Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9490 Thursday, March 26, 2009


1 Nature of regional films that may reach a wider audience? (9) SUBTITLED

6 *Oriental island’s capital retreat (5) E ELAM

9 Stop Arthur from exhibiting illusory paintings (2,3) OP ART

10 *Knight in violent combat around the north provides scarf for the student (4,5) MONT BLANC

11 *Skirt around to the storehouse, reportedly for starters (7) KASHMIR

12 *Revolutionary leaves Hooks Cove building (6) KOSOVO

14 Approaches the stands with a point for the bishop (5) NEARS

15 BITS, Pilani’s power supreme (9) KNOWLEDGE

17 Fail the student leaving with staff notes for jazz (4,5) F(-L)UNK MUSIC

19 Flash of flames (5) BLAZE

20 Obvious that the page removed by the student is hidden (6) LATENT

22 Female Greek character in America turns reddish-purple (7) F US(CHI)A

24 English doctor about to eat Mexican dish sent back with oil (9) E MB R(OCAT<-)E

25 Boxer’s purchase said to be an excuse (5) ALI BI

26 Accidentally stain fabric (5) SATIN*

27 *Close box for flustered cashier without hesitation (5,4) AKSAI CHIN


1 Rollicking fests provide what may be needed during Christmas time (8,7) STOCKING FILLERS*

2 Officer, one framed in Botswana rebellion (9) BOATSWA(I)N

3 Land bridge that may be tampered with for canal building (7) ISTHMUS

4 Mark claims alternative evolution theory (10) LAMARCKISM*

5 Sound impression (4) DENT

6 Mix up in chromosome extraction from eggs detailed on Israeli site (7) EMBR(-Y)O IL

7 Plain to see that everyone is upset by this Bond movie (except the doctor) (5) LLA NO (-DR)

8 Odd Mao criterion includes information about a solution to the energy crisis (15) MICRO(GEN)ERATION

13 Pressure sustains lubricating systems (5,5) FORCE FEEDS

16 Suicidal urge created by cracked wheat in menu item (5,4) D(EATH W)ISH

18 Regular requirement for Indian farmers (7) MONSOON

19 Leading British artiste (Slumdog Millionaire actor) tastes Indian rice (7) BASMATI

21 *Aditi betrothed in hiding (5) TIBET

23 Mary’s follower, reportedly a religious leader (4) (-L)LAMA


Shuchi said...

Hi Anokha,

I read 23D as: Mary’s follower = LAMB (from the nursery rhyme); reportedly => homophone of LAMB, so LAM; "A" directly from the clue.

The same answer LAMA, derived differently.

anokha said...

Yup, Shuchi - thanks!