Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9481 Monday, March 16, 2009


 1 Having caught it in the river, cause quite a stir (6) EXCITE

 4 Makes a speech that brings it home to? (8) DELIVERS

10 “The screen play “I interposed,” is genuine” (7) S(I)NCERE

11 Friend no good, being a clumsy sportsperson (7) PAL O OK A

12 They shall inherit the world (4) MEEK

13 Self-financed lowland pleasure jaunt (5,5) JUICY TREAT

16 Most recent fashion displayed on tardy street (6) LATE ST

17 Go off in great perturbation to execute in America (7) GARROTE

20 Al is alert in the direction of the side (7) LATERAL

21 Cause injury to Adam to appear as example (6) DAMA GE

24 Releases plenty to give a taste of what’s in store (4,6) FREE S AMPLE

25 The church in charge is smart and elegant (4) CH IC

27 Put the bug gently inside to examine it (7) INS(P)ECT

29 Unusually large one taking part of N. Africa (7) ALGER I A

30 They form some unit of the Canadian police (8) MOUNTIES*

31 Say about fuel what you said about it before? (6) RE PEAT


 1 Musicians in costume (8) ENSEMBLE

 2 Decrease the volume while you think (11) CONCENTRATE

 3 Little supporters running water (4) TEES

 5 Extraordinary eastern policeman (8) E SP ECIAL

 6 Attempt to intimidate that doesn’t work? (4,6) IDLE THREAT

7 Image of oneself, for example with nothing (3) EG O

 8 A timid little creature hiding in the shack (6) SH(ANT)Y

 9 Detail budget in order to correct program faults (5) DEBUG

14 What put your electricity bill up? (5,6) EXTRA CHARGE

15 Agree about the mess being bad, with the rating (10) ASS(ESSM)ENT

18 Friend met Lawrence to show old architectural ornament (8) PAL MET TE

19 Write music, demonstrating a certain partiality (8) PEN CHANT

22 Vouch for Anglo-French corporation (6) AF FIRM

23 To put down the rebel, everybody gave assent (5) ALL AY

26 The French go around to cast amorous glances (4) OG LE

28 Even a tiny amount of money is not with us (3) S(O)U

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