL<-A(-C)TOR

 9 Written contracts that one’s left for the security force (6) POLIC(-I)E(-S)

11 Go down in the pitch darkness after dusk (9) NIGHT FALL

12 French city sheltering English girl (5) NI(E)CE

13 Legendary potion able to prolong life indefinitely (6) ELIXIR

14 Vitamin for the girl is regularly usable twice a year (8) BI ANN U A L

17 Contraceptive graph is not right inside the maid going back (9) DIA(PHRAG*)M<-

22 Think tank of an intelligent person (5,3) BRAIN BOX

23 Worker to let out an insect (6) BEE(TLE*)

25 Build a den around the French animal (5) E(LA)ND

27 General is back with the heads of the Other Territories in Iowa to take a note to discuss the terms (9) NEG<-O T IA TE

28 Fifty-one start off to go further down to avoid detection by the police (3,3) LI E LOW

29 Vessels with containers (8) DREDGERS


 1 Wander in a leisurely way (7) MEANDER

 2 Traveller is single in Poland, without any hope (7) P(I)L GRIM

 3 Start to conduct a test for the crab’s eggs (5) ZOEAS

 4 ’The ….. rains out her beams, and Heaven is overflow’d’ (Shelley) (4) MOON

 5 It covers one escaping the law (7) HIDEOUT

 6 Discloses the several characters (7) REVEALS*

 8 Loss of personnel in a race on Rhode Island has it mounting up to mostly one (9) ATT RI TI<-ON

10 Albert and a soldier with hesitation start to sail in the port city (7) AL GI ER S

15 Forgotten Nigerian leader has the girl in to be formally chosen (9) N E(G)LECTED

16 First class characteristic to designate (7) A P POINT

18 Sis-able to resettle from the descent downwards (7) ABSEILS*

19 Chief worker is in rage, perhaps (7) MAN(AGER*)

20 He is the one to go away from his wife temporarily (7) STRAYER

21 American detective is upset, seen out in a military action (7) DEF<-(ENSE*)

24 Marketplace, in the past mostly are going up (5) AGO RA<-

26 Day’s opening has no order for an official judgment (4) D O OM

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9590 Tuesday, July 21, 2009


 1 Chartered Accountant will set a new social class (5) CA(STE*)

 4 Gangsters of a group have a note reflecting us (7) BAND IT<-S

10 Appointment will accommodate an engineer back from a discussion (6) D(EB<-)ATE

11 Ha-ha! wait perhaps for a chieftain (8) HIAWATHA*

13 For some reason heartlessly buy articles on the road (2,3,3) B(-U)Y THE WAY

14 Scared before the French assistant (6) A FR AID

16 They get these in the way of relationships (4) EGOS

17 You and I like the Spanish command to be an equivocal qualification (6,4) WE AS EL WORD

20 Couple of mothers around America are in charge of a lot of theatrical activity (5,5) M US IC DRA MA

21 Disorderly outburst in a prison (4) STIR

24 French farewell remarks (6) ADIEUS

26 Object accepted in the right direction by a Football Association in Connecticut (8) A (RT)(E) FA CT

28 These rays may cause an increase in temperature (8) INFRARED

29 Busy to clean holding the string of the lamp (6) CAN(D)LE*

30 Club an assembly line (7) ARSENAL

31 Reported the sums charged at exhibitions (5) FAIRS (~fares)


 2 Problem with a bird (9) ALBATROSS

 3 Walk unsteadily with a bag over the river (6) TOT(T)E(R)

 5 Enthusiastic about the Bible for one to read at the end (4) AV I D

 6 Descending cascade of water (8) DOWN FALL

 7 In a minute, trap a fish (5) TETRA

 8 Edward at lunchtime, starts buying large eggs that can be eaten (6) ED I B L E

 9 Honest detectives capture a new leader of the Democrats (6) C(A N D)ID

12 What many can develop in their prospective jobs? (7) CAREERS

15 Is the poet leaving the house with seven elements? (7) IS (-H)OMER S

18 Stranger let around gets upset (9) OUTLANDER*

19 A small measure for you to judge is all right (8) A CC U RATE

20 Wrong to name an oriental as an unkind person (6) MEAN* I E

22 On the contrary, the heart is properly on the side (6) RATHE* R

23 Southern state has a king in this generation for nearly all in retrospect (6) K ERA (-L)LA<-

25 Form an opinion to fine the character in hand (5) INFE* R

27 Deity hidden inside Varanasi (4) DEVA

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9589 Monday, July 20, 2009


 1 Fluffy creatures getting naked, as in a festival held annually (5,8) SHEEP SHEARING

 8 Player is the man at the end, determined to play without Edward (9) {NETMINDER(-E)*}

 9 Group of people are at the entrance of an organisation (5) LOBBY

10 Outgrowths mostly are the one’s initially troubling all swimmers (7) AR IS T A S

12 Emblem is in the box he addressed (6) OXHEAD

14 Whip on the hanger (5) STRAP

16 Mountaineer leaving the rope regularly on the trees (4) SHE(-R)(-P)A

19 Give full particulars of the area to the audience (4) SITE (~cite)

20 Somehow the seat for a doctor is empty before time on the ship (9) {STE(A MB O)A*}T

21 Six yards of material arrive in South Island (4) S(AR)I

22 Rise to cross the master (4) SIRE*

25 Article to remain on the moon (5) THE BE

27 Tension one would undergo during an exam? (6) STRESS

29 A long exciting journey (7) ODYSSEY

32 Ahead of the firing line (5) FRONT

33 They do this to the prospective candidates (9) SHORTLIST

34 Large mammal is in the tangent area it built (5,8) GIANT ANTEATER*


 2 He left in to change the emergency number (7) {H(OT)(L)(IN)E}

 3 Journalist is in charge to mostly take a command (5) ED IC T

 4 Annoyer is unhappy at first (6) SAD IST

 5 Initially lacking desire to get an income (4) (-Y)EARN

 6 Calm down the race when ten are taken in place of one hundred and fifty (5) RE(L)A(X)(-C)

 7 The Rock territory (9) GIBRALTAR

 8 Comes closer to a partnership holding each royal leader (5) N(EA)(R)S

11 Features of a suspect strangely without you (7) {A SPECTS(-U)*}

12 Go against the headless cop to set before the leader of the Democrats (7) (-C)OP POSE D

13 They are the ones to throw a party! (5) HOSTS

15 Marie to design the fabric (5) RAMIE*

17 It may be laid in front of the fireplace (6,3) HEARTH RUG

18 Aides are thrown out of the way (5) ASIDE*

23 Motivate playing with an Oxford dreamer (7) INSPIRE

24 Leaders eagerly giving youths physical training in the country (5) E G Y P T

26 Retire gracefully from a boxing match around Ohio on Wednesday (3,3) {B(OW) OUT}

28 South Africa train regularly has an evil spirit (5) SA T A N

30 Initially young adults try relaxing after a holy pilgrimage (5) Y A T R A

31 A quiet active girl (4) A (SH) A

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9588 Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some good ones today ........................


1 Plant in the grassy area is in the second place (5,5) GREEN B ROOM

9 Device is inside the bonnet alongside (6) ETALON

10 These are never sold at newsstands (4,6) BACK ISSUES

11 Loyal supporter removes the dry piece of clothing (6) S(-T)ALWAR(-T)

12 A City Council has developed roads not accepting the agreements (7) A C C {ORDS(-A)*}

16 Married German woman is the first to dodge the trickster (5) FRAU D

17 Sacred festival of colours, overheard (4) HOLY (~HOLI)

18 Unusual to be away for religious education (5) OUT RE

19 Regularly that hooker is in the lake (5) T A H O E

20 Show put up by one artist! (4) SOLO

21 A set of principles (5) ETHIC

22 A ballroom dance (7) FOXTROT

27 Old boy is around to sit out for a musician (6) O B O (IST*)

29 Severe scolding for the rapid gun fired at two (10) {UP(B)RAID(I)NG*}

30 Preferred buddy holding the tree (6) REDBUD

31 It’s an extra sheet in an examination (10) SUPPLEMENT


2 Almost all following the soldiers are genuine (4) RE AL

3 Polar resident is at ease initially keeping inside most objects (6) ES K I M O

4 America in debt perhaps may get damaged (6) {B(US)TED*}

5 Seed you love to distribute (5) {OV(U)LE*}

6 Dirty dining room at the end of the day (5) MESS Y

7 Articles in her wallet are set to be used throughout the year (3-7) {ALL-WE(A)THER*}

8 It is a ‘must’ in every recipe! (10) INGREDIENT

12 Overtired sounding to be honest (5,5) ABOVE BOARD (~bored)

13 Crowds at High Court create slogans (10) {CAT(C)(H)WORDS*}

14 Host somehow holds the loop of a new branch (5) {SHO(O)T*}

15 Being reserved, gangster gets no love from a female (5) AL O O F

23 Appeal to be available when requested (2,4) ON CALL

24 Horse-drawn carriage (6) TANDEM

25 Fasteners on horses (5) STUDS

26 A question arose for an American man in the bar going up (3,2) {BO(B} UP<-)

28 Clean inside in a short while (4) AN ON

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9587 Friday, July 17, 2009

20dn ????


4 Happen to see Chan somehow held by a worker (8) {BE(C)(HANC*)E}

8 Dalit leader in Uttar Pradesh has left the former house (6) D UP L EX

9 Stripped to the minimum? (10) THREADBARE

10 Remove water from a boat’s package, overheard (4) BAIL (~bale)

11 Scratch the top of the box to see the money charged (4) (-C)RATE

13 The French talk too much of the small lake (6) LA GO ON

15 Such a system to help one in crisis (7) SUPPORT

17 Layman overheard railway spies to the left (4) L AIC<-

18 It is back to the statesman (4) TI<-TO

19 Abandoned young one in the morning on the track of a school (7) {A(CADE)M}Y

21 Hand the leper out to the worker (6) H(ELPER*)

22 Covering for the rain cap and spectacles of a woman (4) R(OO)F (this takes the cake today - NJ special!)

25 Decrease the curtain length (4) DROP (this is a nice one - have to give credit where credit is due!)

26 Scotsman initially orders girl and mother outside America having one mate (10) MON O G A M O US (runner up for the cake!)

27 The German follows the number on the boat (6) TEN DER

28 Supports the sailor in a deceitful manner (8) BACKS T AB


1 Abode made of earthen brick (5) ADOBE*

2 Statue of a mysterious person (6) SPHINX

3 Add that bit of flavour! (5) EXTRA

4 Push one’s way into the boat (5) BARGE

5 Flower arrangement for the boy is left to an alien (7) CHAP L ET

6 Double-talk with uncertainty (9) AMBIGUITY

7 Top artist is new in the fundamental business group (9) [COR{PO(RA)T*}E]

12 Very important person is in charge of the subject (5) TOP IC (running out of cake!!!!)

14 Nearly seconds before, Royal Challengers left in time for a film in the Spanish city (9) BA RC E L ON A

15 Put down the bit in an album (9) SCRAP BOOK

16 Rao captures the princess with a device (5) RA(DI)O

19 Side by side, a bear is out on the street (7) A (BREA*) ST

20 Bachelor is around the zigzag road in the city (6) ST(R)UD(E)?

22 It’s a diamond, in short (5) RHOMB

23 Not beginning to cook in the seven kilns (5) (-R)OAST S

24 Extra spear is functional (5) SPARE*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9586 Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now I am doing this purely for "medical" reasons - to get inside the mind of this woman!!!!!!!!


1 Principal element (4) LEAD

9 Cocktail gent has mixed as fast as possible (7,3,5) AGAINST THE CLOCK*

10 Lacking taste from the puff lately (4) FLAT

11 Fast arab turns back even to upwind (5) RA<-P I D

12 Heartless Roy is holding you and the black stone (4) {R(-O) U B Y}

13 Politician is following the case somehow leaving Edward with the naughty child (5) {SCA(-E)*}MP

14 Long trips taken by sea explorers! (7) VOYAGES

16 Birds irritate the calf in the capital of Sri Lanka (7) {FALC*} ON S

18 Sound to disturb the development stage (5) PHASE (~faze)

22 Race around area of land (4) ACRE*

23 Roll dice to host a party (5) THROW

24 After midnight, it is all right to go out of control (4) AM OK

25 A cut above the basic is mandatory at first for the spirit world (15) SUPER NATURAL IS M

26 First to dye the beard after sunset (4) D AWN


2 With hesitation, I and the saint are in charge of the debater (7) ER I ST IC

3 Start to dodge one second crook endlessly for the money the man is picking out (14) D I S CRIMINA(-L) TIN G

4 Quick to barge in Leeds every second (5) A G I L E

5 Finishes the card game (5) STOPS

6 Mummy holding the red hot owl gone off to sleep soundly (4,2,3,5) DEAD TO THE WORLD

7 Initially good looks often require immense approval from a girl (6) G L O R I A

8 Infection disturbs the basic beast regularly (7) (SCABI*) E S

15 Mediator’s job? (5,2) PATCH UP

17 Intelligent class the lady will start to rule (6) CL EVE R

19 Samajwadi leader has a structure opening in the direction of the bird (7) S WALL O W

20 Brother cooks the hot liquid (5) BR (OTH*)

21 Unpleasant woman buried in a poor setting (5) W(ORSE)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9585 Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No idea why I'm solving this - a giant jig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Person in charge lacks the right to oversee (6) MANAGE(-R)

7 Soldier has a standard bomb (4) PAR A

9 Emperor is the country head in Zaire holding an adult (4) C Z(A)R

10 It appears twice as much in numbers (6,7) DOUBLE FIGURES

12 Built a lab in a country (7) ALBANIA*

13 Damage the car air pipe regularly of the French (7) C R I P P LE (this is so lame, can't she think of something better???)

15 Language spoken in a municipality (4) PALI

17 Make a mess of the dish inside the edges of a shell (5) S(POI)L

18 Engineers on the ship to pay tax (4) CE SS

19 Building material for the signboard (7) SHINGLE

21 Key worn by mistake in an American state (3,4) NEW YORK*

23 Quiet workers to almost follow the tables one has corrected in an organisation (13) (ESTABL*) I SH MEN T

27 A narrow promontory (4) HILL

28 I am back touching the thick mud (4) MI<-RE

29 Prevents the animals swallowing the bone (6) DE(T)ERS


1 Start to support a new boy coming up with the shoe (6) S A N DAL<-

2 Passing the tenth without the three spotted markings (10) MA(-TRI)CULATION

3 Empty set? (4) NULL

4 Game in the oil-producing countries gets around when taken for the upper class (4) G(-U)(+O)LF

5 Place ready displaying the shrub (4) ACER

6 Places us around the spacecrafts (8) CAPSULES*

8 Player in an enclosure on the road (5) CAGE R

11 Learning aid given in a textbook (7) EXAMPLE

13 Head cashier somehow lets in the customers (7) C(LIENTS*)

14 Chap to construct a yard with difficulty to measure the Southern elephants (10) (PACH*) Y D ER M S (if this is the anno then where is ER coming from? OR is it YARD with difficulty->YERD?)

16 Allow in to hit a hundred crazy to be fit (8) {ATH(LET)I*}C

20 Sign for the politician to arrive back (5) LIBRA

22 Step down from one’s position at the age of 58? (6) RETIRE

24 Not starting even at this time to prepare the land for crops (4) TILL

25 Lied about not being busy (4) IDLE*

26 Animal hidden in the bush area (4) HARE

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9584 Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1 Girl conceals injury with immoral behaviour (7) AD(HARM)A

5 The way that some fish become wanderers (6) ST RAYS

11 A beau among several overeager ones (5) LOVER

12 Talkative guru, also first to rectify error (9) GAR(R)ULOUS*

13 A game that is not good, new in action (9) BAD MINT ON

14 A negative in church craft (5) C(A NO)E

15 A shout from the old leaders of lynch league (4) YE LL

17 Anxiety about article — a bird has it (7) FEA(THE)R

21 The pen most misused by mail carriers (7) POSTMEN*

22 Simpleton to start with, sailor becomes a hero (4) S TAR

26 A woody plant among Australian angiosperms (5) LIANA

27 Simple garment, large, thin, cool variety (9) (L)OINCLOTH*

29 Ghastly shock, near total (9) FRIGHT FUL

30 Non-pro person taking the pledge is a pinchpenny (5) (-PRO)MISER

31 Sad, yet somehow unwavering (6) STEADY*

32 Good man, unctuous, carrying pole in an unfeeling manner (7) ST {O(N)ILY}


2 He got the better of Goliath (5) DAVID

3 Scared of an attack around the capital of France (6) A (F) RAID

4 Strong, like my tea, say (6) MIGHTY (CUTE!)

6 Cut short an unbroken sequence beginning to cloy in gallery (8) T(RUN C)ATE

7 A decoration to beautify people on time (9) ADORN MEN T

8 She calls you brother (6) SISTER

9 Alumni, not necessarily of advanced years (3,4) OLD BOYS

10 Computer adjunct for a headless runner (7) (-S)PRINTER

16 A double, a kook that is all at sea (9) {L}OOK{A}{L}(I)K(E)

18 Affectionate cat hated change (8) ATTACHED*

19 Rich spring, not in operation (4,3) WELL OFF

20 William Tell, say, last to typify his art (7) ARCHER Y

23 Splits seen in a side in extremes of covetousness (6) C(LEFT)S

24 Colour that is powerful and intensely vivid, nameless (6) VIOLE(-N)T

25 Shrewdness of people coming after a copper (6) A CU MEN

28 A bird spotted among grouse lurking about (5) OUSEL

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9583 Monday, July 13, 2009


 1 Cosmetic application with which to confront some wolves (4,4) FACE PACK

 5 Another cosmetic with which to mulct a deviant (6) TALCUM*

10 Very silly member taken in by extremes of bigotry (5) B(ARM)Y

11 Farm tool that causes a bit of a sharp itch for kitchen gardeners (9) PITCHFORK

12 Navigational devicenot for a scooter driver! (9) AUTO PILOT

13 Unfinished part of a golf course (5) ROUGH

14 South American greeting a Japanese dish (5) S US HI (American for US????)

16 A near-gory building, where citrus fruit is grown (8) ORANGERY*

18 Big conflict set off by the death of an archduke (5,3) GREAT WAR

20 Support for painting showing effortlessness and a bit of life (5) EASE L

24 Machine part that goes round either way (5) ROTOR

25 What an event does — assume position? (4,5) TAKE PLACE

27 Flattery for bemused Daulat, retired champ (9) (ADULAT*)ION

28 It has one horn in India, two in Africa (5) RHINO

29 Hole in a garment that an observer permitted (6) EYE LET

30 Bike (non-oriental) — the last word in a plant (8) CYCL(-E) AMEN


 1 Note prejudice about northern members of socialist society (7) FA {BIA(N)S}

 2 Members of the clergy sure act differently (7) CURATES*

 3 Fork out the full amount, even if reluctantly (3,2) PAY UP

 4 Dome-like cover for prize half of U.S. city (6) CUP O LA

 6 Steadfastness of oriental dancerhe struggled (9) (ADHERENC*)E

 7 Conclusion of a healing process involves sunrise (7) CLOSURE

 8 What to do when the sun shines! (4,3) MAKE HAY

 9 Make a declaration about old city eminence (7) STAT(UR)E

15 Common point between two boundaries in eastern France: it collapsed (9) (INTERFAC*)E

17 A bird for an admirer to follow (7) FAN TAIL

18 Dress that, with time, becomes rubbish (7) GARB AGE

19 Throw out former first in tournament showing lack of politeness (7) EX T RUDE

21 A place for sportsmen (7) STADIUM

22 Take preparatory action for sleeping (3,4) LIE DOWN

23 Hostelry in outer space? That is thin (6) SK(INN)Y

26 Exposure to risk from improper ill-advised action (5) PERIL

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9582 Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out of town ...................





12 'T A'INT




























Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9581 Friday, July 10, 2009


1 Painful condition caused by cold in ramshackle hill cabin (9) CHILBLAIN*

5 Morning ritual cut short for a divine drink (5) AM RIT

8 Let no ape be mistaken for another mammal (8) ANTELOPE*

9 Saif is upset over business failure (6) FIAS*CO

11 Somewhat less important musical key (5) MINOR

12 Wealthy one buying shares for quick profit escorts first of elders to German House (9) R(E)ICH STAG

13 Spirit, a drop of alcohol swallowed by evil spirit (6) D(A)EMON

14 A memorial to peacekeepers getting back in short time (8) MO(NU<-)MENT

16 The preferred entrance for candidates with pull (4-4) BACK-DOOR

18 A struggle for doctor, wearing a jacket (6) CO(MB)AT

22 Something added by quiet writer in a proverb (9) A(P)(PEN)DAGE

23 I leave an apparition in anger (5) WRA(-I)TH

24 Loud, empty talk — the stuff of balloons? (3,3) HOT AIR

25 Such a missile is fired in flight (3-2-3) AIR-TO-AIR

26 Prison camp featured in Solzhenitsyn’s work (5) GULAG

27 Treason is wrong — that is a positive statement (9) ASSERTION*


1 Enchanted by daily, medico lost 50 per cent (7) CHAR MED(-ICO)

2 Passionate in the past, for example (7) IN TENSE

3 Taking formal steps as a social activity! (8,7) BALLROOM DANCING

4 Hope to confuse nameless Persian (6) ASPIRE(-N)*

5 One not in his element, like a swimmer denied oxygen (1, 4, 3, 2, 5) A FISH OUT OF WATER

6 Decoration for a girl, one who checks tickets on train (7) ROSE TTE

7 It is considered an idea (7) THOUGHT (nicely thought!)

10 Intolerant person with strong views gets a large collection of books (5) BIG OT

15 The kind of treatment a king would get from a viceroy always (5) ROYAL

16 A wrestler’s hold made famous by Khrushchev? (4,3) BEAR HUG

17 First-rate seat of government (7) CAPITAL

19 In India, one Tamil poet (7) BHARAT I

20 A city to hearten rebels (7) TEHERAN*

21 A category of creatures including one showing exceptional ability (6) GEN(I)US

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9580 Thursday, July 09, 2009


1 Witty aspects of personality cover up promise to pay (9) FACET(IOU)S

5 Where Freemasons may meet (5) LODGE

8 A new missile is slender (6) N ARROW

9 Such a union is not necessarily without love (8) ARRANGED

11 Point made by decapitating an animal (4) (-B)EAST

12 Manure to treat sterile fir (10) FERTILISER*

14 She went after peach for a dessert (5) MELBA

15 Used in fishing, it is a predetermined course of action (7) SET LINE

16 A spear to catch a jackass against all odds (7) ASSAGAI

17 Joint on which a door may close (5) HINGE

19 Born saints are distressed, they refuse to vote (10) ABSTAINERS*

20 A song of praise for that man, one hears (4) HYMN (~him)

22 What battleships may engage in (3,5) SEA FIGHT

23 Dairy product used on top of bread, say (6) B UTTER (nice!)

24 Evade 5 Ac, changing first (5) (-L +D)ODGE

25 You can’t expect a full day’s work from him (4-5) PART-TIMER


1 Part of a glove or of a muff in Germany (6) FINGER

2 Australian territory, a rich landmass: it’s fantastic! (9,6) CHRISTMAS ISLAND*

3 Move fast to reverse a wrongful act (4) TROT<-

4 Part of the atmosphere that poses threat, right? Awful (12) STRATOSPHERE*

5 Distributing information sheets and turning the pages, suppressing obstacle (10) LEAFLET(-T)ING

6 It plays a vital, absorbing role for everyone (9,6) DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

7 Recommend some vendors eminently reliable (7) ENDORSE

10 A kinsman’s following current fashions for a bond (12) RELATIONS HIP

13 Commit intellectual piracy (10) PLAGIARISE

16 The same Das, provoked, made a pile (7) AMASSED*

18 A ‘sound’ sleeper perhaps (6) SNORER

21 Break a piece of sculpture (4) BUST

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9579 Wednesday, July 08, 2009


1 Part of the paper carrying adverts from individuals may, however, pall on consumer (8,6) PERSONAL COLUMN*

8 Good man in demand built a cosy home (6) NE(ST)ED

9 Ancient Italian who subdued centaurs (8) ETRUSCAN*

11 Burmese Inland Revenue, challenged, will pay back costs incurred (9) (R)E(I)MBURSE*

12 Manifold evil revealed in a pithy dramatic work (5) HYDRA

13 Wild horse in frenzied state, a no-good (7) MUST A NG

15 Proteins like pepsin, renin etc (7) ENZYMES

17 Send a rogue to the gallows with this kind of downcast look (7) HANG DOG

19 Gas consumed a newborn child (7) NEON ATE (cute!)

21 Wads of currency needed for a posh car (5) ROLLS

23 Sailors swindle the German escaper (9) ABS CON DER

25 Former journalist, accepting fee, is praised (8) EX(TOLL)ED

26 Cheap decoration from cans, Spanish article (6) TINS EL

27 What a fiancĂ©e may geta “busy” tone on phone? (10,4) ENGAGEMENT RING


1 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog (7) PANGRAM

2 Indian sage of Irish extraction (5) RISHI (for Vasi Sir!)

3 Where to go if too enthusiastic? Into the water! (9) OVERBOARD

4 Precious stone that makes a gossip audibly suspire (4,3) CAT'(S EYE) (~sigh)

5 Sound happy (5) LAUGH

6 Evergreen material for road-making I begin applying (9) MACADAM I A

7 Old coins, about 50, in recorded history (6) ANNA(L)S

10 Daughter with a worn garment, what a transvestite may wear (4) D RAG

14 Solitary person who made just one century (9) SINGLE TON

16 He studies animals in Kalamazoo logistically (9) ZOOLOGIST

17 Hothead, sporting a gun, caused injury (6) H ARMED

18 Good boy, I say, gets an amorous look (4,3) G LAD EYE

19 Frontal feature, very big in one direction (4) N(OS)E

20 Individual sound filter (7) EARPLUG

22 Student in comfortable seat can sing to musical syllables (3-2) SO(L)-FA

24 Old statesman with novel ideas (5) DESAI*

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9578 Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Note: Solutions to the starred clues (which carry no direct definition) share the commonality of straddling the biggest circle on earth.

* Countries on the Equator!


1 Shy girl’s pig let loose on saint taking off in a Victorian manner (10) PRIGGISHLY*

6 Cycles made with silver and selenium from the east (4) AG ES<-

10 JBA? He is a Jack of all trades (3-3,3) ODD-JOB MAN

11 Go slowly? That is a risky move after losing the opener (5) (-G)AMBLE

12 Night sky pattern (13) CONSTELLATION

14 Mani suspects hidden strain (5) NISUS

15 Can ethylene catalysis remove hydrogen and nitrogen from welder’s gas? (9) ACETYLENE(-H)(-N)*

17 Capital city (old) shelters bishop framed by the French military alliance (4,5) U[(LA){N (B)ATO}]R

21 Organic compound in the clear upper air (5) ETHER

22 Camel in the desert (5,2,6) BEAST OF BURDEN

24 Court excuse (5) ALIBI

25 Ended Verdi composition in high gear (9) OVER(DRIVE*)

26 Proverbial necessity for you to find (4) SEEK (and you shall find!)

27 Cowboy films featuring hesitation of Americans, for example (10) WESTERN(ER)S


1 Poem incurs trouble in this part of the stage (10) PROSCENIUM*

2 *Singles in our country (9) IND(ONES)IA

3 Engineer got slit in a part of the throat (7) GLOTTIS*

4 *Trouble brought about by Vedic intoxicant in the beginning (7) SOMA(LIA<-)

5 Take time out to sort gelatine stock (7) LINEAGE(-T)*

7 *Silver sent up to a German city for the auditor (5) GA<-BON

8 Appear to give 26 Ac a 1000 fold increase at the end (4) SEE M

9 Correspondence with one taken in by revolutionary Yankee’s trickery (6) MA(Z)IL Y?

13 Pistols found with the German impostors (10) DER RINGERS

16 Uncontrollably pined here for asthma medicine (9) EPHEDRINE*

18 *Sail rope ensnares Zulu chief (6) BRA(Z)IL

19 Got across note to replace Siemens vacuum tube (7) TETRODE

20 Mirror show (7) REFLECT

21 *Doctors, discouraged, quit digs (7) ECUADOR(-DIGS)*

22 Pool material made from Mediterranean trees reportedly (5) BAIZE

23 Lacking in letters of bipartisan support (4) SANS