Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9475 Monday, March 09, 2009


1 What a stand-up artist finally wants to do? (3,4) SIT DOWN

5 Cove roughed up a learner of the same period (6) CELLAR

9 You say Saul broke down? It’s not new! (5) U SUAL

10 Micky’s mouth? Not exactly! (9) MOUSETRAP

11 Supporter of the board (7) TRESTLE

12 Immediately, a number at the edge of lawn gets place (7) STATION

13 Musical records? (5) NOTES

14 Crazy hint about weird kicks of a blockhead (9) THICKSKIN*

16 Not the sort of gathering for a beauty parade? (4,5) UGLY CROWD

19 Pulse found in the cooked broth (5) THROB*

21 Most gentle son almost frequently meets a good man (7) S OFTE(-N) ST

23 Perk up! Pilot to look out for his place (7) COCK PIT

24 One thousand fellas in a sultanate for a Government investigator (9) O (M BUDS) MAN

25 Online discussion site for sources of Urdu music (5) FOR U M

26 Author Dostoyevsky, for one (6) FYODOR

27 Desire to grab classified list of Russia’s first president (7) YE(LTSI)N


1 Saying nothing! Quiet, small operation on for closing business (8,2,4) SHUTTING UP SHOP

2 Most tense letter in Greek upon examination (7) TAU TEST

3 Old boys accommodating tardy monks (7) OB LATE S

4 One who goes to the pitch with 8 (6,3) NUMBER TWO

5 Suit for places where members gather (5) CLUBS

6 I cried out: “Rely on this for visionary operations” (3,4) LIE BACK

7 Such a person would hate to take a flight (7) AIRSICK

8 Striker who faces the first ball in an innings (7,7) OPENING BATSMAN

15 Need cynic resort to filth? (9) INDECENCY*

17 He has his ups and downs in his career (7) LIFTBOY

18 "Belief” — journalist transmitted message in the past (7) CREEDED

19 Showing sensitivity for the head of team’s work on flu management (7) TACT FUL

20 Gives an account of Rex leaving out ten harbours (7) RE(-X)PORTS

22 Mate bends to defer finally to a circus employee, perhaps (5) TAME R

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Chaturvasi said...

5a and 6d need relook.