Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9487 Monday, March 23, 2009


1 Support an American in a spot (7) S(US)TAIN

5 Large bird but a bit of an incubus tardily noticed (7) BUSTARD

9 Somehow a creation livens conscription (8,7) NATIONAL SERVICE*

10 A beam that would permit nothing in return (6) LIN TEL <-

11 Such a record has to be word-for-word (8) VERBATIM

13 Pamphlet, one about treatment for muscles perhaps (8) TRACT ION

15 A pistol that can raise the temperature? (6) HEATER

18 Vicious attitude of one caught by a man (6) MAL(I C)E

19 Lack of confidence in unfeeling members (4,4) COLD FEET

22 The idea is to include reserves in a series of signs (8) NOTATION

24 Demanding, like a ruler (6) AS KING

27 The voice of the people is the voice of God? Alcuin did not think so (3,6,3,3) VOX POPULI VOX DEI

28 A serene guest has it in him to break a promise (7) RENEGUE

29 In the drink, spouse finds fish (7) ALE WIFE


1 Undergarment for one not married on time (7) SINGLE T

2 Material for a day at home (5) SAT IN

3 He has no appetite for creation, caught unawares (9) ANORECTI C

4 Point supported by a listener close by (4) N EAR

5 Eight-gallon container (6) BUSHEL

6 Drink in a vehicle returning, taking 60 minutes (5) S(HR)UB

7 Artist Leo’s interpretation of Greek philosopher (9) ARISTOTLE*

8 A visionary, the German consumes a lot of paper (7) D(REAM)ER

12,17 Good-good French sweet (6) BON BON

14 Turn fax into a contaminant (9) AF(L)ATOXIN

16 Mysterious code opens a diagnostic tool (9) ENDOSCOPE*

17 See 12

18 Fur used in a short skirt, verily halved (7) MINI VER

20 The point of a joke brings a tingle, oddly (3,4) TAG LINE*

21 A unit of a spacecraft of the French captured by a spy (6) MO(DU)LE

23 Redhead leaves crowd in a skimpy bathing garment (5) TH(-R)ONG

25 Black-and-white lemur caught in rain, dripping wet (5) INDRI

26 A writing tip rejected in M.P. town (4) BIN A

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