Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9477 Wednesday, March 11, 2009


1 Old friend involved in deadlock (9) STALE MATE

6 Not an outstanding occupational protest (3,2) SIT IN

9 Delicate ornamental fabric made to scale (5) LACES*

10 Offering Her Majesty an MC (9) PRESENT ER

11 With which a ship avoids rocks at sea (10) STABILISER

12 A play by Shakespeare, she concludes (4) (-MAC)BETH

14 Silver in pods found in temples (7) P(AG)ODAS

15 Ran on time to sit in a conveyance across a distance (7) T RAN SIT

17 Logs fee generated for having sung to notes of the scale (7) SOFLEGE*

19 Part of gun used by one attempting to capture a horse (7) TRIGGER

20 I get embraced by the woman’s successor (4) HE(I)R

22 Have a lower opinion of, anyway (10) REGARD LESS

25 Firm offering place with all speed (9) STEAD FAST

26 Appeal to a poor player over in Nebraska (5) OMAHA

27 Set up before going to Connecticut (5) ERE CT

28 Bond, given in welcome, set about the guys! (9) A GREE(MEN)T


1 Offer on board ship, alcoholic drink at reduced prices (5) S(ALE)S

2 Russian port for a godly servant (9) ARCHANGEL

3 Where Sadie Stein comes from (4,6) EAST INDIES*

4 Offers oneself as candidate (7) APPLIES

5 Men on square get around General to explain the first principle (7) ELE MEN T

6 Stock check? (4) STEM

7 It maybe the tenth part of stock taken as tax (5) TI THE

8 Polaris calls for colonel Ollie’s seaman (5,4) NORTH STAR

13 A reviver, or tot, would be (10) PALINDROME

14 Quickly get past those dithering (9) POSTHASTE*

16 Set apart for Easter egg making (9) SEGREGATE*

18 Tea made to correct unhealthy mass of swollen tissues (7) EDEMATA*

19 Fields, or what may be used to cultivate them (7) TRACT OR

21 You may find her when in dire need (5) IRENE

23 Seem surprised, to begin with (5) START

24 Tied up to prepare text for publication (4) EDIT*

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