Monday, March 9, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9476 Tuesday, March 10, 2009


1 Eagerness for a huge amount of money to write endlessly on end to magnanimity (8) A LAC RIT Y

5 Short preliminary event leads to women and lovers kicking under pressure (6) BACKUP

10 Objected to Rogan bending to the newspaper boss … (7) GROAN ED

11 … and wandering off to Zambia for material (7) ORGAN ZA

12 Finding artist is at home results in a fruity experience (6) RA IS IN

13 Finding he’s in a low resort can be sticky (8) A D HE S IVE

15 They may be expected to be monkeying around (4) APES

16 It causes merriment to female Indian cartoonist on stormy night (5,5) FUNNY THING*

18 Can manage to discipline a plebe catching sickly coot (4,2,4) ABLE TO COPE*

20 Limits blurring in sacred Israeli town (4) (-S)ACRE(-D)

23 Bird with sex appeal in limits of Erukkancherry gives long time (8) E TERN IT Y

24 Somewhat mute about princess being lost in weariness (6) TE(DI)UM

26 Saying it’s end of time to two animals (7) E PIG RAM

27 Persistently question relative about vegetable (7) PUMP KIN

28 Bound you once with fabric (3-3) TIE-DYE

29 Blogs, perhaps, on dismantled stop-sign (8) POSTINGS*


1 One schooled in this may not show indignation all too quickly (5,10) ANGER MANAGEMENT

2 Pulverise some at one go! (7) AT OM(I)SE

3 Indian queen and daughter trapping leading corrupter is spoiled (6) RAN(C)I D

4 Orderly one dead in the limits of Trichy (4) T ID Y

6 Excellent! Greet vigorously one going in feathers (8) AI GRETTE

7 The last of fisherfolk working on one tub hauled up the raft (3-4) K ON-TIK I

8 These are signed to end hostilities (5,10) PEACE AGREEMENTS

9 Hundred used pictures in spells of winter weather (4,5) COLD SNAPS

14 Interval for an intake (5-4) LUNCH-TIME

17 Straying away to fish (8) STINGRAY*

19 General and boy close to home where there is tranquillity (3-4) LEE-SID E

21 Smart to see fowl (7) CHIC KEN

22 The man comes ahead of the setter in light head covering (6) HE L MET

25 Turn, please turn over till (2,2) UP TO

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