Friday, March 27, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9492 Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thought she was gone ......... anyways, she has improved a lot .........


2 Sit back for one beverage (6) TIS AN E

7 Low side area (4) MOOR (or LOUR)

9 Orderly in appearance, head nun to take a meal (4) N EAT

10 To fool, saint left in great happiness of famous people (13) CON ST E(L)LATION

12 Girl guide in tears is wrong to stand unsteadily (7) STA(GG)ER

13 Last month, Adam’s wife going around one to mislead (7) DEC E(I)VE

15 Refreshments offered at an exhibition, overheard (4) FARE

17 Protective covering on an insect’s body (5) SHELL

18 Mobile room (4) CELL

19 An official has the time to advise professionally (7) CONSUL T

21 Standard units for a large mould to start off the car (7) MODUL (-C)AR

23 Make excessive use of the benefit resulting after a camera shot (4,9) TAKE ADVANTAGE

27 Cut short open way for an overwhelming defeat (4) ROUT(-E)

28 Finishes in cigarette butts (4) ENDS

29 Gives up extra things! (6) SPARES


1 Haircut roughly for the animal (6) BOB CAT

2 Grants in order again for the German soldier to break law (10) TRANSG RE SS

3 Start to separate out feather tufts lacking hardness (4) SOFT

4 Exactly locate the spike (4) NAIL

5 Not in favour of myself after the social worker (4) ANT I

6 Rival can destroy a public celebration (8) CARNIVAL*

8 Change the shape of the moon (5) PHASE*

11 Each short disturbance within which sound is audible (7) EARSHOT

13 Cover taken up on an Austen novel is a difficult choice (7) DIL<- EMMA

14 Half seen resolution in society motivates them (10) EN COURAGE S

16 Pain to-do a different act of accepting a child (8) ADOPTION*

20 Permission to depart politely (5) LEAVE

22 A general day is incomplete without a list of things to be done (6) A GEN DA

24 Flying object has a container at a point (4) KIT E

25 Patch up a musical accompaniment (4) VAMP

26 Bridge opponents are almost not far away (4) N EAR

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