Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9508 Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some tricky ones today ................


 1 Seaboard churning up ocean silt (9) COASTLINE*

 6 Beam like Her Majesty after 50 (5) L AS ER

 9 All including a young child and Al (5) TOT AL

10 Being furious about subordinate, egg-head made complaint (9) MA(UNDER)ED?

11 Turn the corner and create pure chaos (10) RECUPERATE*

12 Separate with violence to cause pain (4) SE(-V)ER? (there is a dictionary definition of SEER meaning pain)

14 New flat with Ron has a pediment over a door (7) FRONTAL*

15 Engraving can be done on very soft tiles (7) STI(PP)LE

17 Mournful in hotel eg I acknowledged (7) ELEGIAC

19 Goes out of the French constituents (7) DE PARTS

20 Access of little force? (4) GATE?

22 Taking off the stamp (10) IMPRESSION

25 Watch what musicians do with a metronome (9) TIMEPIECE

26 Keen to somehow agree (5) EAGER*

27 Serves as a cavalryman (5) RIDES

28 Confident the new variety of aster will bring in prizes (9) (TREAS*) (URES)


 1 To provide food for (5) CATER

 2 Flower pictures I suppress (9) ART I CHOKE

 3 Giving some thought to others (10) TELEPATHIC

 4 Dissolute, but I’m getting the message (7) IM MORAL

 5 Reduces to a common standard of comparison (7) EQUATES

 6 Load we hear, out of an open ditch (4) LODE

 7 Russian clothing material (5) SERGE?

 8 Without a clause added to an already complete contract (9) RIDERLESS

13 Won’t let you have anymore (10) DISPOSSESS

14 About to enter an aircraft carrier (9) F(RE)IGHTER

16 Dish served by midshipman or his double (9) PORRINGER

18 Tom with large number of men made an observation (7) C {OM(MEN)T}

19 She may be a born leader (7) DARL{E(N)E}

21 I’d make out Tim to be a coward (5) TIMID

23 Annoying persons who curry favour? (5) NERDS?

24 A piano is a god to some (4) AP IS


pammechchu said...

23 Down Narks - Australian slang

Chaturvasi said...

I think 12d is TEAR.

Col_Gopinath said...

Serge is a Russian name as well as clothing material

anokha said...

Yeah, I can see how TEAR makes sense - sepa'rate'! Nice, Vasi sir!

Thanks, p'chu - don't have much exposure to Australian slangs!

Thanks, Col - had heard of Sergei but not Serge by itself as a name!

the said...

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