Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9478 Thursday, March 12, 2009


1 Colour deeply when Grannie is awkward (7) ENGRAIN*

5 Caught in a maze of detail, in a manner of speaking (7) DIALE(C)T

10 Lose weight and slow down (6) REDUCE

11 Giving free medical attention? (8) TREATING

12 Put in proper learned person to teach (6) PUN(D)IT

13 Respected English opener went quickly, we hear (8) E STEEMED

14 Occupant has number one book (6) TENANT

15 Henry to pass lake anyway to have a spatter with water (6) SP L AS H

18 Beg to rid damaged structure spanning a river (6) BRIDGE*

20 Soldier takes Ivan around a deep narrow gorge (6) R AVIN E

23 As the bulletin is by the erudite newscaster (4,4) WELL READ

25 Running water disturbing rest after midnight (6) STRE AM

26 When women propose disposing of an early ape (4,4) LEAP YEAR*

27 Left, hundred left agitated (6) EX(-C)ITED

28 Ascetic sect from all quarters, except west? (7) ES SE NE S(-W)

29 Seeing a family member put inside, many a newspaperman would be appalled (7) D AUNT ED


2 Venus may have a pigmented spot (6) N(A)EVUS

3 Moon faced parliamentarian (9) ROUNDHEAD

4 Inherent property of matter, wherein unless constrained continues to rest or in motion (7) INERTIA

6 Imagines a sea diet may suit him (7) IDEATES*

7 Machine for shaping articles at the Los Angeles building (5) LA THE

8 Summarise study twice on two points (8) COND EN SE

9 Costers on the open market (6,7) STREET TRADERS

16 As a rule, it is extensive (4,5) LONG REIGN

17 Their beastly business is increasing (8) BREEDERS

19 He interprets outdated notes about contract (7) EXEGETE

21 Take care force does not damage abdominal organs (7) VIS CERA

22 Game made in quarter of riding school (6) MA NE GE

24 In slip of memory, left peas cooking (5) L APSE

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