Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9501 Wednesday, April 08, 2009


1 Decorative object is at the end part of the surface on the east most borders (7) T RINK ET

5 Adopt Kate by the order in court (4,2) TAKE UP

10 Reformer pursuing a political cause (8) ACTIVIST

11 Invasive growth found in the pelican cerebrum (6) CANCER

13 Attempts to boil dish oddly (4) B I D S

14 Putting right the wrong bandage again (10) RE DRESSING

16 Sound of a musical instrument for ever in the book (6) READ(~reed)ER

18 Street made in the style to cover the gym for group action (8) ST AM(PE)DE

21 Strange to greet sir in an official list (8) REGISTER*

22 Grain on each part of an eye (6) CORN EA

25 Officials for the participants hold the hand of the leader of the dynasty (10) COMMANDERS

27 Repeat of a sound from the speech overheard (4) ECHO

30 Girl is at the University with Albert once a year (6) ANN U AL

31 Destroyed your band at the border line (8) BOUNDARY*

32 Tough tissue (6) MUSCLE

33 Turn back the animals to the French in the farm buildings (7) STAB<-LES


2 Judged the Republican side of Edward (5) R AT ED

3 Peculiar van covering a round star (4) N(O)VA

4 Weekend festival in spring (6) EASTER

6 Natives take up a drinking place within half of Asia (5) A(RAB<-)S

7 Uncle aide sets geometry with similar axioms (9) EUCLIDEAN*

8 Religious, naughty child is in a canoe (7) PI ROGUE

9 Head boy to shear the bear on the side by the hairdresser (6) B ARBE R

12 Make forth the small bubbles (5) FROTH*

15 Dining room in a state of disorderliness (4) MESS

17 Developed a doubt in the strange discussions (9) ARG(UM)ENTS

19 Nomadic person in a wild area (4) MOOR

20 Large dew holding a layer of seven plants (5) WE(E)D(S)

21 Recipe left with an intention to extract useful substances (7) REC L AIM

23 Unnamed author is new on the track in America (6) A(N ON Y)M

24 You are in a fix inside the court to shout loudly (3,3) C(RY OU)T

26 Make use of the road for five in trouble (5) A V AIL

28 Machine bird (5) CRANE

29 Arrogant son is upset by the bishop (4) SNO B

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