Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9472 Thursday, March 05, 2009


 1 Proverbially, one who was spared the rod? (6, 5) SPOILT CHILD

 9 Lured to cite characters in conclusion (7) ENTICED

10 What V stands for in the high-speed train TGV (7) VITESSE

11 Couple of learners about to copy jacket flap (5) LAPEL

12 Close company (9) NEIGHBOUR

13 Direction to healthy, large person (5) WHALE

15 Applicable to military formation that once he led craftily (9) ECHELONED

18 Ruler gets cart back to stay put (9) YARDSTICK

21 Setback to back-street cricket matches (5) TESTS

22 A natty customer may still look for this kind of bargain (4-5) DIRT-CHEAP

24 I laze around Professor Higgins’s pupil (5) ELIZA

26 Industrialist gets fellow to iron crisp fabric (7) TAFFETA

27 Gathered as a group of fliers did (7) FLOCKED

28 Do what a Kamal or Rajini might do (4,3,4) PLAY THE LEAD


 1 How a thief may get into the joint he cased? (5,1,3) STEAL A WAY

 2 Kept in cask, readily available (2,3) ON TAP

 3 Newspaper section from where you choose your pub? Not exactly! (5,4) LOCAL NEWS

 4 Boorish fellow therefore does not start to provide voice modulation (7) CADENCE

 5 In the street audibly denounce (7) INVEIGH

 6 Abandon and land in the sea (5) DITCH

 7 Amazes fool by swallowing rancid donut (8) ASTOUNDS

 8 Expensive letter opener? (4) DEAR

14 Make known skill pertaining to glider, perhaps (8) AIRCRAFT

16 Set fire to Chief without notice, getting any light (9) LITHESOME

17 Separated, moreover, in bed, after most of the team rose (9) DISBANDED

19 Some like banana flowers in artful arrangement (7) IKEBANA

20 Maintained well, as one might be with proper diet and exercise (4,3) KEPT FIT

22 While writing, they finish some letters! (4) DOTS

23 About to look up an unpleasant fellow (5) CREEP

25 Kin unwinds the French linen tape (5) INKLE

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