Thursday, March 5, 2009


Chaturvasi Sir - thanks for pointing it out and making me think again! Hope this is it ......


15 Cover nothing in swimming pool! (4) LID O


12 Furniture old writers may have used for their creative work (7,5) TOOLBOX DESKS


Chaturvasi said...

Am rewriting what I lost in a power cut, which has been plaguing us here in Gopalapuram, Madras.


Having covered - or uncovered - the swimming pool answer, you need to revise the desk answer.

You may ask your grandfather as it is no longer fashionable - outdated in fact - and one might probably have to go to an antique shop to find it.

Eswaran N said...

12 Dn - Could be ROlltop desks

Eswaran N said...

29 - Huge (great) High Risk ! (does not affect though

anokha said...

Yeah, ROLLTOP it is - couldn't get it!