Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9483 Wednesday, March 18, 2009


 1 List made out for operation of handguns (7) (P)IST(O)L S

 5 Tree arrives with second person from France in the vehicle (7) AR BU(TU)S

 9 Anger at Lawrence for not using this substance in chemical test (7) REAGENT

10 Nuts lie scattered in the kitchen drawer possibly (7) UTENSIL*

11 Shuffle and be evasive in an argument (5) HEDGE

12 Finished sketch gains credit (9) OVER DRAFT

13 Tied up — are prepared to cast off (9) REPUDIATE*

15 Add seasoning to food (5) DRESS

16 Set of principles that many N.American Indian tribes follow (5) CREED

18 Attending the trial, being a witness (9) ATTESTING

21 Foreign boy accepted first of all was put off (9) ALI ENATED

24 Chose to settle with the top journalist (5) OPT ED

25 Musical drama the heartless act (7) THEATRE

26 Angered at put into confusion (7) DERANGE*

27 Shaken at sight of deceased on road, strained to vomit (7) RETCHED

28 Made alterations to remove faults (7) EMENDED


 1 Bird balanced on a high rod (7) PERCHER

 2 Be plausible, but ignore date (5,2) STAND UP

 3 Such a discussion gives opportunity for falling out (4,5) OPEN ENDED

 4 Bearing with an island race, none will cause contention (3,2) SET TO

 5 Think people should be allowed in at pleasure (9) A MUSE MEN T

 6 Money for livelihood (5) BREAD

 7 Lawrence needs to set down fully, a valid will (7) TES TATE

 8 Honours formally by discharge of cannons (7) SALUTES

14 A role he and I had in segregation (9) A PART HE ID

15 Note the way around is to talk (9)DIS COURSE

16 Our gripping instrument first made a loud noise (7) CLATTER

17 It was clear I had been included in the race (7) EV(ID)ENT

19 Prepared Ned to chant in musical notes (7) IN TO NED

20 One who provides unexpected but much needed support (7) GODSEND

22 Put hat in quarter, somehow at the back (5) NATCH

23 Shift about to evade (5) DODGE

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