Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9489 Wednesday, March 25, 2009


1 City life, transformed, is a cause for happiness (8) FELICITY*

5 Can he make a hostel a prison, though? (6) WARDEN

10 Capital may bend accountant back (5) AC CRA <-

11 Have another go? Right, have a meal, make the mouth water (9) R EAT TEMPT

12 Appetising, like some hot, scooped out tomato preparation (9) TOOTHSOME

13 Phial containing a drop of remedy for a kind of disease (5) VI(R)AL

14 A curb, but in America it means money (5) CHECK

16 What a prisoner observed is implied (8) CON NOTED

18 Employ a swimmer as a paid worker (8) HIRE LING

20 Technically, nostrils in a human are small (5) NARES

24 Stand-in doctor, say (5) LOCUM

25 Hardy favourite, a great one with numbers (9) RAMANUJAN

27 Army officer in drab rig? That is funny (9) BRIGAD(IE)R

28 Musical chord echoing a tune in the borders of Trinidad (5) T(RIA)D

29 Girl in money that is used for processing leather (6) T(ANN)IN

30 Poisonous gas in the north — sheep go crazy (8) PHOSGE(N)E


1 Desperate for Swiss money, accepts note (7) FRAN(TI)C

2 Salt, eco-treated, becomes sugar (7) LACTOSE*

3 First to celebrate, reckless: result, collapse of business (5) C RASH

4 Sluggishness shown by an actor portraying lethargy (6) TORPOR

6 Remedy for snakebite developed in Vienna, leader in toxicology (9) A N(T)I VENIN

7 Weary? Me included? Looking back, that is a minus point (7) D EM ERIT <-

8 Abstinent learner in want gets stung (7) NE(TT L)ED

9 King Arthur’s capital (7) CAMELOT

15 Fabric painting technique developed by a Karaikal man originally (9) KAMALKARI

17 Robot puts DRDO in a fix (7) ANDROID*

18 Fish that is almost an excuse in humble dwelling (7) H ALIB(-I) UT

19 Removal of first four in teaching causes uproar (7) (-INST) RUCTION

21 Express happiness about author of Ulysses, say (7) RE JOICE

22 How is a legislature adjourned usually? (4,3) SINE DIE

23 Station Master, Indian Railways, with honour — or a stain? (6) SM IR CH

26 Money for components in music (5) NOTES

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