Friday, April 30, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9831 Saturday, May 01, 2010


1 Dishonest behaviour, certainly not comedians' trade (5,8) FUNNY BUSINESS

10 Cold and aloof humour, hot attraction in the north (9) WIT H DRAW N

11 Piece of music from a player on downhill run (5) RON DO

12 Behind time in a way, in the outskirts of Tilbury (5) T(A RD)Y

13 Name an action document, a legal one (5,4) TITLE DEED

14 Something for the smoker or a loose woman, say (6) HOOKAH (~hooker)

16 Moan about conservative Korea accepting accusation initially (5) C RO(A)K

19 What a job seeker must — be suitable (5) APPLY

20 Strange destiny of a small number of shares (3,3) ODD LOT

25 Very old and primitive dame alive to change (9) MEDIAEVAL*

26 The range of a train to New Dehi (express) skirting famous university (5) G(AMU)T

27 It enables the police to make a charge (5) LATHI

28 Severely criticise one held in players entrance (9) CAST (I) GATE

29 Breaking into pieces an ornament, a gift trashed (13) FRAGMENTATION*


2 Such a motive is not what it appears to be (8) ULTERIOR

3 A pet name for a donkey (5) NEDDY

4 Skin-deep may be, but it has its appeal (6) BEAUTY

5 Southern Railway admits girl is clean (8) S(ANITA)RY

6 Child-minder would sure mind a distraction (9) NURSEMAID*

7 Musician who could burn the capital of Romania (6) SINGE R

8A change for a singular, wicked old woman (6) S WITCH

9 Drink for a man of religion, kept in a plaything (5) TO(DD)Y

15 Asking the umpire can be fascinating (9) APPEALING

17 Bone, large cervical variety with no trace of rot (8) C(L)AVICLE*(-r)

18 Fruit container with nothing but graphite (8) PLUM BAG O

21 Sway with one who adds up (6) TOT TER

22 Got a whiff of freshwater fish (5) SMELT

23 Moneylender gets rid of councillor for journalist (6) (-cr)EDITOR

24 Where may one misplace something in an American state? A cupboard (6) C(LOSE)T

26 Ground grain, to the mill it is something useful (5) GRIST

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