Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9491 Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Neyartha is crazy :)


1 One in this probably does business with any 12 Dn (7,6) SELLERS MARKET

9 Perfume product made from gold and tallow for the listener (9) AMBERGRIS

10 Cuban steps to get electric current discharge from barium compound (5) RUM BA

11 Vietnamese premier overwhelmed by railway termini in Cuban city-state (7) HA(-V){RY} ANA

13 Operator’s cut for fake tip (4-3) RAKE-OFF*

14 Put down cheap wine (5) PLONK

15 Kulcha cooked on a skillet initially in 11 Ac (9) PAN CHKULA*

17 Article pocketed by doctor on-screen reveals rapport (9) RESON(A)NCE

18 No accounting for this when it is a matter of preference (5) TASTE

20 Counterstrike, after swallowing awful pain, in 11 Ac (7) PANI PAT

22 Ravi almost gets caught in the shadow at the dig (7) TRA(-P) VAI L

23 Reportedly take legal action against the woman serving cold rice dish (5) SU SHI

24 No good disciple can wear the Spanish underclothes (4,5) LONG JOHNS

26 Examples of laxity that the Titanic exudes at sea (13) INEXACTITUDES*


1 Tennis shot in court results in damage (5,2) SMASH UP

2 Difficult to design biro in a university in Asian country (9) LA(BORI)O(U)S

3 It may be boxed as a punishment (3) EAR

4 Shastri announces the featured band (5) STRIA

5 Pledge of confidence (9) ASSURANCE

6 Epic discourse site in 11 Ac (11) KURUKSHETRA

7 Encountered westbound river on the beat (5) TEM<- PO

8 Curious affair of the palm tree (6) RAFFIA

12 1 Ac may imply that this is unlikely to go down (6,5) ASKING PRICE

15 Cigar made using sodium found in a bone (9) PA(NA)TELLA

16 Bleeding staunched without a scratch (9) UNSCATHED*

17 Phosphorus replaces carbon in modified meal (6) RE(-C){P}AST

19 Secures bow lost by crafty larcenists (7) ENLISTS (-ARC)

21 Turn in oddly missed ascetic to the second generation American (5) N(I S E)I

22 Corporate network concealed from view (5) TENET

25 Ethnic group seen around U.P. landmark (3) JAT <-


Ganesh T S said...

How long did you take to complete this puzzle? Seems like a perfect score!

Btw, why do you think the compiler is crazy?!

anokha said...

Hi Ganesh,

Took me about an hour! Was getting waylaid by 11ac till I got 15ac and 20ac then it was actually easier than yesterday.

I meant CRAZY in a good way as follows, hence the smiley :)

Slang. wonderful; excellent; perfect: That's crazy, man, crazy.

Slang. an unpredictable, nonconforming person; oddball

having an unusual, unexpected, or random quality, behavior, result, pattern, etc.

11ac clue is a perfect example!

Eswaran N said...

Interesting! I assumed it was Long Jocks because I reasoned the down was Coalesced - bleeding staunched.

anokha said...

"without a scratch" was the give away, Eswaran!