Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hindu Crossword No. 9829 Thursday, April 29, 2010


1 The born artist turns detestable and … (9) (A)BHO(R)RENT*

5 …. ponders about the goddesses of the arts (5) MUSES

8 Doctor, English, in motor, finds curvature on the road (6) CA(MB)(E)R

9 Old Poet Laureate sent on New York trip (8) TEN(NY)SON*

11 An opening to check trapped Nationalist (4) VE(N)T

12 Dedication shown by Tim reflected in observation (10) COM(MIT<-)MENT

14 Cast off for value returned (5) THROW<- (not exactly returned!)

15 Is Satan about to play a game? (7) CA (NASTA*)

16 The plant to put a motor out (7) CAR AWAY

17 Bit of flesh at the back of the mouth (5) UVULA

19 First man's fruit, it is in the throat (5,5) ADAM'S APPLE

20 The highest point reached by State leader in extremes of abstinence (4) A(CM)E

22 Um, lust is possibly an incentive for activity (8) STIMULUS*

23 Money back (6) REFUND

24 A stiff drink? My, unusual!! (5) RUM MY

25 A meeting that could be deadly for a fleeing criminal (9) ENCOUNTER


1 A recess in a surreal cover (6) ALCOVE

2 Benevolenceminus it, Maharani crumbles (15) HUMANITARIANISM*

3 Flightless bird? We hear otherwise (4) RHEA*

4 Mother upset over duo finding device for measuring temperature (12) (THERMO*)COUPLE

5 Tediously uniform like a single note being played (10) MONOTONOUS

6 A tale of excitement and tension apparently pending decision on permanent posting? (8,7) SUSPENSE ACCOUNT

7 Candid old singer (7) SINATRA (Frank)

10 The tree to make a Nordic state neat and smart, perhaps (6,6) NORWAY SPRUCE

13 Tan male with yen for deep thought (5,5) BROWN STUDY

16 Less refined way to go, you say? Right (7) COARSE(~course)R

18 Metal worker beginning to work on tree (6) W ELDER

21 It provides a choice to the consumer (4) MENU


L N Srinivasakrishnan said...


Did you do it in 10 min's today? I took at least an hour intermittently. When I came into check your page, you had already completed it. The hound!

Anyway after Lata yesterday and Sumitra the day before, I was looking for Mala today. Sankalak disappointed :(

Krishnan said...

Anokha, got all but one - brown study deserted me.

anokha said...

LNS - it was way too straightforward! Well, you did get "Maharani" and "Rhea" and maybe Mala will make an appearance soon ............