Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9493 Monday, March 30, 2009


1 Learn a chapter in the music school (4) C R.A.M

9 Greeting in business situations following the favourable lump sum compensation (6,9) GOLDEN HANDSHAKE

10 Indian gathering for the first person in a large city (4) ME LA

11 Gold coin for the aristocrat (5) NOBLE

12 An unpleasant sound over a period of time (4) VILE (while)

13 Overheard of a food shop in the capital city (5) DEL(H)I

14 Beginner of the basic course (7) STARTUP

16 To supply no one in to rush in excitement (7) NO UR(I)SH

18 Neckwear on a small bed (5) A S COT

22 Colour found inside a battle cruiser (4) ECRU

23 Royal male disturbed in the domain (5) R EALM

24 Members in a side (4) TEAM

25 Noted lads absurd in using rules applied unfairly (6,9) DOUBLE STANDARDS*

26 Alien turns back on South Island location (4) S I TE<-


2 Spread energy from the sun for one in to have a wrong diet (7) RA DI(A)TE

3 Soldier at home has the way with ordinary people (3,2,3,6) MAN IN THE STREET

4 Game bag on the side (5) POKE R

5 Painter has books for one scholar (5) RA(BB)I

6 Public announcements to edit seven diets in a mess (14) ADVERTISEMENTS

7 Pusher to stay very near after us (6) S HOVER

8 Workers having special abilities (7) SKILFUL

15 Leaders on the chief examination in High School (7) H(ON CH O)S

17 Kind of music to sing inside a large bar (6) R(HUM)BA

19 Not at home in the end to survive (7) OUT LAST

20 Unwanted material is on a part of the body, overheard (5) WASTE (waist)

21 Father and a large creature (5) P(AND)A


Chaturvasi said...

Pusher to stay very near after us (6) SH OVER
I can understand how we get 'hover' but s?

Chaturvasi said...


Is this an anagram? If so, where do you get 'r' from?

anokha said...

I had the same problem with both the clues and that is why I didn't highlight anything in red. I guess these are just the quirks of Ms. Jaggi that we have to contend with ...

anokha said...

S from "stay" & HOVER!

anokha said...


So, MART = Mess maybe?