Friday, March 6, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9474 Saturday, March 07, 2009


 1 Hasten extra to peak in Black Hills (8) RUSH MORE

 5 You heard undies I discarded abroad are still in the original package (6) U NUSED (-I)

 9 Cutting tart (7) CAUSTIC

10 Advocates will speak volumes for this (7) LAWBOOK

11 How sweater-makers may hang together (5-4) CLOSE-KNIT

12 Send stopwatch back (5) REMIT <-

13 Flier gets supply to edge of Erode (4) KIT E

14 Circumnavigate the donkey right within the enclosure (4,5) PASS ROUND

17 Formidable task that high-rise builders can fulfil (4,5) TALL ORDER

19 Worst defeat? (4) BEST/BEAT

23 Examine accounts of praise without backing of record (5) (-PL <-) AUDIT

24 When one might hear “ayes” and “nays” (5,4) VOICE VOTE

25 Hairstyle in the billiards room? (3-4) CUE-TAIL

26 List in chapter on business (7) ITEMISE

27 Hear Catalogue X is without its cover (6) LISTEN

28 Kind of bowling that’s not cricket! (8) UNDERARM


 1 Angry Eric to get crusty dish (4,4) RICE CAKE

 2 Screened from view (4-3) SHUT-OUT

 3 Mean something to discuss (6) MATTER

 4 If a book is this, it is most likely to be on the front shelf of a shop (6,7) RECENT ARRIVAL

 6 One to give you a proverbially clean sweep? (3,5) NEW BROOM

 7 He can’t stand the heat! (7) SNOWMAN

 8 All right to rise with facts marshalled about old commercial plane (6) DA KO TA

10 If a book is this, it is most likely to be on the front shelf of a shop (6,7) LATEST EDITION

15 How much that apartment costs? Anyway, you can’t negotiate! (4,4) FLAT RATE

16 Tau and he-men scattered around the reading room (8) ATHENEUM

18 You can’t find one who does not have it, so to speak (7) ADDRESS

20 Former wife has one coat scattered among Bohemian stuff (7) EXOTICA

21 Car’s crashed by a learner. The rogue! (6) RASCAL

22 Engineer’s getting the stimulus for salvation (6) BE METE

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Eswaran N said...

26 - Incline(In-C-Line) 22....RES-CUE