Friday, April 3, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9498 Saturday, April 04, 2009


7 Engineer is likely to be dependable (8) RE LIABLE

9 Bring to mind the visit following the queen turned back (6) RE<- CALL

11 Dictated a piece to an educated man about the bad experience (9) NIGHT MA RE

12 Sound to be back on an island in the East (5) NO IS E

13 Speaker has an alternative for an army to turn back on the outer borders (6) OR AT<- OR

14 Sound to express alarm over a manipulated card bill (8) BIRDCALL*

17 Returned the piece of cloth to the sender maybe for the caretakers (9) GAR<-DENERS

22 Never change to mean it (2,2,4) AT NO TIME*

23 Princess holds the gold string to the left of the lizard (6) IG UA NA

25 Indicated to the soldiers in Channel Islands at the front of the territory (5) TA CI T

27 Cause of tension as a new bail is written for an Italian monarch (4,5) NAIL B IT ER

28 Manuscript is namely a photographic film (6) SC ROLL

29 What the bank may give to benefit a holder? (8) INTEREST


1 Get the second sound of bell playing (5,2) B RING ON

2 Official to send a signal to the soldier (7) FLAG MAN

3 Loud table sound! (5) BLEAT*

4 A worker from Europe only (4) PEON

5 Chemical group has a small structure, overheard (7) RADICAL (~radicle)

6 The aging shrub lay heartlessly (7) ELDER LY

8 Roast tuna cooked by a spaceman (9) ASTRONAUT*

10 Soft Russian leader is covering an oriental cross (7) LENI(E)N T

15 Position to lie rigid around a second class airship (9) DIRIGI(B)LE

16 Notice a man on the tree top being very stubborn (7) AD A MAN T

18 Noisy worker to say wrong of something imagined (7) F ANT ASY

19 Creature in United Nations has an officer on the borders of erstwhile Rangoon (7) UN I CO RN

20 Vessel for a youngster in the restaurant outside (7) CAN TEEN

21 Ran up in speed to tell a story (7) NAR<-RATE

24 Help taken up by the knight for one princess (5) DIA<-N A

26 Note for the French story (4) TA LE

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