Monday, March 30, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9494 Tuesday, March 31, 2009


4 Cheers for the primate covering a mountain resort in America (8) AP{PLA(U)S}E

8 Girl knocked out, in coma (6) MONICA*

9 Walker at a street crossing (10) PEDESTRIAN

10 Suitable to pull apart the layer (4) RIPE

11 Start off to crop areas of body parts (4) (-F)ARMS

13 One is extremely prone to illness (6) UNWELL

15 Former partner has damaged the meter to the limit (7) EX TREME

17 Almost call the man without motion (4) CAL M

18 Slow kind of birds! (4) OWLS*

19 Attack us, alas to cause damage on Tuesday (7) ASSAUL T

21 Mother around the social worker reading the holy word (6) M(ANT R)A

22 Like one road in the continent (4) AS I A

25 Large snake on the river animal (4) BOA R

26 Short message in a book for a friend (10) DEDICATION

27 Sculpture of iron turned back for a small illustration at the end of the day (6) EF<- FIG Y

28 Never defeated the knight to live at a point in United Nations (8) U(N BE AT E)N


1 Fashionable vehicles overturned (5) SMART<-

2 Partnership at lunchtime for each shooter (6) SNI PER

3 Army comes up through the dim light (5) TAP ER<-

4 Sedan sped by the mountain range (5) ANDES*

5 Time gone by the river grass land (7) PAST URE

6 Plant a sign on an open way for the audience (9) ARROW ROOT

7 Make an informal conversation to kill time (5,4) SMALL TALK

12 Set up a smart establishment (5) MARTS*

14 Emperor has a point before an operation (9) CAESAR E AN

15 Half of them take the way that is easy at the beginning to understand (9)EM PATH IS E

16 Ways to earn wealth (5) MEANS

19 First man and the worker are not flexible (7) ADAM ANT

20 Gain power for taking up Information Technology (6) P ROF<- IT

22 Reorient one shipping company in a sound way (5) A LIGN (for A LINE)

23 Hidden feeling for the local king (5) INN ER

24 Carriers of light beams (5) T RAYS


achupooju said...

Amazing! I wonder how you are able to crack them all! How many years are into this? :-)

anokha said...

... about a year & a half on & off!