Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9461 Friday, February 20, 2009


 2 A small drink for each drinker (6) SIPPER

 7 Discomfort caused by glass in the window, overheard (4) PANE

 9 Essential part of computer memory (4) CARD

10 Open disrespect follows ordinary natives as a failure to follow a court order that others benefit (5,8) CIVIL CONTEMPT

12 Ice list assorted, provokes a reaction (7) ELICITS

13 An increase in an amount paid before it is earned (7) ADVANCE

15 Hand-sized measure of a tropical tree (4) PALM

17 Market-places true in red-planet (5) MARTS

18 Old style lot incomplete in Norwegian capital (4) OSLO

19 Changed the scene to cover the greeting from the Ming people! (7) CHINESE

21 Small charge for a revenue and expenditure account (7) NOMINAL

23 Blade entering ship is fun for kids (13) SKATEBOARDING

27 Carbonated drink for a company in Los Angeles (4) COLA

28 So be it! — a force of workers (4) AMEN

29 Remove the cover of United Nations head garment (6) UNVEIL


 1 Father has a red cross on the Spanish box (6) PARCEL

 2 Gas station attendant is a member of the armed forces (10) SERVICEMAN

 3 Physical exercise for Albert on sound of bell (4) PEAL

 4 French street taken up with circular letter currency (4) EURO

 5 Dishonest scheme under cover in business camps (4) SCAM

 6 Networking rules for the correct code of conduct (8) PROTOCOL

 8 Greek letter to Edward in a softened tone (5) MUTED

11 Small waterfall pours downwards rapidly (7) CASCADE

13 Aerial signal for insects! (7) ANTENNA

14 A second grade innovative inhabitant of Australia (10) ABORIGINAL

16 Notice for the governor is taken up on the basis of loyal support (8) ADHESION

20 To rob a metal alloy, overheard (5) STEEL

22 Scheming person left inside a large range (6) ANGLER

24 First class not to a sister by bad luck (4) ALAS

25 Obese people eat nuggets in public at first (4)OPEN

26 Principle measuring stick (4) RULE

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