Friday, March 20, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9486 Saturday, March 21, 2009


 1 Control, compel and strengthen (9) REINFORCE

 5 Allow honour to be reversed in roadside resting place (5) MO TEL

 8 It is used in labs to assess the underground (4,4) TEST TUBE

 9 When one is not moving? (2,4) AT REST

11 Express a view on work in English (5) OP IN E

12 He speaks for his group and, beginning to satirise, prods soldier (9) S POKES MAN

13 Fish crossing current in comfort (6) SOL(AC)E

14 Wine duly processed is awkward to manage (8) UNWIELDY*

16 One helping the priest to change, say — a lad (5,3) ALTAR BOY

18 For example, good tea-holder may be seen on the breakfast table (6) EG G CUP

22 Where the Little Boy was dropped in 1945 (9) HIROSHIMA

23 Open sore, a bit painful certainly (5) ULCER

24 A note in European capital providing protective cover for radar antennae (6) R(AD)OME

25 Mite that may be small and reportedly escape (4,4) S AND FLEA

26 A wallaby’s stuck in a bottomless pit here (5) ABYSS

27 The Frog and the Princess, for one (5,4) FAIRY TALE


 1 Proportion points to food allowances (7) RATIO NS

 2 Gradually introduce a modern distilling plant (7) INSTILL

 3 A welcome caller for kids, come December (6,9) FATHER CHRISTMAS

 4 Strong old boy covered by result of oxidation (6) R(OB)UST

 5 A time for children to honour parent (9,6) MOTHERING SUNDAY

 6 In total loss, girl’s mother is hot (7) T(HER MA)L

 7 Dormant quality shown by any Celt in trouble (7) LATENCY*

10, 15 Type of tournament for a full, plump bird (5,5) ROUND ROBIN

15 See 10

16 A guru, like Vinoba Bhave? (7) ACHARYA

17 Try idle spell in a weary way (7) TIREDLY*

19 Body part makes each colonel briefly suffer (7) (CO)CH(L)EA

20 Cost of carrying wine over a period of time (7) PORT AGE

21 Greeting one with a sausage (6) SALAM I

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